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  1. Bloodspine

    [Solved] Making sure this trigger works

    Hello, I've been having trouble with this trigger. Actions Set Random_Player = (Random player from Player_Group_I) Set Werewolf = Random_Player Game - Display to (All players) the text: (Name of (Random player from Player_Group_I)) Player Group - Remove Random_Player from...
  2. Bloodspine

    Random Spell Cast - Help

    I need a spell that when cast, it will cast a random spell from a list. For example: A unit casts "Elemental Attack" on another unit. The spell has 25% chance to cast a lightning (damage the unit), 25% chance to deal damage over time to that unit, 25% chance to slow the unit, and 25% chance to...
  3. Bloodspine

    The Incredible Maze Adventure

    Map name: The Incredible Maze Adventure Name of the creator: Bloodspine (Artsu) Current stage of the map: Beta Summary of the map gameplay/objectives: Basic, straight forward maze map. The players "race" against each other to the finish where only one may battle Arthas. Map features: Not too...
  4. Bloodspine

    Need a trigger for hero revival system

    I am currently working on a map called Skype Wars, ( its pretty much a hero arena map in wich I practice with WE) and I wanted a diffrent hero revival system that should work like this: After one hero dies, the camera will zoom at the bottom of the screen where a spirit of the fallen hero will...
  5. Bloodspine

    The Cold Spine Project

    Hello, I would like to share my idea with ya guys about the map I am going to make. Before this please excuse my English thus that isn`t my first language. It is called "The Cold Spine Project". I will explain some things that are related in the title. For start this is just a Beta Title ( if...
  6. Bloodspine

    Hero Leveling {how to make them earn experience after level 5?}

    Sorry for asking this noobish question but I`ve made two heroes on my map and none of them levels up after reaching the level of 5. I have already set the max level of the map to 30. How can I make the heroes fully level up?
  7. Bloodspine


    Hello guys! I like warcraft 3 ( and other maps made using it ) and just wanna introduce myself to the comunity!:smile: I look forward of learning and making the map that I have in mind :gg:. For now I am working on a fairly big project that spins around the apocalypse idea. You start off with a...