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  1. Areasecure

    Percent Damage Reduction

    Is it possible to give a unit % Damage Reduction? Is it possible to give a unit % Damage Reduction of Magic spells? Is it possible to give a unit % Damage Reduction of specific elements (lightening, fire, ice, etc.). Is it possible to add % Damage Reduction with items, spells, abilities...
  2. Areasecure


    How do I make triggers Randomize? This is very easy and almost essential in good Starcraft BW maps, but I don't see it in WC WE. For example, If a player rolls a die (types /roll), I would like the action to randomize amongst an equal set of 6 possibilities ("You rolled a 1," "You rolled a...
  3. Areasecure

    Invisible HP Problem

    Hello. I'm noticing that Hero HP becomes Invisible beyond 9,999. This is stupid. Is there a way to fix this? 99,999 Visible HP would be sweet. OR, If that is not possible, is it possible to make EVERY amount of HP invisible? So that people get used to not seeing their HP before it hits...
  4. Areasecure

    Piercing Damage

    Hello. Is it possible to give a unit Piercing Damage? I shall define: Piercing Damage (as presented in this thread) is damage that ignores Armor. It is not the same thing as normal Damage however. For example: If I have 200 Dmg, and you have 50 Armor, when I attack you, you take 150...
  5. Areasecure

    My First WC3 RPG

    Hey guys, I'm seeing some great work on this site. I'm new to WC3 and to Hiveworkshop, but I've got some great ideas for my first RPG. Not going to reveal too much here, but I would like some help making a desert-themed RPG. All of the characters, spells, creatures and geography will be...
  6. Areasecure

    My First WC3 RPG

    Hello. I accidentally double posted this. I can't figure out how to delete it. If someone could please type how, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
  7. Areasecure


    Hi guys. I'm Areasecure. Nice to meet everyone. I'm looking for a talented WC3 mapmaker to help me with a project. I think you'll be interested to hear what I have in mind. PM me if you are interested. Thanks.