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  1. Reconcile

    Gaias 1.2 ... and yes, I'm not joking.

    Dale is the tankiest of them all.
  2. Reconcile


    I remember playing Gaias just after it was released to Warcraft III. No Ranger or Thief class at that point. I don't even think D1 was completed yet. Max level was like 12 or 13! I believe I joined Hiveworkshop on my b-day in 2010 (Feb 22) just for this game!
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    Bug Reports

    The beta version allowed you to -test to gain 50k gold and 100 MC's within seconds. Easily possible for him to be playing on the wrong version. The fact that this bug exists should be more taxing than anything else.
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    R.I.P. Old Loading Screen...

    Obviously this post needs to be moved to Bug Reports.
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    Gaias 1.1m OUT NOW!

    Well this is certainly exciting! Lvl 6 Ranger, like a boss. And out of curiosity - do people even play on anymore?
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    Current Gaias Hostbots

    Haha it was as simple as that. It's a texture / icon processing issue with Macs that Blizzard doesn't care to deal with.
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    Bug Reports

    Just did some poking around Google based off that link you gave me Yuvixadun. By the looks of it, the issue is a texture / icon based issue that internally Macs can't process. I know something like this happened last year when Zwieb made the Monk Mana Crystal Weapon icon. Without fail every Mac...
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    Current Gaias Hostbots

    She's working great Shapy! Except that I can't play the bloody map for what ever reason.. oh, and there' the fatal error after freezing on loading screen. Wooo?
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    Current Gaias Hostbots

    Ouch Shapy.. just leave me hanging here by myself after I ask you a question!
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    Bug Reports

    Yep I am on a Macbook Pro. But as I stated prior, I am fully capable of playing 1.1e and ALL the versions that came before it (I started playing Gaias when it first was released). The project was retired though so I quit WC3, now there's been ~5 versions released since than and I can no longer...
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    Bug Reports

    I just ensured I had the latest patch (1.26) by downloading it directly from Just: Installed the patch, launched TFT followed by BNET, hosted my own Gaias game, started, loading screen went 3/5 of the way, stopped, then fatal error'd :(.
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    Bug Reports

    I recently just returned since leaving when the Gaias project was dropped, and much to my surprise, and thrill I saw that Gaias had been revived! I downloaded 1.1L(3), but when I tried to start up a bnet game of it, it crashed during the loading screen. Yes I do have all my settings (Including...
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    Dungeon 3 Strats and Such

    Well how sweet of you to give everyone our TBF strat Phsyc :P. Just a little correction though if I might be so bold! When 3-manning TBF it is IMPERATIVE to have your DPS as sorc - hunter will not suffice. That said, after many failed attempts and much rage-farming for lightning strike...
  14. Reconcile

    rare materials

    There is a slight possibility that Demon Heart drops only from TBF, which is the least-killed d3 boss. But even than, there are hundred's of exploiters that are bound to have gotten at least one since d3 came out. All in all, I doubt it's even in the loot table.
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    Fatal error D3

    The double-lightning causes a fatal error every time without fail; just gotta pull from the side and get iced once, then again!
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    Dungeon 3 Strats and Such

    ^^Win for Humbleskills But seriously, what are peoples strats for the initial pull? Start from top or bottom? Crus / Monk run past to pull Ashes to Ashes or everyone just dodge it on their own?
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    Rage is the measurement of how angry Zwiebelchen is at you for playing his map (He's the jealous-type). If you manage to get 101 rage, he punches you in the face through your screen.. You have been warned! But in all seriousness.. there are spells that drop in d1 and d2 that use rage as part...
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    Why there will probably be no SC2 version of Gaias

    He is just re-iterating your post in saying that it is the "truth" and he supports what you say and wishes for the same thing to happen.
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    Complete D3 Droplist

    The other post was a little cluttered, so I figured I'd just put it in a new post and never need to be edited or added to again! This is a compilation of any and all Dungeon 3 drops (And their related stats), compiled by myself, Reconcile, and Rabbitscott. Legend: A = Attack Agi = Agility AP =...
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    Request to Fix Major Issue

    Thanks Zwieb! Despite my rather condemning tone I had in my last post, I really do appreciate you fixing this! I know not just myself, but all the other Gaias Mac users out there will be very pleased if this solves the issue!
  21. Reconcile

    D3 Droplist

    Going to start adding in stats - it will be a slow process as I can only add them as I see the gear (I don't really memorize every piece of gears stats when I first see it), so if you can contribute, please do! It will benefit yourself for future reference and many others.
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    Request to Fix Major Issue

    There may not be anything wrong with the icon, but there is something wrong with the way Mac's handle the icon (In whatever sense that takes). I am not requesting a major overhaul.. just change the icon to something else? The only monk weapon I can see without freezing and having to quit is the...
  23. Reconcile

    Request to Fix Major Issue

    This is mainly for you Zwieb: Being a Mac user, I can understand the frustrations that this issue has caused and how frustrating it is, so I am requesting (And pleading!) to you Zwieb to "fix" it. The icon that you chose for many of the "Runes" in the game currently cause ANY and ALL Mac...
  24. Reconcile

    Loot list...

    Ruby: I've only gotten one from Sanev, so I couldn't tell you. Cotton: Trade Route "humanoid" mobs - IE Bandits, Gnolls Fine Skin: Trade Route "animal" mobs - IE Wolves, Crows, Boars
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    D3 Droplist

    Re-formated List - Thanks to Rabbitscott for item updates (Specially the Fire Lord gear!) Definitely feel free to copy paste this to your post Humbleskills! Legend: Agi = Agility AP = Attack Power AR = Armour ArP = Armour Penetration AS = Attack Speed Crit = Critical Chance (%) EV = Evasion...
  26. Reconcile

    Bug Reports

    Ahahahaha! This is too funny! I love how ignorantly foolish you are for being so naive as to not even read the release forums and then, A) Call out Zwieb when he created the map, and B) Complain that your 2 month old code doesn't work, when it has been CLEARLY AND EVIDENTLY pointed out that...
  27. Reconcile

    Exp glitch

    I agree with Zwieb.. that if someone is willing to kill the entire map hundreds of times over, they've earned that right to be level 43! And you gotta play Gaias with XZero to understand why he'd have over 100k and 260 shards :P.
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    WIP: The SC2 human base model

    Apparently Zwieb's name is Patrick! Who knew?! :)
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    My eyes are burning from reading this.. Heroic PRESENCE increases THREAT GENERATED by 20%, NOT attack. My goodness kid..
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    Yes, all my graphics are at the highest. Like I said, I've never had this type of bug ever happen to me before (And I've been playing since the 1st version release). Maybe it has to do with one of the items she sells? I don't know.. Maybe it has something to do with being on a Mac? I don't see...
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    This is a short bug to report, so I'm not going to follow the format - sorry Zwieb! In the Mytargas Central District, there is a thief model merchant with the magic laboratory beside her in the bottom left hand corner of the "square", every time I click on her, my game freezes. I don't...
  32. Reconcile

    Gaia's Retaliation pre-release test

    I for one welcome the code-wipe as well! No more people running around with a level 38 and thousands upon thousands of gold; levels the playing field for everyone (I myself have a few level 30 ish's as well.. just an fyi) ! I'm sure there will be the fair share of QQ'ers though.. not a big fan...
  33. Reconcile

    Your suggestions for SC2 Gaias?

    Combat System: Real-time is the way to go! Ever since the days of like "Zelda - Ocarina of Time" for N64, real-time has been more fast-paced and challenging then turn-based ever will be. Granted, Final Fantasy 13 did a GREAT job with making ATB as close to real-time as possible, but I still...
  34. Reconcile

    Can Characters Be brought from LAN to Online?

    Hey right back at you! There is no issue with going from LAN to online that I know of.. so long as you are NOT playing single player (AKA - Able to use cheat codes). The issue that you're having is exactly as you said; your LAN name MUST BE the same as you BNet name. Codes are username...
  35. Reconcile

    Currently working on ... (Daily update)

    No, he lied just to get your hopes up only to pull them out from under you and laugh as you tumble in to a pile of depravity.. Zwieb is such a jerk :P
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    Man, you guys are totally out-doing yourselves on this up-and-coming version! I'm sure I speak for the majority of people who browse this forum when I say I say I'm totally stoked and can't wait for the next version! Going to be so rad :)! Props are fo sho in order!
  37. Reconcile

    Project Information

    Exactly! And who died and made TKOK the template ORPG for WC3? It's nice to have diversity within' the multiple big-name ORPG's..! I mean, how sucky would it be if all ORPG's were like Twilight's Eve (Where is a barfing emoticon when you need one)! PS - Sarcasm is impossible to convey...
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    Currently working on ... (Daily update)

    The custom-added music is a megabyte or two (Don't quote me - just what I recall), so that can be removed if necessary. Also the makers of the map have implemented A LOT of the big features already in the coming version / current version. IE - Crafting system, etc. so the amount of space needed...
  39. Reconcile

    Project Information

    The current quests in the game are considered "Starting Area Quests" (For lack of a more accurate term), so once the game is in Beta, and then completed, you will have MANY more quests / dungeons to go about, and thus the quests at the beginning of the game will be considered null! And people...
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    Balancing Reports

  41. Reconcile

    Statement about release date.

    Just thought this was appropriate to quote :)
  42. Reconcile

    Mac problems

    Amen! Why compromise our thus-far relatively virus-free OS by splitting and running Windows? Personally I'm not mad you can't fix it Zwieb, but no harm done in asking, right? SC2 comes out in a few months anywayz!
  43. Reconcile

    Mac problems

    It's not myself that has to DL again and again, it is other people. I'll explain: New version comes out - two people go and download it. One has a mac (If that is in fact the issue) and the other has a PC. The guy with the mac, being the smart, intelligent, sensible (For buying a mac...
  44. Reconcile

    Mac problems

    So it's not just me!! I've been suffering from this problem for a long time, and with a map of this size, it's absolutely ridiculous to wait for people to DL over and over - time consuming and frustrating! I don't suffer from the health bar issue, but I would thoroughly enjoy the same, yet...
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    It for sure does NOT. Assassins Blade is the only STOLEN WEAPON from d1 bosses. Ritualist is from The Protector, and only the Protector. PS - Thanks for posting this! While I know most of the drops, it's still a great reference to use - specially for crafting materials! Props!
  46. Reconcile

    Bug Reports

    Type of Problem: Other Map Version: February 4th, 2010 Description of the Problem: As Squire, when using "Gaping Wounds" on level 3 and 4 spiders just below the first town, the supposed x2 Attack Power damage tick only hits for 1. All other hits are normal damage. Weapons (At the time) Short...
  47. Reconcile

    List of Gaias Clans / Player Groups []

    I'm assuming you play on the Europe, US West, or Asia realm in order to ask that question. Regardless of what realm you play on or are "located in", you can play on any other realm. You just have to simply re-register a NEW account (You may use the same name so long as it isn't taken) and use...