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  1. Matt540 sheep god!

    Super Power Thread

    Control over the flow of time. THat way, I can push 2012 doomsday sayers, anime fanboys, MMO ninjas, and any other pest I meet out of the time flow.
  2. Matt540 sheep god!


    srsly guys 4 teh kids :sad:
  3. Matt540 sheep god!

    Whats with all the ducks?!?!

    srsly guys 4 teh kids :sad:
  4. Matt540 sheep god!

    Stolen Map on

    YOu fully DLed it?
  5. Matt540 sheep god!

    Stolen Map on

    Join the map first. There is occsionally a bug where a map will seem to be hosted if you open it in World editor. SOmetimes, it gets mixed up with maps due to similar names. Othertimes, it is for random purposes. A game I played called MTG tower wars, for instance, had its map in place of a...
  6. Matt540 sheep god!

    Comunist? wtf?

    Off topic: I know. I have a teacher from Germany who's family was spared from being sent to a concentration camp only due to he grandfather being a high up Surgeon for the Nazi's and having a Great Uncle with the Iron Cross in Africa at the time. She takes offence when we make Nazi jokes in...
  7. Matt540 sheep god!

    Comunist? wtf?

    Anyone know if the person in the picture is Rick Astley? Or perhaps a relative?
  8. Matt540 sheep god!

    Comunist? wtf?

    I love Lenin
  9. Matt540 sheep god!

    What was YOUR first Avatar?

    Everything about my profile has changed a ton, save for my avatar. Originally, the first avatar I had on was of the Tauren Chieftan clan icon, similar to what Ralle has in the chatroom. Then, fooling around with the user CP, I ended up making my avatar into the goldmine icon on a...
  10. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    If you want to play, we are missing a final person for the fifth game. Go ahead and sign up.
  11. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    I hate Britain. I've played as all the nations but France, and I have to say I HATE Britain as much as I hate Russia with a dictorial no pvp admin (No early building materials = phail).
  12. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    You can split up the bulk of your army into individual groups of one to charge at the railrifle as a distraction for a big group, can't you?
  13. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    With high wheat, you can just mass barracks and out-mass your opponent in most cases. That's what I'm trying to get to.
  14. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    Not really, as wheat, if it disappears, just ruins your morale. I'd say I've lost one game already to to to many barracks consuming wheat in the down time (about 1/4 of my provinces have revolted against me, and Sweden is attacking)
  15. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    While wood is useful for harbors to increase income, Wheat and oil are the most precious resources. Iron is good for basic structures, but becomes useless to have a ton later since so many non-player countries have it. Oil is only found in large amounts at two areas (Russia and Morocco), while...
  16. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    What country did I get? The game says I can't connect to server...
  17. Matt540 sheep god!

    Hail to the Chief!

    The Judicial Branch, even with two new judges picked by Bush, is still somewhat balanced. And currently, the senate and house are ruled by the Dems. They OWN Washington D.C. about now... :hohum:
  18. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    Try not to be when your in 11 games, 2 which you were winning until your first ally (*cough*pyrite*cough*) backstabs you. :cry: No, its not Pyrite, that was just an example for a certain few people...
  19. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    Is anyone else having trouble logging into SUpremacy today? I get a wall of text stating I have an error every time I try to join my games...
  20. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    Most of the wars I recall Pyrite starting as Italy. This, people, is why the pope is no longer the Emperor of Christianity he was. :hohum:
  21. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    Once again.... EAT MOAR WHOPPER!!! Its good! (yes, I'm the Burger Kingdom again. Geez, this is starting to feel like it goes into something else)
  22. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    Put me in game3 too! This is fuN! :D
  23. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    Just a question, but with the stock market, if I sell something...say...2000 coal as the amount. Then the Price/unit is 5.00. That does mean that each coal is 5.00 per unit, right? Or am I selling 1/6 of my coal for 1/100000 of my treasury added on?
  24. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    Anyone want to ally with the Burger Kingdom of Great Britain? :thumbs_up:
  25. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    Ill play the second game, but I need to know the gamename. There is more than one game for it you know!
  26. Matt540 sheep god!

    Your reaction to this story?

    What do you expect? I read up elsewhere (hard to read there) that this took place in the Phillipines, am I right? Even in dominant powers, Politicians can get away with so many things if they want to (*cough*Bush&Cheney*cough*).
  27. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    It was a yes. I was just unsure of the original function of control and gameplay for my units.
  28. Matt540 sheep god!

    What is best Warcraft III RPG and why?

    Although I remember a few, the first one that comes to mind when you mention build both bases and Hideouts is Curse of Time RPG. If your look for an rpg by asking which is the best, this may be what your looking for. However, the actually playing time is...meh. Don't bother with it.
  29. Matt540 sheep god!

    Supremacy 1914

    So does this play like a normal turn by turn web game? As in one person goes, then they get off, the next person is given an e-mail stating it's their turn, etc? Anyways, however, the game sounds pretty fun! Count me in! Edit: It looks like there are multiple games to join, which will...
  30. Matt540 sheep god!


    Heh, Nice! :thumbs_up: I'd post mine too, following your example, but I think I would get more than just one respected user tagging me with red gems for posting it...
  31. Matt540 sheep god!

    My sig is an image taken from a "youtube poop" called "This is why Farting Is Illegal in...

    My sig is an image taken from a "youtube poop" called "This is why Farting Is Illegal in Hyrule." In the Phillips CD-I zelda game "The wand of Gamelon" (Sp?), the unedited form of the image was showing an angry King of Hyrule punishing a double-crossing duke that sided with Ganon by making him...
  32. Matt540 sheep god!

    Happy CHANUKKAH!

    If I am to guess, its a "PC" version of the holiday's, featuring the best of CHristmas and hANUKKAH. However, without anything for the African community, this makes it a less than satisfactory week of the year. And I repeat: Where is the Kwanzaa!
  33. Matt540 sheep god!

    Happy CHANUKKAH!

    Whatever happened to the simple Kwanzaa?
  34. Matt540 sheep god!

    Christmas Smilies?

    ...Your joking right? They don't have a smiley for the troll to dress as a reindeer? :ash: Different avatar. His features teh Burger King. Pretty close though.
  35. Matt540 sheep god!

    This site is awesome!!!

    Cause we all know smiles make a site great *Runs from the inveitable :biggrin: spam*
  36. Matt540 sheep god!

    School Haircut Policy: Unnecessary?

    Just my two cents, I was going to post this article up myself, but thought it would be stupid to make a thread about it (it was a while back, I know.) Got to love school systems hatin' on our hair.
  37. Matt540 sheep god!

    Veterans Day Salute

    While I was in school today, there was a presentation to the staff and facility that served in the army. Quite a few people laughed at some of the faces. Alot were even clapping that it was finally over as a bugler in the video played taps. Just shows how decadent and arrogant most Americans...
  38. Matt540 sheep god!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Rofl!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Rofl!
  39. Matt540 sheep god!

    Rick Astley won

    My how far my OT (Origina Trolla) siggy has come... But alas, is inferior now.
  40. Matt540 sheep god!

    Hawkwing, thank you for bring back that OLD topic that was from when I was a troll. Much...

    Hawkwing, thank you for bring back that OLD topic that was from when I was a troll. Much appreciated.
  41. Matt540 sheep god!

    Maps on battle net

    Only a select few maps on Bnet truely blow. Its just that one of those maps fills up the refresh page nearly every time, with maybe 2 other choices. :cwink:
  42. Matt540 sheep god!

    Hive addiction

    Id say only 10%, the hive is fun, but seems like another reincarnation of, only smarter...which got dull after a while. And lawl to those who actually voted 100%, way to represent. :razz:
  43. Matt540 sheep god!

    This is wulfrider this is you beast yhing it`s good for begginers like me.

    Lawl, its like he speaks it from his intro.
  44. Matt540 sheep god!


    Indeed, as did I. Ill put up a link once I get it real quick...
  45. Matt540 sheep god!


    I'm sure you did. :hohum: Anyways, welcome to the hive workshop. You seem to know how to roleplay a bit, I would look forward to maybe playing an RP with you once my warcraft 3 is up and running again. Anyways, enjoy your stay!
  46. Matt540 sheep god!

    Melee Tournament #2

    Excuse me!? Its my fault that I sign up for a tourney when I have a computer that runs warcraft 3 perfectly, but then has a periodic habit of crashing, then have to move it to another computer just a week before the tourney begins, which cant run a melee map unless I host it (im unable to host...
  47. Matt540 sheep god!

    Favorite Orc Poll

    Is this some sort of joke poll? Grunts have 11 votes for them, wind raidrers, probably the best on the list, have 2, no destroyers or headhunters, and raiders are behind the shamans in the polls, who arnt to useful except for bloodlust. Out of these, I would say wind raiders, but it really is...
  48. Matt540 sheep god!

    Melee Tournament #2

    I did say that my computer was crap and couldn't play warcraft 3? Im probably out of the running, so Id recommend just replacing my name with a BYE.
  49. Matt540 sheep god!

    WC Mapping Veteran: BACK FROM ZE DEAD!

    July 2005? Ouch, Looks like someone beats me in forum age! Welcome to the hive! Enjoy your stay!
  50. Matt540 sheep god!


    I've got the laughing gas if he goes wild! welcome to the hive!