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  1. Marjosh38

    [vJASS] Need Help for Fixing the Spell

    Hello Hivers, I need help for fixing this spell: Actually I don't own this map/spell, I found it in 2016 in Hive but I don't know where I could found it again. Back on the...
  2. Marjosh38

    [Crash] Map Loading Problem

    I got a problem where my map won't load on other PCs but on my own PCs works. The Game Freezes when it loads. Help me please. Heres the thread where my map talking about: Map Testing Thanks in Advance.
  3. Marjosh38

    Map Testing

    Hello Hivers, I need you the test my map, because I've got problem where my map won't work on other PCs but on my PC work well. So I request to please test my map, and give feedback if my map work or wouldn't in your PC. Thanks in advance. NOTE: This map is Protected.
  4. Marjosh38

    Spell Request (GUI/VJass)

    Hello Hivers!! I need your help to create this effect ability using trigger (GUI/VJass) here: A Hero increases his percentage damage equivalent to "one-half or 1/2" of his percentage of health loss. While on his out of combat or not been damage for 8 seconds, he regenerate his life back by...
  5. Marjosh38

    How To Fix This?

    When I'm trying to create a VJass Trigger and Save I the Map, this was the outcome: How Can I Fix this? Every time that I Click the Enable button that was happened in pic ^ HELP PLEASE :(
  6. Marjosh38

    [Arena] Marvel Universe Battle

    Marvel Universe Battle is an Multi Style Themed Gameplay which its hero inspire by Marvel Universe Characters, Champions, Heroes ,Villians , etc. This project aims to create new style of game with different themed map. Which it now, Hero Arena is available game-play. Sooner or later the other...
  7. Marjosh38

    Swap Animation

    Hello Hivers, I want to make a request to this models (Rogue and Phoenix) to change their animations. For Rogue -> animation of Sentry Warden (Night Elf) (or like the original animation of Phoenix) For Phoenix -> animation of Sorceress (Human)(or like the original animation of Rogue) This...
  8. Marjosh38

    Model change texture

    Hello Hivers, Can I request to change a texture of this model in spell map named: Chronosphere v1.1 , instead of water texture, I'm thinking about the energy texture. Another one, I wanted to have a sorceress model in this texture P.S. sorry for my grammar, I'm not can't speak english...
  9. Marjosh38

    Protecting a map over 8mb size.

    Hello hivers. How can I protect my map over 8mb size and readable in multiplayer. P.S. Sorry for my bad english
  10. Marjosh38

    Terrain Height

    Hello to all HIVERs I only ask how to make the terrain at THIS HEIGHT. I'm pleasure that you answer my question. Please answer me A.S.A.P.
  11. Marjosh38

    [Spell Request] Phoenix DOTA Spellpack GUI

    Hello HIVERS!, I'm already in my half done of my map but need some new spells just like the phoenix spellpack. The damage, cooldown, etc. can be in default. P.S. Sorry for my bad english EDIT: I accept any type, GUI, VJass, or Jass
  12. Marjosh38

    SPELL REQUEST: Attack Range bonus

    Hello to all Hivers!, can you give me an spell that grants temporarily bonus attack range (8 seconds) and back into an normal range. P.S. sorry for my bad english
  13. Marjosh38

    Model detachment

    Hello to all Hivers! I'm requesting to the 2 model to detach 1. Captain America shield - remove the shield 2. Captain America Shield - from the model come also im open if you make better model of captain. P.S. Sorry for my bad english
  14. Marjosh38

    Model please

    Hi everyone! Can i request to all model creator that they can give me an model of blademaster model but in form of sorcerer. Plus REP to the one who can give me. Thank you :D
  15. Marjosh38

    I need spell

    Hello everyone, I wanted to request an spell like lee sin his 1st skill ( I'll already seen the Lee Sin Spellpack) but i wanted an GUI trigger. Thank you
  16. Marjosh38

    Need a Model

    Hello calling to all MODEL Creator, Can you help me to get this model in my under making map Thank Very Much
  17. Marjosh38

    Arrow Burst Spell

    Well, i need spell that when unit cast's, it's Jump at the high and CALLING an ARROWS that attack the point of target. Level 1: Deals 50 damage on the per target and stunned for 1.5 seconds Level 2: Deals 75 damage on the per target and stunned for 2 seconds Level 3: Deals 100 damage on the per...