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  1. HamzahA

    Order unit to train/upgrade {Trained Unit} disallows me from upgrading the building

    Hello, I have this trigger above. I use it for autonomous unit training. The building that trains those units can be upgraded. However, once this trigger has been triggered, I cannot upgrade the unit anymore even if I stop unit production manually. Any ideas? Thank you.
  2. HamzahA

    How to make old protected maps compatible with 1.24e?

    Hello, There are dozens of cool old maps which are protected, and I want to play them on 1.24e, but because of some patch issues the return function was removed and blah blah blah The maps are protected, how can I play them in 1.24e without switching to an older patch? Is there a tool that...
  3. HamzahA

    Optimizing Screenshots

    How the hell can i optimize tga images? i seeked tools/tutorials nothing found.
  4. HamzahA

    Profile Resource Bug + Map name display bug (minor bugs)

    Profile Resource Bug: when i viewed my resource profile, i looked at my map, and i found the deleted one named "Hunters Arena" still exist, and the one being update "Shadow Hunters" isnt there. Link to Shadow Hunters : Shadow Hunters v1.1 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site...
  5. HamzahA

    Question about Reps

    I was wondering, depending on what i read on the sticky: I think i didnt understand this correctly, but should i have 200 reps to what? once again i dont think i understanded it correctly! who are the others? how do they get the rep? and should i have 200 rep points to give 1 rep? this...
  6. HamzahA

    Link your map here for an awesome review (fast response, deep check)

    This thread (which is similar to other threads) will give you a full review about your map, will include: 1- Rating, included with reasons of rating. 2- Recommendations/Suggestions for the map. 3- Links : Tutorials/Systems, those who will be VERY useful to the map. 4- Bug Reports : Will...
  7. HamzahA

    Some rep points disappeared!

    When i watched the number of my rep points, i found they are less than before, i checked my profile and look what i saw: (picture attached)
  8. HamzahA

    Shadow Hunters V1.5 AI

    Hello, the map Shadow Hunters v1.5 AI is a sniper map, with 3 modes and thousands of options that im sure you will have fun testing if you like to be sniper, before releasing the version i want to make sure that there arent any bugs, the known bugs are : 1-AI sucks at CTF (doesnt capture flag...
  9. HamzahA

    A Request for the Directory of a simple model )

    A Request for the Directory of a simple model ) (solved) Hello, as many of you played Blizzard's Campaign, (not the bonus one) im sure most of you played the Secret Tower Defence map, anyway, when the units spawn in that secret TD map, they have a model that looks like a dynamite attached to a...
  10. HamzahA

    [JASS] Checking AI Difficulity problem (+rep to be given)

    hello. i have this trigger, when i run the map it shows NOTHING. function PutToArrays takes nothing returns nothing local integer i=0 loop exitwhen i>11 if (GetPlayerController(Player(i))==MAP_CONTROL_COMPUTER ) then if...
  11. HamzahA

    [Trigger] 3 Questions (+rep to who answer)

    Hello, i have three questions that i couldnt solve (or i think i couldnt): 1- How can i make a spell that is a self-evasion, you know, the attacker has the abilitys to miss an attack, not the targeted unit has the ability to dodge. how can i make that ability? (it means when ever you...
  12. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Detecting unit's Z Height

    You know, models size differ from one to another, but i want to know the height of a model in the world editor.. Hope i explained correctly.
  13. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Weather not displaying

    Hello, today i was testing the weather in my map that is created by triggers, but sadly it doesnt show Who knows a list of those things which could make weather not see-able? i just use "Environement - Create at Playable Map Area the weather effect Blizzard Sky" but it doesnt show in the game...
  14. HamzahA

    Making a simple hint system [Reviewed: Ralle]

    Making a simple hint System To do this simple system, you will need two triggers: One in initialization, which must contain these actions: Actions Set RandomHint[1] = |cff32cd32Hint:|r Hint#1 text Set RandomHint[2] = |cff32cd32Hint:|r Hint#2 text Set RandomHint[3] =...
  15. HamzahA

    Making a random doodads, terrains system

    Making a random doodad, terrain system In this tutorial, i will learn you how to make a random doodad system, which generates random doodads each game! Open the trigger editor, then make this big trigger: Variables: Random_Terrain : An arrayed Terrain Type Random_Position : Point...
  16. HamzahA

    Making a beacon system

    Making a beacon system This system is a beacon system, which activates when a unit goes near it, the beacon will explode and give a signal about the triggering unit's location. Well, here we begin First go to your object editor, then on units, Neutral Hostile, Campaign, choose the unit...
  17. HamzahA

    [JASS] First Person Camera moveable Via Mouse

    Hello, today i was wondering if its possible to make a first person camera that is movable via mouse, well, i made the first person camera, but how can i make it movable via mouse? I need the script )
  18. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Terrain Deformation Display Bug?

    I use the following system to make a random terrain each game : Random Deformation Events Conditions Actions -------- Deformation -------- For each (Integer A) from 1 to 128, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set Random_Position = (Random...
  19. HamzahA

    Learning GUI Basicly to Advancly - [Reviewed: PurplePoot]

    Hello, in this toturial you will start as a beginner with GUI (even if you just start now), and in the end you will be an expert with it First, open your world editor at your warcraft 3 directory, then create a new map (of your choice), then hit F4 or open the trigger editor from "Triggers"...
  20. HamzahA

    Full Menus and Buttons Toturial

    Know this toturial is extracted from blizzard's support folder, which alike 85% of people dont know it. This toturial will explain what each button does, and each object editor jobs and stuff. This toturial was improved by me as well as sorted. 1)Map Creation and Settings...
  21. HamzahA

    [Trigger] [Fast Question] Does this leak?

    does it leak 2 locations or it doesnt leak.. For each (Integer A) from 1 to 3, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set POINTTEST = (Random point in (Playable map area)) Unit - Create 1 Knight for Neutral Hostile at POINTTEST facing Default building facing degrees Unit -...
  22. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Ordering a unit to move without restarting its animation

    How can i order a picked unit to move ~every 0.05 seconds without restarting its animation each order? i would appreciate help
  23. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Fast Simple Two Questions

    1 - Does this leak? Item - Pick every item in Region 000 <gen> and do (Actions) Loop - Actions Item - Remove (Picked item) 2 - What are the possible actions to make a dialogue name disappears? a trigger on map initialization Dialog - Change the title of Dialog7 to Choose...
  24. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Does this leak?

    Does this leaks location or no.. For each (Integer A) from 1 to 12, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Visibility - Create an initially Enabled visibility modifier for (Player((Integer A))) emitting Visibility across Region 002 Visibility - Create an initially Enabled...
  25. HamzahA

    [JASS] DestroyWall ?

    There is a function named DestroyWall , it destroys a destructible, but the question is what type of location it uses?? like i saw this call DestroyWall(udg_integer[1],udg_integer[2]-1,udg_integer[3],udg_integer[4],udg_minX,udg_minY) who can explain that point? cuz i dont get it -.- i want...
  26. HamzahA

    [JASS] Moving a region to Exit/Enterance of a maze generator system

    Converting & getting locations How can i change this to a loaction (point) that i create region at : call DestroyWall(udg_ztemp[7],udg_ztemp[8]-1,udg_ztemp[7],udg_ztemp[8],udg_minX,udg_minY) i want a point like this.. set udg_POINTTEST =...
  27. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Does this action leak?

    Does it leak? Actions: Unit - Order MovingUnit[(Integer A)] to Move To ((Position of MovingUnit[(Integer A)]) offset by ((Current movement speed of MovingUnit[(Integer A)]) + 100.00) towards 45.00 degrees)
  28. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Detecting Terrain's Rawcode

    How can i detect a terrain rawcode? like "T0B1" or like that..?
  29. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Dialogs problem..

    i have a problem with dialogs, dont know why they are not working, the 1st is displayed, but the second isnt! InitModes Events Time - Elapsed game time is 0.05 seconds Conditions Actions Dialog - Create a dialog button for Dialog[1] labelled Free For All (New...
  30. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Question about leaks

    i use some possible leaking variables like Temp_Point , Temp_Group and so on, i use them on more than a trigger, and never remove them, does each 1 leaks only 1 time or it leaks on number of uses?
  31. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Problem with checking the map

    Why does selecting my map takes about a year and its 32x32 ?i mean to select it be4 you host a game (be4 you click create game), it takes a year to do that! why?
  32. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Unit Damage Detecting from spells

    I would like to know how to know a unit damage from casting a spell.. like : Event - units start the effect of ability Conditions - ability type bla bla Actions - damage target x*units damage while x is a variable can be changed. how?
  33. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Custom Battle System

    how to make a custom battle system like that when player presses "A or a hotkey" the hero attacks infront of him, and when he press "D or a hotkey" he defend with a move or something, and ofcourse damage dealt is hero damage, and damaged reduced on armor damage reduction.. where can i find such...
  34. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Copying from map to another with Object editor

    is there anyway to fast-copy the abilitys, units, without importing and exporting the object data because it replaces the current?
  35. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Fast-Question.

    I have been wondering how to check a passive ability casted without a buff. like Critical Strike/Bash, how to detect them when the chance of the spell happens? or how to know if a unit has an Aura without buff?
  36. HamzahA

    [JASS] Action which can make a player be defeated.

    What are the possible actions which can make a player be defeated? e.g. call bj_defeatplayer or those codes, what are the possible ones to make a player be defeated?
  37. HamzahA

    [JASS] Questions about Trackables

    i have seen about the trackables, and i was wondering : 1 - are they considered as a unit/object? and do they leak? what model type they use? 2 - how to write a variable about them.. like set v = last created trackable or what? 3 - how to limit trackables on a region only?
  38. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Events - Passive ability casted!

    how to make an event like when a player hits a bash or critical or gets a missed attack.. i havent find it on the list of events on generic unit event, where would it be/is it possible in GUI?
  39. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Spells ID

    how to get a spell ID in the world editor.. like A000 .. how to find it?
  40. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Group Bug!

    why does this unit not being added to group.. help plz here is action: For each (Integer A) from 1 to 2, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Unit - Create 1 Unit(is not variable) for (Owner of (Casting unit)) at Not-Leaking-Point facing 180 degrees <-- works Set DummyTest =...
  41. HamzahA

    [Trigger] weird problem with unit groups..

    i have a problem with unit groups, units not being added !! here is the trigger : If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions) If - Conditions ((Owner of (Casting unit)) Food used) Equal to 0 Then - Actions Unit - Order (Casting unit) to...
  42. HamzahA

    Other Terrains

    where can i find a terrains colours like blue, red, green...... can some1 give me link to download it?
  43. HamzahA

    [Trigger] how to make when a player clicks "G" or something as a event

    i'd like to know how the people make that when a player presses a button (like H or U) some actions happen! in GUI i saw only directions, esc buttons... how to use others?
  44. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Some Questions

    i have some questions and mostly about leaks, they are: 1 - should i type: Custom script: Custom script: set bj_wantDestroyGroup = false after i want to stop it from destroying groups? 2 - why does this location be removed and become center of playable map area (this be used many...
  45. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Question, Strange

    in my map, when some 1 exit, he have to wait about 10 minutes to get out! or he restart pc! i think i know why.. because i dont use custom scripts with [RemoveLocation , and Destroy Group...], the question is WHERE , WHEN , HOW and WHAT(are codes) to type it?
  46. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Mouse Detector

    how to detect where the mouse moves... and can i make it as a event without using jass... i'd rather it to be GUI even if custom scripts, but i didnt find ANYTHING about mouse detecting on normal triggers, so the question is : how to create a mouse detector, and what variable should i use...
  47. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Sounds

    How can i play a sound for only some players.. not all (E.G. allies of player 1)... not just to all or in a point.. is it can be made only in JASS or what? How can i play a sound for only some players.. not all (E.G. allies of player 1)... not just to all or in a point... help please
  48. HamzahA

    [JASS] whats the code to save game?

    well , i just need the code to save game withouch loading or changing lvl , all i know its native , but i dont have the functions and codes . for a trigger at time 0.20 seconds to save the game .. i know the events but not actions , help me please
  49. HamzahA

    [Trigger] Camera Bug or sth .

    Here is a trigger to make camera as sniper with crosshair [like a system somewhere here] , the bug is when i zoom in i see the crosshair but camera stays on its place .. while it should be infront of the unit , the thing make me mad is that the zoom works ONLY for red player.! and dont worry...