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  1. Xander-

    [Trigger] Unit movement not making sense???

    I think I recall a way to make the Neutral units "think" they're always in their guard area...or something like that.
  2. Xander-

    GTW Mod Accuracy System Update (Amazing)

    So..what would the optimum range represent realisticly?
  3. Xander-

    Showing weapons /items

    I'm pretty sure you could just modify a damage bonus ability, change the damage, etc. and add art attached to where you want...
  4. Xander-

    Maps with Land Underground !!

    Look at Water War (if you've ever played it), that has underwater and above water without having two seperate maps...I'm not exactly sure how it is done, however.
  5. Xander-

    Please help with complicated balancing

    Make them all do the same damage in a period of time. That would be balanced, right? Let's say the time period is 5 seconds. One weapon could be 1 times as fast (0% increase)and do 30 extra damage and another could be 2 times as fast (100% increase) and do 7.5 extra damage. If the hero does 15...
  6. Xander-

    Awards @ endgame

    If I had to do that I would use the eye doctor method. Checking red's against blue's, then setting a variable to the higher one. I'd check the variable against teal, and so on. I've never really gotten how do do the integer A and integer B things..
  7. Xander-

    Can u imagine a superb hero?? Do it here!! + RPG POLL

    I like it! Good luck with your map!
  8. Xander-

    Can u imagine a superb hero?? Do it here!! + RPG POLL

    Mage of Storms: Starting Health: (no clue, whatever fits in :)) Strength: 8+2 Agility: 12+1 Intelligence: 26+3 Starting Mana: (again, whatever fits in) Spells: Gust of Wind: Moves units near the Mage of Storms away from him dealing very minor damage, damage dealt and distance units...
  9. Xander-

    Help plzzz!

    Re: Moin^^ You have to set it to 0 not subtracting 1. If it was set to subtracting 1, then whenever you got a kill after your first double kill it'd count as a double kill.
  10. Xander-

    Permian Survivor

    Sounds like a good idea. I read the whole thing. Good luck with your map, it sounds like it's going well!
  11. Xander-

    Generic Unit Takes Damage Event- A Frequently Asked Question

    I'm guessing that's what you were explaining on our clan forums...well, I hardly know what handle variables are, but that's still pretty cool.
  12. Xander-


    In your map it seems that the flag isn't heavily involved. By the time you get to the flag, the enemy is already at your complete mercy, and what's gonna stop you from just running back with the flag and winning? Nothing. Maybe you could change the design slightly, to make the flag more involved...
  13. Xander-

    Please help with dialong buttons

    Remember to clear the dialog before you make the stuff for it or else it won't actually show the dialog buttons. I had that problem.
  14. Xander-

    Map Project start! Eragon: Defense of Tronjheim

    Tronjheim is where the Urgals came in to attack Farthen Dur. So, if he has the Isidar Mithrim, that directly implies that he will have Farthen Dur as well. I'd be glad to help with any ideas or triggering. If I knew how to change the view in gmax I might be able to learn how to model..
  15. Xander-

    Need some hero abilitys idea's

    Could you please give more information? The names are too vague for someone to think of a skill to suit them well.
  16. Xander-

    Map Project start! Eragon: Defense of Tronjheim

    Hmm...I wish I knew how to model. I'm actually working on that right now. :) A giant ruby with death animation...hmm. I hope someone can help you with these things, but I couldn't model if my life depended on it.....yet.
  17. Xander-


    Go to the abilities tab in the object editor. Go to one of the defense bonus abilities for items. Change it to a unit ability. In the column for attackment points, put in two things seperately. right (or left), and hand. Then add a model in below that row (still in the attachment section) and...
  18. Xander-

    Stacking items, need trigger help

    Rao Dao Zao has a tutorial in the tutorial section for that. I would go look there if I were you. :)
  19. Xander-

    GTW Mod Update

    The only problem with the archer is that the back of his arrow isnt touching the string and the tip isnt anywhere near the bow. :wink:
  20. Xander-

    GTW Mod Update

    The models and skins are simply amazing. I look forward to this mod's release.
  21. Xander-

    Map idea: Eragon: Defense of Farten dür

    I was just suggesting that you use the river and lake in front of the entrance for effect. Ugh. I'm confused, what is Tronjheim again?
  22. Xander-

    Map idea: Eragon: Defense of Farten dür

    The map will need to be huge, after all there are mountains surrounding Farthen Dur and a winding river leading up to a giant stone wall with a lake in front of it. Hmm...I'll try to read the parts that give a good description of Farthen Dur so I have a better idea.
  23. Xander-

    Map idea: Eragon: Defense of Farten dür

    I would be glad to help with what I can. :) I did a map of Alagaesia for my book project (it was a board game), so I have a general idea of where Farthen Dur is located and what some of the place should look like.
  24. Xander-

    I need Trigger help plz

    Events: Every 30 seconds of game time Conditions: Actions: Create (how many you want) (what unit you want) for (what player you want) at (where you want)
  25. Xander-

    Map idea: Eragon: Defense of Farten dür

    Agreed. I read it a while ago.
  26. Xander-

    Map idea: Eragon: Defense of Farten dür

    Well...First off: Farthen Dur Heroes: The dwarf guy, I forget his name. Eragon, of course. Murtag, The King, I forget his name as well. Elf...lady (Havent read the book in quite a while) Farthen Dur Units: dwarven warriors, humans, I'm not sure if there would be elves or not Urgal Heroes...
  27. Xander-

    Mappers and Bnet Players: Take the survey <<<<&

    1) It's imbalanced...overhosted...etc. 2) Mindless killing, who doesn't like it? 3) Hmm...I'm gonna have to say Element TD 4) Its huge variety of towers and possibilities 5) There isn't one. It depends on the game. Any genre can be done fairly well online 6) Probably a maze, but I don't...
  28. Xander-

    Simple dummy stun?

    Per say...if you were to use firebolt it would be Order unit to Neutral - Firebolt. For Carrion Swarm, Undead Dreadlord - Carrion Swarm, etc.
  29. Xander-

    Map idea: Eragon: Defense of Farten dür

    It's basically it's defending the city of Farthen Dur (can't make the...thing on the u with my computer) from the Urgals and from Durza (or however you spell it) The Urgals would come from the tunnels, and Derza would try to penetrate the city defenses by himself. If you want to...
  30. Xander-

    How i put a score and rewards to my maps?

    You have to make a save code that saves an integer, like a save code that saves a hero and level...I can't really help much more than telling you what you most likely already knew though.
  31. Xander-

    Select unit trigger

    I'm not sure that will work. I think that Selected Unit will only refer to an Event or an Action [i.e., you select a unit with a trigger action] I'm not sure how you would do it, I'm pretty sure there's a JASS code...function...thingy for it, [like smart is for right clicking], then you could...
  32. Xander-

    (8)Sea Hunter 2 Beta

    Cool...I just dled it. I'll come to the channel sometime.. :wink:
  33. Xander-

    Sea Hunter 2 Beta 5

    How does a map being protected make people not want to dl it? It doesn't seem to stop people from wanting to dl the latest version of DotA Allstars...
  34. Xander-

    Recruiting Map Makers For Map-In-Making

    Hmm...If you need any help with triggering or something I'll try my best. Just whisper me ingame or post here. (BNet username is Xander-)
  35. Xander-

    Recruiting Map Makers For Map-In-Making

    Sounds interesting..I added you in game. I like tactics type games like these.
  36. Xander-

    Help with Trigger, removing units owned by unused slot playe

    Eh...You used picked player for the removal, all of the players have to be not playing which is impossible... You have to do it seperately for each player, and as [email protected] said, use a periodic timer.
  37. Xander-


    Your loop problem is that you make the units and they appear on the map, so it makes infinite units and crashes the game.. I'm pretty sure you could do it by having the purchasing of the original unit as an event.
  38. Xander-

    Yeah, right....

    Sigh...Your solutions aren't creative enough. Just make a game that looks exactly like DotA, and make the imba heroes' spells kill themselves instead of doing what they did before. Heh...Maybe I'm being a bit TOO evil :twisted: Oh well...It's worth a try. They want DotA? They can have DotA...
  39. Xander-

    NEW MAP Hands of Sorrow Knight -AOS,Recipes,Modes,Upgrades..

    Ahh I see...You made the microwave, all you need now is to plug it in. Wish I could host...I'll just try it with map-maker :D
  40. Xander-

    Map Won't Work -- Closes After Loading

    Ahh crud, thanks. I thought I was just running this with one other trigger so I put that in. I'm glad you caught my mistake. I'll try it without that last part and see if it works.
  41. Xander-

    Map Won't Work -- Closes After Loading

    Figured it out. My dialogue triggers were wrong, and all I need to do now is fix my Orbit trigger, which was crashing it. Here it is. Orbit Events Time - Every 0.03 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Unit - Move Orbiter instantly to ((Position of...
  42. Xander-

    Map Won't Work -- Closes After Loading

    UnitsRed[AutoAdd] is just the way I designate a unit, the AutoAdd changes at the end of a unit's phase. I'll try doing what you said.
  43. Xander-

    Map Won't Work -- Closes After Loading

    When I try to test my map, after it finishes loading, one or two seconds into the game, it closes. Do you know what it might be? If it's a trigger, I only have one on, and that is this: Starting Game Events Time - Elapsed game time is 1.00 seconds Conditions Actions...
  44. Xander-

    Respawn Trigger Not Working!

    Couldn't you just do a periodic event, like: Events: Every 1 seconds of game time Conditions: (This is an integer comparison) Number of units in Playable Map Area owned by (whatever player) equal to 0 Events: Create 1 Selector for (whatever player yet again) at the center of (the...
  45. Xander-

    Spell Craziness

    I'm no expert, but if one unit has both I think it will cast both spells because they have the same order ID. Going more in depth, the game uses mini triggers to get a unit to cast spells, so when they have the same order ID, it casts both. (All in theory)
  46. Xander-

    [JASS] Can't Find Function

    I think I'll use Lord Raszul's way. I thoroughly checked the gui, and was unable to find that. Thanks to both of you! :)
  47. Xander-

    [JASS] Can't Find Function

    Which jass function would I use to find the distance between two global unit variable positions?
  48. Xander-

    Are there any TBS maps for W3 (like HOMM 3)??

    I'm thinking of making a turn based combat game, and I have almost all of the triggers worked out. If anyone has questions about anything for a TBS game, feel free to ask me. I might know....or might not.
  49. Xander-

    Ideas Anyone??

    If you haven't abandoned [email protected]'s idea already, I believe it's in "Game Constants".
  50. Xander-

    open and close gate triggers

    Well yeah, but I like this cause it's more formal xD