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  1. HerrDave

    HerrDave is going homeless, it seems

    Not sure how else to get this out there, but it looks like I may lose my home Storytime My Grandpa (93) fell down in mid 2018 and passed away in late 2019 He was taking care of my Grandma (95) but since everyone else was busy, I volunteered myself to take care of her. I had to quit my job to...
  2. HerrDave

    Reforged broke Additive materials

    Anyone else's hero-glows, portrait backgrounds, eye glow, or fire look as muggy and lifeless as mine? Also, why shouldn't I be able to use these options which I had before Reforged? (Except Foliage, of course)
  3. HerrDave

    Texture losing quality at a distance, resulting in a flicker

    For whatever reason, the top of my Steam Tank's metal rim has a messed up surface When viewed up close, it appears as it is UV wrapped When viewed from afar, certain surfaces/triangles go blurry despite the sizable UV map section dedicated to it How do I combat this? Green = Displaying...
  4. HerrDave

    Built-in abilities missing from editor

    I-- am going to pull out my hair and eat it :D Blizzard added an ability for the Knight called Sundering Blades, which was kind of nifty I figured "Hey, new tools." and went into an older map to incorporate it. Only... it's not there. None of the older maps have the newer game data, and when...
  5. HerrDave

    Patch destabilized map

    Ever since the Reforged Pre-Patch, my WotR map has been upsettingly unstable, crashing when I pan the camera around after doing some work on part of the map. Here are the errors I'm getting I've never had these crashes before, and I've worked on maps with much more complexity and depth. What...
  6. HerrDave

    Shoulder Warping/Twisting

    I'm having tremendous problems attaching the arm of my zombie to the torso. T-Virus Zombies The problem I'm encountering is, every time I attach the arm, the shoulder warps in animations requiring the arm to be extended forwards. One person suggested I use the same trick WoW uses, but I...
  7. HerrDave

    New Update Moved the Editor

    Good news, the World Editor still exists, it's simply been moved. It seems the new update moved the World Editor and changed the way it works a bit. However, the old trick of making a folder called [War3.mpq] with a .txt file called UI containing a line which would enable you to make sharp...
  8. HerrDave

    Gold Mine that yields Lumber

    It's that time of year folks! ThE tImE wHen EvErYtHiNg GoEs JuSt rIgHt That time of year when HerrDave needs help scripting something that is simple in his head and is like-- friggin' impossible for the Wc3 Engine...
  9. HerrDave

    No animation blending in-game?

    Salutations! In my map, some of my units are experiencing a strange animation hiccup/bug while others aren't. Problem Animations are snapping from one to the next without transitional blend frames. Description As soon as an animation ends, the unit will instantly snap to the next animation...
  10. HerrDave

    German Pickelhaube design rework

    I've been considering replacing the Red Insignia of the False Kaiser with the Imperial German Eagle. BUT It kind of flies in the face of the original project. What do you guys think, should I change it?
  11. HerrDave

    Nazgul Hero Spells (War of the Ring)

    Working on my War of the Ring map, I have found that I need a very, very specific hero spell. Green = Finished Red = Unfinished Orange = In-game skills I've tried to edit Nazgul Lord Dark Binding - Transforms specific unit into Black Rider permanently, max 8 Shadow Walk - Teleports self and...
  12. HerrDave

    Custom Skybox Lighting?

    For my map, I need the evening to be orange and the night to be a deep dark purple/blue I tried editing skybox models but when I load them, their light settings have been deleted/reset (tried and tested multiple times) Could someone help me figure out what's going on?
  13. HerrDave

    Flickering geoset animation colours

    In order to make a proper book-esq Saruman, I need his robe to fade from colour-to-colour. So I sat down with Magos' Model Editor, took a geoset to experiment with and got to work. In theory, this should make for a smooth and seamless colour fade from blue to green to red and back. This is...
  14. HerrDave

    [Need Help] - Update caused MPQ and Editor problems

    Using color to emphasize the Goal, Good, Bad, and Request for skim-readers. Armed with the knowledge that the newest update to Warcraft III has been known to break modeling/editing tools, I decided to install two copies - one with the update - and one I can model/edit from. Big mistakes were...
  15. HerrDave

    Upgrade Animations being used at random

    I've hit a wall. My tank models (Panzer & Sherman) have a model-breaking problem which I cannot pin down. For some reason, the Upgrade animations will play at random while attacking - for example, a Panzer III will sprout extra armour and a longer gun for the duration of the attack, but then go...
  16. HerrDave

    Stationary Unit facing direction

    In my map, I have a unit that can toggle between packed and deployed mode. Mechanically he works just fine, but I'm having a problem. The gunner will not turn to shoot his enemies from his deployed state, instead he'll shoot them from the side of his gun or from his back. How do I go about...
  17. HerrDave

    Three-Bullet Projectile

    HerrDave calls out for aid! I'm trying to make a projectile looks like three bullets flying out and striking the target one by one instead of all at once. The problem I'm having isn't the beginning of the animation, the bullets come out fine - but they strike/vanish strangely - either too...
  18. HerrDave

    Raise Ground limit

    Since the new Wc3 update, I've been having a blast with the new editor and making sweeping changes to my maps. BUT I am faced with a new problem, a lot of the folders I could see before are gone, and this includes the means to edit the World Editor and make it possible to have sharply raised...
  19. HerrDave

    World Editor camera problem

    For some reason, my camera/view is floating about .500 above the normal level. When I zoom all the way in - it stops at about the middle of a lordaeron tree's height. When I swap from Doodads/terrain/units/region to camera - it fixes itself, but only so long as I am in that tab. While it is...
  20. HerrDave

    Smooth Waterfall / Water Level

    I used to know how to make a smooth waterfall (multiple water planes that connect smoothly) AND Not only can I not recall it to save my life, but all of the old guides are either too old to have the very, very necessary pictures, or the text-based ones simply don't work. I dearly need help...
  21. HerrDave

    Model's pivot point isn't centered

    In both Mdlvis and Magos' Model Editor the model(s) are as close to being in the center as is possible, but when I put the models in the world editor, they are off center by a considerable margin. If anyone would be willing to fix it and tell me how you did it, here are the models. Angmar...
  22. HerrDave

    New patch hard-capped map sizes

    "full map area exceeds the limit of 65536 cells" Despite being run in a player-made editor which can make maps of 480x480. Due to this error I cannot change the water colour, loading screen, time of day, fog, etc. Does anybody know a workaround for this, or is it too new a change?
  23. HerrDave

    [General] Torch light disappearing

    Can someone explain to me why when I have a custom model (no mesh, just omni light) in my map, all other light sources stop working? Custom torch models and regular ones no longer produce light, and this is rather annoying as that was the entire point of having them there.
  24. HerrDave

    War of the Ring - Mirkwood Spider

    It is I, HerrDave and I am 100000% out of-- just-- *angry sounds* I cannot for the life of me animate this model. I need to have it's legs spread out in all animations but the standing animation, and I am being completely screwed by MdlVis. If anyone would be willing to -suffer- through...
  25. HerrDave

    Green cube model despite correct texture path

    Salutations, A while back I started a project in semi-secret where I was remaking all of the villains and goons from a game that I have a soft spot for and to that end I've begun working on a series of robot models. I got the base body done no problem, but after I made a size-change to the...
  26. HerrDave

    Can't make Hero glow appear.

    Salutations, recently I've been getting some models out of the way, but one of them is being particularly hard to work with. After having it crash my editor upwards to seven times, I finally fixed the problem (without discovering what it was) and now it appears in-game. But there is...
  27. HerrDave

    Load/Save script map?

    Salutations, I am in dire need of a save/load feature if Wrath of the Kaiser is to continue. I wish I could word this better, but I don't exactly know how to ask for help with this. Would any of you happen to know how to set up a system rather like that of The Black Road wherein one types...
  28. HerrDave

    Bone won't turn right

    Right now I am working on the remake of the Nazgul models and I am having a catastrophic problem. Every time I try to rotate/angle the cloak (comprised of three bones) it twitches and shudders, trying its damndest to angle itself perfectly flat, so I cannot turn or tilt it without it trying to...
  29. HerrDave

    How do I make a constant animation?

    I need eight propellers to spin (rather quickly) in all animations, but I cannot time it right to span across every animation. I need to know how to make an animation constant, like the flies buzzing around the zombie, or the whirling gears on the steam tank. Here is a picture of what I am...
  30. HerrDave

    Thumbnails and Preview models not updating.

    I am convinced I am not the only one who is noticing this, but after updating the picture and mesh of a few models and waiting a few days I've noticed that the "View in 3d" model and the presentation picture have not changed, does someone on the hive have to manually say "Yes, approved, update."...
  31. HerrDave

    How do I move a Particle Emitter?

    Right, I have searched low and high and I cannot find out how to get a particle emitter to move during an animation, I thought it was attached to a bone, but apparently such is not the case. This is essential in the making of my next set of models, which I thought were going to be simple...
  32. HerrDave

    Strange decay animation problem

    For some reason, when either my Questioner or Whitecloak plays the "Decay Flesh" Animation, he begins sinking into the ground as usual, but as he starts sinking, the bones start to fade and disappear, and his body slowly turns entirely team-colored. Here are the models to see for yourself...
  33. HerrDave

    What do you use to compress BLPs?

    I am having some wildly unnecessary absolutely mad problems with compressing a skin, 'tis a 256x256 picture that when default was 41kb, is now 215kb, and none of the compression techniques I have tried have worked. Tried and Failed ------------------- -WC3 Image Extractor save as 75%...
  34. HerrDave

    Portrait Model Vanishes when not talking

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I have recently bumped into a problem so large it has its own parking and valet. During the re-animation of a model, I felt that not making a talk animation on this model would be rather silly-pocks, HOWEVER when I added both the new "portrait" and "portrait...
  35. HerrDave

    Unclickable during attack animation?

    The title is actually naming but one of three problems. For some reason, my A7V tank becomes very hard to click on during its attack animations. When the tank nears the border of the UI, it vanishes (as if its extents weren't calculated, which they bloody-well are) And lastly the entire...
  36. HerrDave

    Corrupted texture?

    Recently I've completed a model, specifically the Angmar Sorcerer But, I couldn't animate him. So I had an idea that seemed brilliant at the time, which was to transfer the animations to a different model. But there was a problem while moving the geosets. On the left is what it should...
  37. HerrDave

    Seeking Skilled Animator

    Hail, individual of quite probably a good deal of renown because of your artistic talent and skilled methods of animating. I have a request for thee, if it wouldn't be too much trouble. Ya see this chap here? Poor blighter he is, arms and legs stiff & lurching. If you wouldn't mind...
  38. HerrDave

    How do you add animated fire?

    Greetings, swazelets and swazeenies... 'Tis I, Dave. I come to you now with a question, how would one such as I add a fire behind Olde-School Sauron's Mask, gentlemen? I found a texture, but no base model nor screenshot to work with, so I looked at the skin and piece by piece I made...
  39. HerrDave

    Custom animation bouncing/warping?

    1) For some reason when I make a custom animation, the model decides to bounce up and down between frames, instead of moving from one to the next. 2) Also, when I try to turn a wheel in a circle, it ends up warping into an oval at 45 degrees, and a flat disk at 90. thus making turning the...
  40. HerrDave

    Attack animation overriding Stand Ready

    For some reason on my current model, when it attacks it doesn't just play the animation once, it overrides and repeats over the 'stand ready' animation. So the tank fires its first shell (fine) but during the 'reloading' phase, it keeps repeating the firing animation, then actually fires...
  41. HerrDave

    Death animation playing in portrait

    So, let me say this before anything else. I don't use actual portraits, I just slap a camera on a model and try to obscure the face/mouth. Now, this has worked for quite a few models now, but for some reason the with the most recent ones the death animation plays in the little portrait...
  42. HerrDave

    Team Color & Transparency?

    Is it possible for both the team-color and transparent 'states'(?) to occupy the same geoset? Example of what I am trying to do below Is the Wc3 engine capable of having a team color & sections cut out of it?
  43. HerrDave

    Texture bug when uploading

    Ladies & Gentlemen, I beseech ye for aid! Whenever I upload my model, see below. The second is the initial product (what I see in my model editor) the first is what you lot apparently see when you download it. What in the name of Jerry's goolies is going on here? Note: When you press 'view...
  44. HerrDave

    Model Shading Problem

    So I intend to upload zis here orc model soon, problem is that in the compression something happened to his head, whot! The polygons that meet up across the top of his head have been 'stitched' shut/together via Magos' model editor, but for some reason his forehead has a shadow that stops at...
  45. HerrDave

    Model crashes editor

    So, following the rejection of my sorry excuse of a Lotr orc, I decided to spend the day refurbishing and polishing it for a possible retry. Having replaced the old sword (A pathetic piece of paper looking thing) I noticed something rather off. Whenever the editor tries to render the model in...
  46. HerrDave

    Spellbreaker Attack animation/geoset

    SO in my most recent model I replaced the spellbreaker's blade with a staff, but little did I know something would go wrong.:goblin_cry: For some reason whenever he attacks, his staff floats in mid-air where it was before he began the animation, this also occurs in the ready animation as well...
  47. HerrDave

    Floating geoset on decay anim

    RIGHT THEN, I have been trying for ages to get around this and for some reason Geomerger no longer exists (to be found, at any rate) so I was wandering if there is any way to make this bloody geoset behave itself during the bone decay animation. Any help is more than welcome, ladies and...
  48. HerrDave

    Transparent texture when exported?

    So, my friend Niktorn sent me a model with a skin (fancy that eh?) For some reason, when it is on the model it looks fine, but when I export it, it becomes a near totally transparent mess. Behold the screenshots.
  49. HerrDave

    BlizRibbon0 bone removal?

    I recently snagged a model and decided to spruce it up so it will fit in with my map more, I re-aligned the texture and changed the animations, HOWEVER When in the warcraft 3 editor and in-game he has a ribbon/trail like thing in front of him when he walks.:goblin_wtf: The ribbon/trail is of...