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    Removing a cheats

    I know Hive does not support cheating or hacking maps, but what I'm trying to do is the opposite. If this breaks the rules then do what must be done. We all know many RPG's and other maps once released, will soon have cheated versions and it's almost impossible to stop it from happening. I...

    Game Time

    Wanted to know what people thought of how long it takes to beat the game. My completed games have ranged between 90-120 minutes. The more people the longer it seems to take. Does anyone think this is too long or not long enough? Also does it get boring as the game goes on, too repetitive? I...

    Custom Item System Part 3

    I am in the process of developing a custom item system. In this part of the system after the object has been cleaned, it can now be identified. What I mean by this is you dig up items that are unknown, which then have to be cleaned, turning it into a "General Item", and from there it is...

    Item Drop Setup

    I have not tested this yet I just needed some feedback on what needs to be changed and if the drop percentages are correct. I've tested a similar system and it works fine. But you kill a certain unit and they have a chance to drop certain items. Example is footman, 1% of crown of kings, 25% of...

    Armor Value

    How do you calculate how much armor a unit has, like what is the custom script or command for it. Trying to make a simple system where you get an ability based on the amount of armor you have. I'm not looking for a damage detection system, just a way to check how much armor a unit has.

    [General] Rotating Buildings/Units

    I've been searching around the forums for awhile and I found one thread last night that dealt with rotating buildings. It had a custom script to check the angle of the building and then there was another custom script for a unit. Forgot to bookmark it and cannot find it now. Does anyone know the...

    [Trigger] Missile System

    I've been editing NFWar's GUI Bullet/Arc Missile System v1.02. I did receive permission from him to do so. I wanted to edit the system to fit the needs of my map. All I wanted was no arc, no head shot, the missile to go straight, and to have some sort of collision with the environment. So far...

    [Trigger] Water Regeneration

    Trying to come up with a trigger where whenever a hero enters shallow water they get a regeneration ability and when they leave shallow water, they lose the ability. Here's what I've come up with so far. Every time I test the trigger in game and move my hero into shallow water the game crashes...

    [Spell] Mining System

    I'm currently developing a mining system for a map I hope to finish. A heroes attributes play a huge factor in this system. Strength is now called Mastery -Governs the chance you will shatter a mineral vein while mining -Governs the chance you will break your pickaxe while mining Agility...

    Fishing System

    I'm trying to develop my own fishing system where you cast the fishing ability and it creates a bobber at the targeted point and the hero has an animation where he faces it and holds out his fishing pole. I can probably figure it out but what I need help with is the catching part. I need to...

    Ocean Fishing

    Idea of the type of map Looking to put together a team for fishing map similar to "Go Fish - Deep Sea 2". Name of the map is debatable and I'm looking to make a bigger map, better terrain, more items, more icons, more variety of fish, a better fishing system, better fishing animation, somewhat...

    Checking multiple regions for items

    I've created a system that stores items in 2 separate regions for each player. I have abilities where you can move items around the 2 regions or to your hero and keeper (Like a storage unit). I have the conditions so far that checks if the item isn't owned or is owned by you, then I check if the...

    Creep Respawn In Region

    I've created a trigger that spawns a certain number of units between two integers and of a certain unit type. Both are random when the hero enters the region. What I can't figure out how to do is, how to check if all the units spawned in that region are dead and if they are wait 60 seconds then...

    Setting Item Requirements and Slots

    I'm trying to develop an item requirement system and am having trouble getting started. I'm going to base the system off of item classification but that is only the start. I then need to set conditions that check if the hero has more than one item of that class. On top of that I need to figure...

    [Solved] Item Drop Problem

    I can't figure out what is wrong with this.... The problem is every time and every game the same random integer between 1-100 occurs. It is 3,29,25,3,23,43,88. You can restart the game and even exit the game and start it up but you get the same numbers every time. If I change the random integer...

    [Trigger] Moving Items To And From Regions

    I created a trigger for my inventory system and am having trouble with the conditions. My inventory system is where you get items from killing units and those items are placed in a player specific region, known as there inventory. The inventory is broken up into 2 regions, one is your regular...

    [Solved] Looting System

    I'm in development of a looting system for a map I am making. When a unit dies it gets removed from the game and another unit of that type is placed where the unit died (Acting as a corpse). When I cast the "Loot" ability on the corpse it doesn't do what I want it to. It is supposed to create...

    [Solved] String Trigger

    What I'm trying to do is to display information about a stored string. For example in my trigger I have an item named "WoodenSword". Under the item wooden sword are its stats. So when a player types "dis" as a substring adding "WoodenSword" at the end to make "diswoodensword" it displays the...

    New Island Resort

    Note: My first attempt to create island resort was unsuccessful and the idea of the map was too simple and boring. So I've come up with some new ideas for the map. First off, it is still going to be a Roleplay map where you walk around and talk to other players. But there are now going to be...

    Script Error

    I was searching through the forums to find a trigger that divides a players gold and lumber when they leave and I found one. But whenever I try to save my map a message comes up saying "Line #### Expected a code statement" or "Line #### Expected 'Endif' ". I copied the trigger exactly as it was...

    Map Not Showing Up

    I'm having a problem with protecting a map I have. Whenever I protect the map and try to play it I can't, it doesn't show up in my warcraft 3 maps folder. I can see the unprotected version of the map but whenever I protect it. it just won't show up and the folder will be blank. I've used...

    Custom Combat System

    I'm trying to create a custom combat system based on 8 basic abilities. Four of the abilities are offensive and the other four are defensive. The offensive abilities can be cast while the defensive abilities are passive. Each ability has a formula based on the players heroes attributes. What...

    Income Trigger

    I'm working on a map currently that requires an income trigger and are having problems developing one. I searched the tutorials and the spell section but found nothing of what I wanted. What I'm looking for is a system that uses around 16 different income structures. Half the structures give...

    Units exploding

    I'm trying to create a maul type map and am having some problems placing the units. Whenever my builder tries to create a building, it automatically explodes when placed. Does anyone have any ideas why? (I have no triggers at all for the map yet)

    Island Resort

    Description Welcome to the tropical island resort, where you can kick back and relax. Here at the resort with its calm oceans and lush tropical trees you can get away whether it be to relax or just to have fun. Purchase your own well furnished and decorated room, consisting of a bath, beds...

    [Trigger] Dialog Issues

    I'm trying to make a trigger when you enter a region, a dialog menu pops up and when you click one of the buttons it moves your unit somewhere. I made the trigger where the unit enters the region and it displays the dialog, but I'm not sure how to figure out to move the unit with the dialog...

    [Trigger] What's wrong?

    Income Trigger Actions For each (Integer B) from 1 to 8, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Custom script: set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units of type IncomeUNIT_TYPE[(Integer B)]) and do (Actions) Loop - Actions...

    Fixing up a map

    Admin Please delete this thread

    Prehistoric Lands

    Virus Story On an island stranded in the middle of the sea lies a lush forest and is where a top secret military project is being conducted. Contact has been lost with the outpost set up for the project and a team codenamed "Virus" has been sent in to investigate. Description Survive wave...

    Looking for a Terrainer

    I'm in need of a terrainer for my map. Looking for someone who has some experience in terraining, they don't have to be a pro. If your interested feel free to send me a message and I'll gladly send you the map. Also some information on the map, its an Island themed roleplay map.

    [Trigger] Creating Sound

    Is there any way to create a sound when someone is walking on different types of terrain? An example is your walking on dirt and that makes a different sound than grass. When you walk from one terrain to the other I'd like it to change walking sounds. Also can you make sound for a doodad when...

    [Trigger] Storing and loading unit values

    I had an idea for a summoning system for my rpg that I'm making but can't figure out how to create this trigger. I'm not very good at triggering. My idea is that a player types a message similar to "Summon Demon" as a substring. What I think I need is a hastable or game cache to store a list of...

    [B]Looking for an rpg team[/B]

    Recruiting for an RPG Map Moderator Please Delete this thread

    Looking for help with a camera trigger!!

    Hello I was wondering if someone could help me out with my camera trigger. I have a semi first person camera set up. When you move your hero the camera follows and rotates with it. My problem is if the player clicks too close to the hero, the camera will keep zooming the in on the character till...

    Looking for a Terrainer

    I'm looking for a terrainer to help me with an RPG I'm going to make. Any terrainers at all are accepted because I'm a terrible terrainer. For the map I'd like it to be the largest size possible and for the theme or terrain, I'll leave that up to the terrainer :) If you need more info feel...

    Need hero ideas for my map!!

    I'm making an orpg with a huge variety of heroes and was wondering what some of the players on the hive want. Post a link or tell me a model and I will import it into my map. The reason I'm doing this is because all the other Rpg's are the same and have one era of heroes like medieval or space...

    [Trigger] Can someone please tell me whats wrong?

    Lick Wounds Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Lick Wounds Actions Unit - Set life of (Target unit of ability being cast) to ((Life of (Target unit of ability being cast)) + (1.75 x (Real((Intelligence of...

    [Trigger] Need Help Developing a Custom Combat System

    Hi, I came up with an idea for a custom combat system and could use some help creating it. My idea is that there are going to be 8 abilities. Four of them will be offensive and four will be defensive. The 8 abilities are going to be block, parry, dodge, jump, slash, stab, cleave, and leg sweep...

    [Trigger] Betting System

    I was searching through the forums and was unable to locate a betting system. What I was looking for is where two heroes enter an arena and the players outside of the arena can bet gold on who's going to win. If you could redirect me to that thread of have one of your own, I would love to see it.

    Damage Reduction Stacking

    Does Damage Reduction Stack? Can damage reduction stack? So far from what I see it doesn't. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions on possible ways to get it to stack please notify me.