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  1. opiemonster


    due to the new EULA changes where blizzcunt gets to stick their giant corporate cock down your throat and steal your map (see new eula) lets make all our maps CLASSIC ONLY GRAPHICS Good idea?
  2. opiemonster

    Enemy creeps get stuck on wall

    Enemy Creeps Get stuck on wall --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im making a castle defence type survival game. Each player gets a hero and they have to survive in a fort. The monsters are supposed to attack...
  3. opiemonster

    MArine Fort Chaos!

    Marine Fort Chaos! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi folks are you ready for the best map in the world ever!? You better act quick because this offer doesnt come around often. You my freind have been bestowed the privelage of reviewing my...
  4. opiemonster

    Marine Fort Chaos

    :sad::sad:please please please can somebody rate my map. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Marine Fort Chaos v1.393 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site ----------------------------------------------------------------------- One disasterous...
  5. opiemonster

    Marine Fort Chaos

    Hi i really want you guys at the hive to help me with my map. I really struggle with balance. I want to make my map hard but still fun and possible to beat. I would like you to review my map so far and tell me what it needs. Marine Fort Chaos v1.239 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
  6. opiemonster

    Hi im new

    Well bascally im kinda new to this site as you have guessed. Infact im quite new to this whole warcraft3 map mapmaking/going to websites about wc. So i searched around and found a site called the That site helped me in my map making. Eventually i branched out to this site, mainly to...