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  1. Crazed_seal2

    Make a Simple Control-Point System

    Control-Point System What is a control-point system? A control-point system is where there are multiple forces going after certain areas to control, known as "control points". Every few seconds, you will get points from controlling those points, but there's a catch; only the team with the most...
  2. Septimus

    Map Genre Explaination

    The original Aeon of Strife originates from Starcraft and is believed to have been created by aeon64. It was a map that consisted of 3 lanes that connected 2 opposing teams that combated against one another until victory was achieved by destroying the opposing team's main structure. It can...
  3. busterkomo

    Complete list of things that leak

    Complete list of things that leak This is a complete list of everything that leaks. I haven't found a complete tutorial elsewhere, so I decided to write my own. Unit Groups Locations Special Effects Player Groups Misc. Unit Groups GUI Creating groups leaks, and thus we must find a way...
  4. Septimus

    The Importance of Efficiency in Coding

    The Importance of Efficiency in Coding A lot of mapper (Especially newbie) adopt the concept of "As long as it work". They do not give a damn about triggering/scripting as long as their map look nice or done. This was a poor & awful concept to be adopt with, as it could lead to unnecessary...
  5. Septimus

    The Path Of Proper Map Making - What to do and what should be avoided

    The Path Of Proper Map Making A lot of mappers, especially new ones would probably ask this question. How to create a good map? There are a lot of ways to do so. To start with, I will begin with scripting/triggering. The Importance Of Proper Scripting A lot of people (Especially...
  6. PurgeandFire

    [Mini-Tutorial] Generated Globals

    Introduction: Generated Globals are globals that are generated variables for a certain handle. A handle is any variable other than a string, boolean, code, integer, or real. If you open the common.j, the index of Warcraft natives (either extract it from the MPQ or get some JASS program such as...