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  1. Ordworse


    Discuss here the game Portal. It's story is set in the HL universe, but it's a new game from Valve and not part of the Half-Life Saga. Anyway, it's 100% that we will see Aperture Science in Half-Life 2: Episode Three (Where is it??? :S We need that game!!).
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    Half-Life 2 Deathmatch

    Do you have Steam? If you have, do you have Half-Life 2: Deathmatch? You want to get it free and official? If you have ATi videocard, go here: If you have NViDiA card, go here: And do you have Steam account? I...
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    [Picture] Did you know that Obama is a Half-Life fan? :D

    Did you know that Obama is a Half-Life fan? :D
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    Garry's Mod

    I made a discussion for Gmod. It's the best mod ever made (imo). I really like it. If you play Gmod, post here pictures, videos or anything interesting or funny. I have Gmod 10
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    [Picture] This cake was made by my mother for my farewell ceremony.

    This cake was made by my mother for my farewell ceremony.
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    Favourites in the HP world

    Who is your favourite character? What's your favourite spell/curse etc? What's your favourite place? Wich is your favourite book? (1-7)(if you read them) Wich is your favourite movie?
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    [Picture] LeGordon Freeman

    LeGordon Freeman
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    Need help with countable units! {counting units that (have) die(d) on a region}

    Hi I need something like this: 8 unit dies in Region001 Dying units equal to units owned by Neutral Hostile then the actions... But I can't make it as a trigger. I can use only the "A unit dies" event, but there isn't a "Value unit dies" event I need (value is a number) Please help...
  9. Ordworse

    Model Request --> Leper Monk from game Painkiller

    Hi! I need a lepper monk model from the pc game Painkiller (2004) 'cause I'm working on a shooter project. Here is a picture about it and a video about its attack: Picture Attack Video It can walk slowly, and it has a special attack: it can hurl dead bodies to you with telekinesis...
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    The Concerned is a Half-Life comic. It's main character is Gordon Frohman, a "concerned citizen". Here is it: Have fun!
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    Half-Life's bad points

    What do you unlike in HL?
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    Funny videos

    You can show us some funny videos here! I find a "Gman doing what he does best!" vid on YouTube, here is it: Have fun! :thumbs_up:
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    Favourites in HL

    What's your favourite enemy? Who's your favourite character? What's your favourite weapon? What's your favourite music? What's your favourite place?
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    [Picture] Alyx in real (2x)

    Alyx in real (2x)
  15. Ordworse

    [Picture] Madame Combine :D

    Madame Combine :D
  16. Ordworse

    [Picture] Portal Gun in Half-Life 2

    Portal Gun in Half-Life 2
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    [Picture] Ep 3 concept art 2

    Ep 3 concept art 2
  18. Ordworse

    [Picture] Ep 3 concept art 1

    Ep 3 concept art 1
  19. Ordworse

    [Picture] Ep 3 concept art 3

    Ep 3 concept art 3
  20. Ordworse

    [Picture] This is Paranoia, the favourite HL mod of zombie2279 ;)

    This is Paranoia, the favourite HL mod of zombie2279 ;)
  21. Ordworse

    Where is Episode Three???

    Episode Two was released in 2007. This year is 2009. Only some concept arts have surfaced about Ep 3. Where is Episode Three?
  22. Ordworse

    [Picture] This is the Combine Advisor - my favourite ^_^

    This is the Combine Advisor - my favourite ^_^
  23. Ordworse

    [Picture] A Half-Life 2 wallpaper

    A Half-Life 2 wallpaper
  24. Ordworse

    [Picture] Gordon holds the Gravity Gun (Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator) in this amazing picture

    Gordon holds the Gravity Gun (Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator) in this amazing picture
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    [Picture] Alyx and some Vortigaunts

    Alyx and some Vortigaunts
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    Half-Life Fans Frontpage

    Join to this group if you are a Half-Life (and Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Decay...) or a Half-Life 2 (Lost Coast, Episode One, Episode Two) fan! Members:-ApocolypticHaze- a765431 ArneXis Axegrinder90 Azeroc BanananaHead Bloody Wolf boijzu95 bomblader Brodie33 Bugbuster96...
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    [SPELL REQUEST] I need a Lava Crack pathing...

    Hi I need an ability that looks like the blight growth small/large ability, but there is not blight but lava cracks (Dungeon terrain) Please help me :sad: Ordworse
  28. Ordworse

    Two little problems...[PLEASE HELP]

    1. How can I change a building's ground texture to a custom texture? For example: I have a Necropolis, and its ground texture looks like blight, but I need a lava texture, but I can't change the ground texture... 2. How can I make a Lava Growth Small ability (like Blight Growth Small)? I need...
  29. Ordworse

    Campaign Loading Screen request

    Hi, I need a campaign loading screen for my campaign I make it for a contest. PLease only remove the Night Elf from the night elf campaign screen (Frozen Throne, not Reign of Chaos), and put her place a blood mage The blood mage needs this skin: Mage of the Damned - The Hive Workshop - A...
  30. Ordworse

    HEY MODELERS! Demon Brute Idea

    I found a very good demon pic It will be awesome for the demon race!:thumbs_up:
  31. Ordworse

    Need a faceless and unbroken mage

    HI I need a faceless and an unbroken mage!!! please help
  32. Ordworse

    Need a four-handed faceless one and unbroken!

    Hi! I need a 4 handed faceless one and a 4 handed unbroken, with faceless maces in all hands. Can someone help me?
  33. Ordworse

    Doom 3 Vagary model need

    Hi I need a doom 3 vagary model pls help I know she is hard to make but this model can used in many maps, and she is very good to a boss fight! Thanks and...
  34. Ordworse

    I need Painkiller models -- please help --

    Hello I'm working on a Painkiller map and I need models! These are some of the monsters I need: Zombie soldier with morning star: Black Demon: Evil monk (1)...
  35. Ordworse

    Make a Leper Monk model from PC game Painkiller!

    Hello everyone. I have a request. Here is the picture about the leper monk from game Painkiller. I can't make a leper monk model, so I need your help. If you want to create this necromancer. It appears in the Town level from Painkiller. It can hurl corpses with telekinesis, and it's melee...