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  1. SirGareth


    This campaign was really ok, basic, but nothing special. Personally, i like campaigns with complex stories and plots and deep/profound characters. Well, your campaign lacks in this point. The characters and the story are a little bit boring, sorry to say that. What i liked the most is are your...
  2. SirGareth

    Escape The Demon Cinematic

    Lolz had to laugh a few times. Great idea, and: true story... haha. I suppose the terrain could be improved. Anyways, cool Map!
  3. SirGareth

    The Night Wish

    My God... can´t put it into words, what an amazing cinematic!!! It´s just perfect!! 5/5, end of the discussion! ;)
  4. SirGareth

    Pact of Vengeance

    Wow, this cinematic is damn good! Perfect use of music and sounds. Terrain and Doodads were good as well! Story wasn´t something new. The End surprised me though. Well, 5/5! :)
  5. SirGareth

    Final Frenzy

    It is short, indeed. Nevertheless, it is well made! Thumbs up! I think you managed it to create a perfect atmosphere in your video. Music, light, sounds (church bells ring) fit perfectly together. 5/5
  6. SirGareth

    The Ultimate Fight

    Oh - my - god. This was such an amazing cinematic... Just cant imagine how much time it took you to create this map. This map truly deserves this title! 10/10
  7. SirGareth

    The Nagarien Curse

    Good job man, got nothing to add, what really nice cinematic!
  8. SirGareth

    Murder Incognito

    Like this cinematic a lot. I think the AT&T voices do a good job, nothing to complain about. Its not that usual to make cinematics like this, thats what i loved probably the most. Cool cinematic, nice idea. 5/5
  9. SirGareth

    The Last Samurai-TSOS v1.11

    Amazing cinematic, the last part was definitely the best one! Thanks for creating and uploading this baby! 5/5 !
  10. SirGareth

    Monster Attack cinematic

    Pretty cool cinematic. I liked the helicopter scene!
  11. SirGareth

    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Five

    Question: (year: 2016): Is there part 6 & 7 that you have promised to upload? I love this cinematic, but is there even hope for the last two part? However: Your Cinematic Series is amazing, thanks for working on that, THANKS!! 5/5
  12. SirGareth

    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Four

    Good job, nice cinematic, amazing story, wonderful atmosphere. Again, i will be the first who rates this map. What a shame, such a wonderful cinematic and part 4 is unrated here on hive. 5/5! Great job!! btw one question: I havent seen so far part 6 & 7. Will there ever be these part? I hope...
  13. SirGareth

    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Three

    Again, nice part. I just wonder why anyone hasnt rated this cinematic so far. Alright, i will be the first then... 5/5!
  14. SirGareth

    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter Two

    See my post in chapter one. This cinematic is amazing. 5/5!!
  15. SirGareth

    Shadows of Teldrassil- Chapter One

    Wow... i just have seen all five parts... Im impressed. This one of the best cinematics that i have ever seen. I like the plot, the story, characters. In my opinion, cinematics need good stories, and thats exactly what you achieved. There is nothing to complain about, this cinematic series is...
  16. SirGareth

    Searing Conflict

    Wow, what an amazing fight. Short but awesome! Doesnt have to have a story for being good. 5/5
  17. SirGareth

    Land of Blood

    nice atmosphere, pretty cool idea, doesn´t seem to be that mainstream. Unfortunately the cinematic ends when it becomes really interesting. 4/5
  18. SirGareth

    I just have finished your Orc Campaing, thank you for uploadig it. It was so much fun to play...

    I just have finished your Orc Campaing, thank you for uploadig it. It was so much fun to play it! Check out my review and my suggestions for the improvement of your map. Good job man!
  19. SirGareth

    First Orc Book of Arkain (Patch 1.29.2 or newer!)

    *clap* *clap* *thumbs up* Alright its me again. I have just finished your second Campaign after I had completed the Human Campaign. In the Human Campaign there were a few things that I didn't like, although I rated it quite well in the end. But this campaign... Man it was AWESOME. It was so...
  20. SirGareth

    First Human Book of Arkain (Patch 1.29.2 or newer!)

    Alright, its me again, havent played wc3 campaigns for a couple of months. Thought it might be useful to rate and share my experience about this campaign. Alright, lets start: Positive: -various kinds of races involved -opportunities to make decisions & choices: Who will you support? Do you...
  21. SirGareth

    The Prokkakoski Tale

    Too bad that there is no description or screenshots for this campaign. I made a few, check them out! ;)
  22. SirGareth

    The Prokkakoski Tale

    Review After having played almost the whole campain, these my impressions: In generall i tend to rate Campaigns always relatively good. But i have to admit, this one is definetely not a nice Campagn. Apparently, the Mapper hasn't invested a lot of time in his Campaign. The Cinematics are lame...
  23. SirGareth

    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    I ve played this campaign 2 years ago. Is has been that great that i played it twice. I suppose there is no need to add any advices, in fact it would be senseless, cause this was 2 years ago. As a wc3 campaign lover it is hard to find the No1 of all campaign, but, i suppose, this campaign...
  24. SirGareth

    Day of the Dragon

    Well, i think its already everything said about this campaign, in my opinion this is one of the top campaigns, everything is great, there is no need write a novel. The best map was the non-figthin map, sloving quest with our little Hero K. ;) Brilliant Campaign, 5/5!!
  25. SirGareth

    Deandra's Tale BRONZE

    I liked your campaign, great job! pro: -humor!! -difficulty: hard => there is nothing which is more boring than eeeasy campaign -nice terrain, models -extraordinary map ideas (stopping the kodos, Orc chief assault) -nicecinemathics kontras: -mable a little bit too hard? (assult, last map!!) -...
  26. SirGareth

    Entaria - Centaur Crusade (v2.1)

    awesome campaign Wow, this was one of the first campaigns i used to play long time ago. But Entaria always has been one of my favorit ones! Well in fact i like almost everthig in this campaign, you did a great job! Its been long since i played this campaign, but i remember that i played it at...