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  1. Blooder

    Conditions with computer player

    Hi! I want make the condition which would look like that: Owner of triggering units equals computer player( or player that have open to join the game) I think I need to do this in variables. Thanks for help.
  2. Blooder

    Allies are not available

    Hi. I made new map for 12 players. When i testing it with computers i can't make with them ally(ally options was gray). What should i do?
  3. Blooder

    Can you create a universal map

    My question is: If I create a map in version 1.23 will it be possible to play it in higher versions(like 1.26)
  4. Blooder

    Big walls in map

    Hello.Btw i sorry for my engilsh(may not be perfect). I want to build that wall what is shown on the screen. Where can i find it ? In dodoads? Or i must edit something? Please help! (I mean the little ones around the farms)
  5. Blooder

    Board with new resocures

    Does anyone know how to make a scoreboard(or multiboard) with new resocures. I would ask for a detailed explaination
  6. Blooder

    Warhammer troll model needed

    Is someone have on disk troll and giant model from Total War Warhammer or Warhammer Battle March? I really need this model.
  7. Blooder

    How to make scoreboard with resocures?

    Hello guys. It's my first thread on this forum. I have a little problem. I' going to make scoreboard with RESOCURES but i find only threads where is shown how to make board with kills. Any help is appreciated. Please help.