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    Recent Server Downtime

    I think you wanted to say before 'but'.
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    Your favourite kind of music?

    jazz, blues, folk, rock, rock'n'roll, rythm'n'blues, boogie woogie, soul, funk, reagge, latin rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock, ambient...
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    [Picture] Motivational poster by me ^^

    Tleno, me 2
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    [Picture] Awesome! hand

    damn :DDD
  5. Dumblor

    [Picture] Awesome! hand

    damn :DDD
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    [Picture] Cortex Command: Nasa ruins fun. Again.

    yea, the ai in this game is.... not the smartest really.
  7. Dumblor

    [Picture] Cortex Command: Nasa ruins fun. Again.

    yea, the ai in this game is.... not the smartest really.
  8. Dumblor

    Inhale Cigar?

    I haven't said i'm addicted... I smoke rarely, with friends, and, well, you have to smoke to understand. For me smoking relaxes me, in company or otherwise. And I don't smoke that often that my skin turns yellow and my legs fell off :).
  9. Dumblor

    Inhale Cigar?

    Smoking is one of many sources of joy, so while not making the whole life booring, it does make some part of it booring.
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    Inhale Cigar?

    you mean don't smoke. yea smoking is bad, eating potato chips is bad, burgers are also bad, by the way, the cars are also bad, they make lotsa fumes. But better live short meaningful and fun life than long and booring. /offtopic
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    Inhale Cigar?

    You mean: Don't smoke (while) fucking?
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    Inhale Cigar?

    Thanks for the answer, and same here :). Cigarettes help if you want to meet someone, it's easier to start a talk with some random girl you just met... And I don't smoke often, in three months I've smoked one Cigarelle (cigar with taste of cherry, vanilla etc.)
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    What class do you want next?

    As I said, no old races, but maybe we will be able to i.e. visit amazon jungles( not the ones in brazil :D)... It would be nice. And since you're comparing classes to real life cultures, the amazon doesn't have it's real-life equivalent.
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    Inhale Cigar?

    I inhale every fourth time, and most of my friends do the same. I heard that if you don't inhale when you smoke, you might get lip tumour. Is that true ?
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    Help Mr. Bob!

    There are many such ambient songs (without that dang guy in the backround!), but if you certainly fell in love with this one, there might be no help, since it might be that producers hired some musician to make some ambient piece. So either find another piece, or tolerate the guy in the...
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    Elderscrolls V?

    Oblivion is more of a platformer than Morrowind, but less than Halo 3. I really didn't make much thought on jumping. For the most of the time, it was my only defense, on III and IV. And I used it to skip difficult dungeon parts in oblivion only, especially in Ayleid ruins. But since this is an...
  18. Dumblor

    Worst Movie Ending EVER

    He becomes a Legend to the infected guys... In the original ending, they are shown not to be some brainless gits, but thinking creatures, who tried to save the guys Nevile kidnapped. To them, Nevile was a legendary monster, kidnapping their people and doing god-knows-what to them. I read...
  19. Dumblor

    What class do you want next?

    hasn't the blizzard said that 'thou shalt have only one class from thee able-oh too', and that's the bloody barbarian. I bet assassin ninja cyborg jesus could beat that. Well, the ranger has the two-weapons (dual wield) specelization in 3.5 D n D, (which is overpowered), so why not? Walker...
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    Elderscrolls V?

    Well with the new engine there could be something new.
  30. Dumblor

    Worst Movie Ending EVER

    It gives a bloody meaning to the whole movie, to the bloody title....
  31. Dumblor

    Successful and productive map making.

    It's solely a work by me, all the thoughts are mine, not his. I'm goin' to update this soon, but i won't be looking for other influences than my own expirience.
  32. Dumblor

    Elderscrolls V?

    didn't notice that, sorry... Anyway, Dr. SG and deadnerzhul are talking too much about the way the game looks, not plays :(. Im more interested in gameplay, the graphics as in TES IV are good enough for me. I mean burning down a house. Fun for a few times, ok, but it will end up like the grass...
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    Ages Poll

    16. Didn't thought there would be,well 17x 10 - 14. I mean, kids these days care only about graphics, why play WC3 ???
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    What you think is the best live band?

    For me personally Led Zep 'till 74's. If you haven't heard them live, you haven't heard them at all.
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    Yea, prolly. It's been quite a year, but now I have time for wordly desires >;).

    Yea, prolly. It's been quite a year, but now I have time for wordly desires >;).
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    Elderscrolls V?

    What you want ??? SIMS ??? FABLE??? They can't undertake too much, like Moleyneaux does. If you don't like it, mod it yourself, or wait 'till somebody else does. It's frikin' Elder Scrolls, not SimFantasyWorld. Agreed. Maybe we should discuss what might be the next province for the next...
  37. Dumblor

    Fucking Fallout

    Nope. With mods it takes up to 9 gigs at worst. I think that pc is really better, you just have to spend atleast 1000$ on a good one. Personally, since i spend way too much money on guitars and harmonicas and stuff, i don't upgrade my computer, but i have 7600GT and Fallout 3 runs on my pc on...
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    Elderscrolls V?

    I just wish TES V would be more like morrowind, nothing more. You guys want really too much. They don't undertake too much, because they don't want to end up like Fable 2. Lots of hype, but no real shit. By the way, the adventurers, whom you can join, or rival with, can or are already added via...
  39. Dumblor

    What's your country like??

    Lithuania. We like mocking russia, playing basketball and we also have a lot of blonde beauties. Not much more. Like everywhere, corrupt politicians, nonsense paparrazi shows, stupid and worthless popstars...
  40. Dumblor

    Close Range

    I watched this three times and rofled all of 'em :D.
  41. Dumblor

    Red Faction

    Hammers, women, cites ??? Definately not about the first one. I don't recall any women... or hammers... and yea... no cities as well ;/
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    Successful and productive map making.

    It's been ages since I wrote this. I think I should update this, cause here my opinions are quite... Shortsighted.
  45. Dumblor

    Warcraft 3 is dying?

    Maybe when starcraft comes out, some poeple will get a break from wc3, but im sure it will be quite a short break. Warcraft 3 will only die when Warcraft 4 will come out. And that's for the better.
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    Successful and productive map making.

    Yup, unless you want your eyes to dip out.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post)...

    Reputation (+1): (Post)
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    Reputation (+1): (Post)...

    Reputation (+1): (Post)
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    Scripted/Triggered Regions {cloning and creating regions through triggers}

    So that's a no I guess. Too bad. Anyway, not a death for what i'm working on. Thanks anyway. Rep 2 all :D.