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  1. Bannar

    Compiling vJass and Wurst using VSCode

    Introduction More and more modders use script languages rather than GUI due to developer-friendly features and great possibilities that come with them. Vexorian's jasshelper brought vJass to the community many years ago, which soon became a pillar of Warcraft 3 modding. Unfortunately, project...
  2. Flame_Phoenix

    Making a spell in vJASS - Practice Session 1

    Making a spell in vJASS with good practice session 1 Hi all, this is the first tutorial of a serie of tutorial I plan to do if I have enough time. In this tutorial you will learn the basics of vJASS as well as good coding practices that took me years to learn in the wc3campaigns website. This...
  3. Hero12341234

    Tree Revival System

    Tutorial: Creating a Tree Revival System This will show you how to write a Tree Revival System in JASS. Please give some kind of credit if you use this system. Question: I don't know JASS can you make a GUI one? Answer: If you don't know JASS it's OK. I explained everything: you...