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  1. lion man

    High Elf Runner (Re-Classic)

    It also reminds me of the alpha version of the elven priest
  2. lion man

    Kane's Fallen. Pack Satyrs.

    oh man, i love it!
  3. lion man


    It's a promising idea, however I think you should remove their hair, make them bald like real life mannequins.
  4. lion man

    Icon for Recolored Jaina (Netflix version)

    1. hahaha 2. u really need to do a better description
  5. lion man

    Troll Warrior

    I personally will use only one of the icons, however it seems to me a good detail on your part towards more perfectionist people to have made two versions
  6. lion man

    Trox (Alpha Murloc) Recreation

    I love seeing the screenshots showing the ideas that didn't make it to the final game, and I appreciate someone trying to bring those ideas back. Now, about the texture itself: I think the stripes on the side should be more rounded and of a dark green color, seeing the original image it seems...
  7. lion man

    Trox (Alpha Murloc) Recreation

    What is a Trox? sorry for asking that, I reread the description and saw that you had already explained it, I had not realized it the first time I read it
  8. lion man

    Satyr Soulstealer

    Very good texture :peasant-ok-hand:
  9. lion man

    Black Satyr

    It seems highly useful. Does it have TC?
  10. lion man

    Tauren Watchtower

    maybe if you add some spears behind the tauren symbol it would look more like a guard tower
  11. lion man


    Hello, I want to use this icon on my map. Who do I give creator credits to?
  12. lion man

    1- The Coming of the Horde

    I don't know if anyone is going to read this but I feel the need to say so. It was amazing! I played it in patch 1.27 and didn't find any bugs
  13. lion man

    Magic Fist

    i like it and i will use it
  14. lion man

    Monster Seed 2

    seems useful inspires me to do a forest troll herbalist skill or something
  15. lion man

    Human SpellSteal

    Hi sorry for the delay, here is the new version
  16. lion man

    Human SpellSteal

    I will work on it, thanks for the feedback Is this better?
  17. lion man

    Spanish Cavalry

    oh it would be great a model of a crossbowman on foot (and without the ruff) made from this.
  18. lion man

    Argentinian from marginal village

    jajaja kirchnerista. mdx, simplemente una joya
  19. lion man

    Giant Spider Pack

    Good model, I will use it for the ability to summon spiders from WC1
  20. lion man

    Troll Stronghold

    First level 4.5 of 5 stars: I love it, but the doors look weird second level 3 of 5 stars: looks like a brand new building instead of an update from the previous version due to the change of the whole core of the building, also those four corner pillars are very bulky and make no sense third...
  21. lion man

    Forsaken Worker

    looks good but i think it needs more TC
  22. lion man

    Human SpellSteal

    pixelated... i can work on that thanks for the feedback
  23. lion man

    Human SpellSteal

    well, I think I'm going to delete my icon and use the one you showed me, where can I download it?
  24. lion man

    Human SpellSteal

    that is a resource from hive?
  25. lion man

    Human SpellSteal (Icon)

    I made this icon as an ability for this model. I'm not really satisfied with the end result, but I don't know how to improve it either, so I'm waiting for feedback. After the feedback I received I was able to improve this icon a lot, even so if you have any tips on how to improve it more, I...
  26. L

    human SpellSteal (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  27. lion man

    Stormwind Footman (WOWTexture)

  28. lion man

    Stormwind Footman (WOWTexture)

  29. lion man

    Brown Pegasus Rider

    hi can i use this texture in this model?, i mean can you give me permission to do it?
  30. lion man

    Stormwind Footman (WOWTexture)

    Hola! I want to put that skin on Em's pegasus rider model! (Em! is a modeler) and as you can guess I want your permission to do so, and obviously I'll give you credit for the texture and I'll give Em credit for the model
  31. lion man

    Comment by 'lion man' in media 'Alliance Air Units'

    bro, no te molestes, yo busco algunas skins de footman y se las pongo. y acerca de la recomendación, no me gustan los modelos con demasiados polígonos y/o demasiados píxeles, me gusta que encajen a simple vista en warcraft, soy bastante puritano en ese sentido XD
  32. lion man

    Comment by 'lion man' in media 'Alliance Air Units'

    ok, ¿Donde puedo descargar esa textura? la usare de todos modos, ya que soluciona a medias el tema de unidades repetidas, le voy a pedir permiso al creador de la textura para usarla en el modelo de Em, y viceversa.
  33. lion man

    Comment by 'lion man' in media 'Alliance Air Units'

    hola, vi que sos peruano y no pude dejar pasar la oportunidad de escribir un comentario en español. Pd.:¿Me pasas un link para descargar el jinete de pegasos del medio? ya ví el del perfil de em !, pero se nota mucho que el jinete es un soldado raso y personalmente prefiero no repetir cosas en...
  34. lion man

    Archer, Dark Ranger, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Derivatives

    Hi made an icon for the blood elf ranger, and as you may have guessed i want your permission to post it here on Hive. If you give me permission to do it, I will upload the last two icon of this image: The first is a warcraft original, the second is all you see, the third is an improved...
  35. lion man

    Python Warrioress_FK

    Five stars out of five, that's all I'm gonna say
  36. lion man


    He even looks a bit similar to Arthas, which makes sense because he's his father.
  37. lion man


    I like it, it seems useful and it has a solid reason for being Pd.: i am a newby too :D
  38. lion man

    aah, everything is clear now, I'm going to make up my mistake, and sorry for the...

    aah, everything is clear now, I'm going to make up my mistake, and sorry for the misunderstandings, I'm still learning to speak English
  39. lion man

    so, instead of editing the original post i have to remove it and create a new one?

    so, instead of editing the original post i have to remove it and create a new one?
  40. lion man

    what do you mean? i use that button

    what do you mean? i use that button
  41. lion man

    Fire shield

    look at the edit in the description ha ha it could be an stinky footman too
  42. lion man

    Fire shield (Icon)

    I made this icon for a hero aura and thought: after all, why not? Why shouldn't i post it on hive? the idea is that all units close to the hero have the effect of the cloak of flames Edit: But obviously, you can use it however you want, if you think it's a sick footman I think it's great, the...
  43. L

    Fire shield (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  44. lion man

    Ramming Galley

    and i like Dmtry's texture more than SoC texture
  45. lion man

    Ramming Galley

    as you can see in the Dmtry model a part of the roof is missing,
  46. lion man

    Ramming Galley

    hmm, I like Dmitry's texture and SoC model. Can I use him texture with the SoC model? (because the dmitrys model has a little bug). I will also ask Dmitry
  47. lion man


    Hello! I have the SoC model and it doesn't have that error on top, but I don't like the texture it has, so I'm wondering if you gives me permission to use its texture on that model. I already asked Deolrin's permission. I hope you two give me the permissions I'm not good at English, sorry for...
  48. lion man

    Ramming Galley

    oh thank you so much man, i will use the Dmitry Rommel 's model
  49. lion man

    Fountain Guard

    hi, i made a simple edit in his shield. give me permission to use it?
  50. lion man

    Ramming Galley

    can i remove the ram? i want to use this as an orc transport ship.