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  1. Ex-AnGel

    Voodoo Curse (mass hex)

    Well, I'm trying to create a spell that will do this : A strange, yet effective spell. Whenever the Magician casts this spell near enemy units, they will become hexed and unable to attack for a period of time. I tryed to create this spell, but it didn't worked, I don't get it. Here are the...
  2. Ex-AnGel


    W00t, Afronight_76 for the win! Well seems nice, i'd give it a 5/5 now!
  3. Ex-AnGel


    Pretty smart to rate yourself 2/10, isn't?
  4. Ex-AnGel


    Do u know another acid bomb then?
  5. Ex-AnGel

    Requesting Goku's attacks

    About what are u talking?
  6. Ex-AnGel


    Reminds me back again of Age of Empires 2 .. Nice 5/5
  7. Ex-AnGel


    pitiful when u are trying to post something for no use. U are just wasting space of wc3sear, that icon will never be used so keep it for yourself please, thanks.
  8. Ex-AnGel


    Not bad..
  9. Ex-AnGel

    Chaos Troll Warrior

    Goliath ... Your skins are just impressive!
  10. Ex-AnGel

    Tavern Heroes

    Hi all, I am currently searching for a kind of tavern system. I saw the system in many maps and now I am wondering how to create one. Lets explain my problem : When I choose my hero, I can still take others. Example: I pick the pitlord, and I still can choose the beastmaster, firelord...
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    Very good. People as you are making the site interresting :)
  12. Ex-AnGel

    BloodElf Throw Master

    Keep up the good work!
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    Not bad.. Not bad at all =) I like it and i'm giving it 4/5. Keep up the good work ;)
  14. Ex-AnGel


    I really don't understand what u did -.-
  15. Ex-AnGel

    WoW movie

    Lol the one from jacek is much better :p
  16. Ex-AnGel

    Kil'jaeden recolor rejects a part?

    The only one I can find is this : Units\Demon\EredarWarlockPurple\EredarPurple.blp Its a purple one =/ Edit: Nvm, I've found it :D thx all.
  17. Ex-AnGel


    Nice but I need to laugh about her head ^.^
  18. Ex-AnGel

    Kil'jaeden recolor rejects a part?

    Well since i've done a recolor on kil'jaeden, some strange effects where shown up. Check the image below : in game its white, but the view of the hero is not recolored.
  19. Ex-AnGel


    Ingame screenshots equal to remove. byebye icon
  20. Ex-AnGel

    Making Cool Slide Effects

    First explain us what that 'Time Walk' is, thanks.
  21. Ex-AnGel

    Black research field, once researched good ?

    Well, I'm working on a Hero Arena, I imported icons but the strangest of them is, that when seeing it by research : black, and when researched its the normal icon. Does someone know the problem of this ? 2 icons imported, renamed to ...
  22. Ex-AnGel


    Gosu Shield!
  23. Ex-AnGel


    Finaly someone that creates this :) gj its usefull.
  24. Ex-AnGel


    Nice! Pwnagne skin! 10/5 !
  25. Ex-AnGel

    Bugged Spell : Glaive Massacre

    Well vacation time = time for a spell! But I've got a spell here that is a little bugged. I hope some of u guys can help me out ;) Let me first explain what it does : The spell created 8 glaives arround the hero, Each glaive will move to the hero and after a time the glaives are forced to fly...
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    I agree. Abuse has been done here.
  27. Ex-AnGel

    Who finds this odd?

    I bet I get headpain if i'm watching to long to that :)
  28. Ex-AnGel

    Ingame videosnap

    Thx both ;)
  29. Ex-AnGel

    Ingame videosnap

    Is there any program where u can record a part of the game (making it viewable on media player, winamp, etc)with?
  30. Ex-AnGel


    Indeed simple recolor, might be usefull because its low kb.
  31. Ex-AnGel

    Player's Loading bar + Custom pic ?

    Well last time I've played a map that had both the loading bar for every player and a custom pic behind, and I was wondering how to make something like that? Oh yeah: I didn't know where to post this question else then the map's discussions :)
  32. Ex-AnGel

    DotA Chain Frost

    I remember there is already a Chain - Frost spell somewhere, the problem is I can't find it anymore. I bet its packed with another spell ;). P.S : Didn't you notice Dota has kinda all spells from wc3sear?
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    I may be interessted. Add me on msn for farther talking.
  34. Ex-AnGel


    Strange cloak
  35. Ex-AnGel


    Made from a blank paper, to this ;)!
  36. E

    BTNOrbofLight (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  37. Ex-AnGel

    BTNOrbofLight (Icon)

    Iconpack downloaded from - Diese Website steht zum Verkauf! - Informationen zum Thema strategy games,videogames. Orb, light, magic, spell
  38. Ex-AnGel

    Invisible Icon!

    Be more specific please. Because I don't get it -.-
  39. Ex-AnGel


    The other skin is better
  40. Ex-AnGel

    Blizz Faces Lawsuit

    This world is sick. Money, money, and again money. Is this all that we are looking for? WELL I AM NOT. All that I have now is love and thats all I also need.
  41. Ex-AnGel

    Blizz Faces Lawsuit

    Omg thats sick.. Getting money just bec.. Low... Nothing more to add.. There could be more reasons..
  42. Ex-AnGel

    Recruiting for campaign - need artists|modelers|terrain etc.

    I'm ready to join the party :) Things I can help with : -Triggerer -Skinner -Voice Actors -Ability Designer :]
  43. Ex-AnGel

    Models for P.Warcraft 4 Wanted

    What do u mean with this? :)
  44. Ex-AnGel

    could I get some help please

    I really don't understand a *?!? from this, tt.
  45. Ex-AnGel

    Voice actors requested

    Well I could maybe do a voice, I'm from belgium and my voice sounds strange I bet ;P Also I am going to become second (background)singer in my band. I'll post soon some sounds if u want.
  46. Ex-AnGel

    Your self

    eX-AnGeL[FoL] = Naga Siren Icon / Head Hunter / Felguard CoUnTiNgOnMe = Spellbreaker Icon / Huntress / FelGuard. Server = Northrend Clan = FoL (Fragments øf Life) Rank = Chieftain
  47. Ex-AnGel

    Post your skin work in progresses here

    Uhu. Well this is a Demon Hunter wich I fully recreated after using filters. All filters are only used on the armor. But since I see this skin doesn't look good ingame (the face), I don't know... So if u guys got some idea's? (the glowing on the gloves is alphaed out)
  48. Ex-AnGel

    Topic Revivals

    Allright, no offense in this post. I was banned for 1 week because I revived 2 topics. Even, I never check the date when I post, else if I knew it before I didn't post on those posts. So i suggest a new system that automaticly closes topics where was no replay after 10 days.
  49. Ex-AnGel


    Seems nice. 5/5 I give for this skin.
  50. Ex-AnGel's popularity still unbroken since 2 years

    Warcraft's channels are dying @ Northrend. Lesser and lesser players are showing up... But for in games its alive. I don't know where those guys are :)