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  1. Vunjo

    Direct Strike Reforged

    Dryad Strike is a pretty good map, it's usually fast-paced and very fun to play. I understand that most units are based of melee Wc3 (with exceptions where their abilities would not be useful, such as Far Sight) and, as far as I'm aware, even their attack damage and armor values are untouched...
  2. Vunjo

    Thank you very much :)

    Thank you very much :)
  3. Elemental Infusion

    Elemental Infusion

  4. Weapon Enchants

    Weapon Enchants

  5. Vunjo

    Development Update #2

  6. Vunjo

    Heya buddy! Sure I'd like to play some games occasionally. I've recently also started streaming...

    Heya buddy! Sure I'd like to play some games occasionally. I've recently also started streaming Warcraft 3 & modding, so I'll probably look for some games during my stream time. See you in the discord chat! :)
  7. Vunjo

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for quick solution

    Reputation (+4): (Post) Thanks for quick solution
  8. Vunjo

    [Solved] Trigger only works properly for Player 1 (Red)

    Oh my God I'm so silly :( Yeah it was the array size, it was set to 1. That's the only variable of this type that I use in the map that had an array of size 1, I guess I just forgot about it. Thanks for the quick solution. +Rep
  9. Vunjo

    [Solved] Trigger only works properly for Player 1 (Red)

    Hi there. I've got a problem with a trigger of mine down below. I'm trying to make a trigger that when players "double tap" their Hero, or in other words, select them twice within 0.40 seconds, they become invulnerable for a short duration (They gain a rune that activates Divine Shield spell)...
  10. SM Flametongue Weapon

    SM Flametongue Weapon

  11. SM Water Surge

    SM Water Surge

  12. SM Elemental Shock

    SM Elemental Shock

  13. SM Earthquake

    SM Earthquake

  14. SM Stormlord

    SM Stormlord

  15. SM Call Lightning

    SM Call Lightning

  16. BTNChillingSurge


  17. BTNTotemicEmpowerment


  18. BTNSundering


  19. BTNHex


  20. BTNTotemMastery


  21. BTNRagnaros


  22. BTNOrcShaman


  23. BTNWaterSurge


  24. BTNDoomsayer


  25. BTNShatter


  26. PASTotemMastery


  27. BTNFlametongueWeapon


  28. BTNFrozenImpale


  29. BTNSpell_lightning_lightningbolt01


  30. BTNThunderfury


  31. BTNQuelDelar


  32. BTNDoomhammer


  33. BTNGorehowl


  34. BTNFelomelorn


  35. BTNValanyr


  36. BTNFrostmourne


  37. Vunjo


  38. MOON Shadowstep

    MOON Shadowstep

  39. MOON Dark Veil

    MOON Dark Veil

  40. MOON Mana Burn

    MOON Mana Burn

  41. MOON Moonblade

    MOON Moonblade

  42. MOON Final Hour

    MOON Final Hour

  43. MOON Sunburst

    MOON Sunburst

  44. MOON Lunar Strike

    MOON Lunar Strike

  45. Modding stuff 2

    Modding stuff 2

    Pictures I use for modding
  46. Vunjo

    Champions of Warcraft v1.2.0

    Thanks for the approval! My current focus is adding on top of the existing content, like the Traits and a few new classes. After that, I'll add more arenas, and hopefully new modes. PvE is not guaranteed as a decent amount of triggers are currently coded solely for the PvP, but additional modes...
  47. Vunjo

    Champions of Warcraft v1.2.0

    I will be adding more arenas in the future, just not sure when, but it's gonna happen. I'll probably focus on classes and more traits in the near future, but after that new arenas (or even new modes) might happen.
  48. War3mappreview


  49. Vunjo

    Champions of Warcraft v1.2.0

    Thanks for the comment. Please leave any suggestions if you have any.
  50. Vunjo

    Champions of Warcraft v1.2.0 (Map)

    Champions of Warcraft Champions of Warcraft is a complex PvP Hero Arena for 2 to 4 players. Select one out of 8 different Classes to battle your opponents in a Free For All or Team mode. Features: 8 unique Classes each with 7 Spells and 12 Talents to choose from. A fully customized Talent...