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  1. blanabasjim

    Set a variable, to another variable based off a Unit Indexer's given variable?

    So what I've done (this may be the issue, maybe I'm trying to cut a corner here where I need a hashtable?) Is set variables as "stats" for units, using Bribe's Unit Indexer, as sort of a shortcut to an MUI system? Hero Group Events Game - UnitIndexEvent becomes Equal to 1.00...
  2. blanabasjim

    What are the differences in MUI setups?

    From what I’ve read there’s multiple ways to go about setting up an MUI spell or “system”, using an array, using hash tables, I’m just curious are any of these considered the optimal method? Are there draw backs to any?
  3. blanabasjim

    So blizzard owns my map now?

    I'm just curious if I was doing this half out of a love for world editor and half to have a prototype to pitch or show off for a kickstarter or something of the like, isn't this sort of rendered pointless considering from what I understand Blizzard owns maps created in World Editor nowadays? Do...
  4. blanabasjim

    [Solved] Pretty please help making GUI dummy/buff system MUI?

    Trigger Events Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing test as An exact match Conditions Actions Set VariableSet Hero_Group = (Units in (Playable map area) matching ((Unit-type of (Matching unit)) Equal to Hero)) Unit Group - Pick every unit...
  5. blanabasjim

    Stag attack animation plays once then bugs

    So in the reforged editor the Stag Critter has attack animations, and if I set him up to attack while computer controlled he’ll do his animation once, then just sort of t-poses and continues attacking but the animations are bugged I guess? Is this just a bug with reforged? There should be a...
  6. blanabasjim

    [Solved] PAYING$ Set Witcher's Inventory System to not allow heros to equip items based on attributes/levels

    Helllooo, I am just having issues with the last real thing I'll hopefully have to pester you guys for but I would appreciate more than I can put into words assistance with setting this inventory system - MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 Which has been modified thanks to you...
  7. blanabasjim

    [Spell] Anyway to make this Multi-Instance? (Modifying WC3 spell data via trigger)

    So I stumbled upon a neat little trick but I feel like since this is straight up changing the abilities damage to the unit's INT amount if two players were to cast this at the same time we could run into an issue. Scale Firebolt test Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability...
  8. blanabasjim

    [General] Help with more specific Terrain manipulation through JASS/Triggers

    Would it be possible to be more specific in how I want to manipulate terrain than with just regions? I'm really just concerned with changing out tiles, I imagine through JASS this is possible? o_O EDIT: Idk if I'm asking my question specifically enough, say for instance I want the grass...
  9. blanabasjim

    Need help changing a few things in a template please!

    I'm not sure how exactly to go about changing the textures or whatever these are in a template I'm using, if anyone knows offhand I'd really appreciate the help, I don't even know how to go about searching for what exactly it is I'm trying to change :( Plus I just have a really bad cold and am...
  10. blanabasjim

    Add animations to tree request (please!)

    I tried myself and I somehow just ended up changing the model to the other tree as well? o.O This tree is breathtaking and I think everyone on Hive could benefit from this as well! Not sure if you need and MDL or MDX so here's both lol!
  11. blanabasjim

    [General] Item durability incorporated into Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory

    The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 So I'd say knowing where these items actually "are" when they're "eqiupped", let alone simply inside the inventory is a mystery to me. I'm sure it's somewhere in the JASS, but honestly that's my main weak point as of right now...
  12. blanabasjim

    [General] Make NPC units attempt to position behind enemy units and Attack from behind to fire damage trigger

    Say we have a trigger set up that attacks from behind (a units attack/attack animation literally strikes/touchs the back of another units model) does bonus damage, would there a way to go about having units attempt to position well (attempt to move behind the units it is attacking) to get the...
  13. blanabasjim

    [General] Is there a way to make doodads "snap" together?

    For instance if I wanted to make a long fence made of multiple fence doodads, or more importantly if I was trying to construct a building out of wall, roof, window, and door doodads, It's rather time consuming to attempt to place them in the correct spot then raise them and hope that it looks...
  14. blanabasjim

    Does a 24 player(ORPG) on a 480 x 480 map have any chance of not lagging?

    Just curious if anyone has experience trying to run a large map with a group etc.
  15. blanabasjim

    In search of talented terrainer(or team) to help me with a large ORPG map.

    It's definitely not my strong suit terrain, I already have a map with a lot of the ground work set out, I'm just looking for someone who could improve and refine it. Obviously you'll get full credit and I'd really love help with this project, and possibly start getting a team together, etc...
  16. blanabasjim

    Custom Animations if no items are equipped with an inventory system (Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inv6)

    So I apologize if this is a stupid question, I'm just not good with my JASS yet by any means, but long story short I was hoping maybe someone could help me out with this because honestly I've never used or messed with custom/unit animations before either: I have a model I've added unarmed...
  17. blanabasjim

    Desperately need help incorporating an item/carry weight system into Witcher's Multiboard MUI Inv.

    My original thread - Add item/carry weight restriction to The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0? The system I'd like to build off of - The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 The information and steps to complete the system given to me by Dr Super...
  18. blanabasjim

    Add item/carry weight restriction to The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0?

    So let's say we've implemented The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0, and we want to add a weight amount,(I'm assuming this would be required?) and carry weight limit, onto all our items, and player hero units. For instance a greatsword weighs 5 pounds, and the hero can...
  19. blanabasjim

    Hunger System made using Using "Noobsmoke's Buff System 1.8" Help

    Okay so let's say I made 3 buffs, (Probably more in the map but for sake of simplicity at this moment we'll do 3) Well Fed - Let's say it gives you 2% Move Speed (MS) and Maybe 5% HP Regen, +1 all Stats? Fed - Adds and takes no stats. Hungry - A -2% MS Debuff, and -1 all stats. (Honestly...
  20. blanabasjim

    Is it possible to have an MMO style map, (Players can leave/join whenever AND/OR map data persist)

    Would that be possible? Like say I had a computer with the map running 24/7 could people leave and join, and save/load come back etc?
  21. blanabasjim

    Pleaseeee help me import this Equipment system :(

    Equipment v2.5.2 I am having such a hard time importing and setting this system up, I'm very new to JASS and really could use some pointers here :(. I understand that you need to copy the world editor information into your map (Units. abilities, etc.) I guess it's mostly the JASS in the...
  22. blanabasjim

    [JASS] Need help understanding JASS triggers (A GUI trigger conversion)

    So you can convert GUI triggers to JASS, but I want to say I read somewhere the way they are written are inefficient and leak? I may be misremembering but I guess my main question is this the standard way to go about triggering in JASS Trigger Test Events Unit - A unit Dies...
  23. blanabasjim

    480 x 480 Veryyy well (non-melee, RPG style) terrained map?

    Would anyone be willing to do this, or direct me to one by any chance? I know that it's a large request so feel free to kindly tell me to %$^& off :P
  24. blanabasjim

    Freeze / Shatter, Combo Abilities, Stat Checks

    Hellllllo again. I'm trying to figure out a way to implement "stat checks", and "spell combos", to start I figure I want to take the standard Warcraft 3 spell Breath of Frost and make it "check" the unit it is damaging stats (by stats I mean Hero Attributes), to see if they pass a "stat check"...
  25. blanabasjim

    [Trigger] Need help with Damage Engine Armor Trigger

    Hellllo, I'm just trying to set up a trigger with Bribe's Damage Engine that will act a lot like hardened skin: I just want the dmg to be reduced by 1, for each point of armor. This is what I have so far: Events Game - DamageEvent becomes Equal to 1.00 Conditions...
  26. blanabasjim

    Hardened Skin ability and armor not stacking.

    Hi all, I'm trying to make an item (a shield) that has Hardened Skin on it as well as armor, and it seems as if the armor mitigation isn't actually being factored in at all, like I have a Gnoll that does 2 damage, hitting my paladin with a Hardened Skin ability that blocks 1 point of damage, but...
  27. blanabasjim

    [Solved] Reallllly need help with simple backstab trigger

    Helllloo I'm still learning the ropes to say the least and I was hoping someone could lend me hand with setting up a backstab trigger, I'm going to attempt to use a damage engine with this so I just need it to work as if a unit cast a spell behind another unit this goes off to alert the damage...