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  1. SeaGull1723

    WoW WOTLK Updates

    Back to 40 man raids? No thanks, I don't want to remember having to wait for 10-15 scrubs always late for raids and having no clue what to do for boss fights.
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    First Wave of WotLK leaks

    Once again, Mecheon proves his superiority on the internet.
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    First Wave of WotLK leaks Reuses a video already released for the majority but rehashed to use the new title theme. Note that loading screens are leaked in the beginning. Models are leaked at very end (Arthas, Lich King, Magnataur, Frost giants, Female Broken...
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    Instances or Zones?

    MC 2.0 is not a dream.
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    Hypothesis: Ashbringer in Patch 2.4

    I have my doubts about the Ashbringer appearing in 2.4 being that a legendary bow has already been mentioned. Most likely the Ashbringer will appear in WotLK (or a future BC patch if it gets delayed.) What really caused the confusion was when Fairbanks mentions the son of Mograine residing in...
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    Terradreamer's Lore Characters

    Interesting pieces of artwork, if you call it art. Thought I might point out some misconceptions (Lothar should have grey hair, Medivh wasn't blonde.)
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    An Azeroth Flying Mount System Idea

    First off, what's the penalty system really meant to do? Reduce ganking? You can't gank enemy players in enemy territory to begin with. It's not like bored gankers can stop a lowbie from questing (unless it's harassing quest NPCs) or stop a casual from his daily errands. Otherwise, I find the...
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    Another bad expansion? (POLL)

    Making biased polls like this don't deserve votes at all. Who are you to say TBC sucks and WotLK will suck? Who are you judge that lore is completely ruined? Who are you to say game mechanics are poorly done? I don't know about you or anyone that posts around here, but seemingly my experience...
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    The Crusade is coming to an End.

    Kil'jaeden is half summoned as far as I know. Also, Kael is only available for the heroic version from what I know. So I'm guessing you don't actually kill Kil'jaeden but banish him instead. Now I'm curious how the Sunwell events are going to lead to WotLK.
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    WoW XP rate increase

    Sorry about the long response. Anyways, Merry Christmas:
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    WoW XP rate increase

    Updates like this give me an excuse to level an extra healer.
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    Pandaren joining the Alliance: Yes or no?

    And Tolkien took lore context from Norse mythology. Hate to say this, but it's somewhat pointless to argue about originality in most fantasy genres these days.
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    Good singleplayer RPGs?

    There were some good RPGs back then, but I don't remember any of them.
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    Tales of the Past III

    Revised my review. Enjoy.
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    My recent suggestion on the WoW Forums

    Confirmed for possibility of implement.
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    I don't think it's anything about exploring incomplete areas. It's just weird to find a warlock on a netherdrake dive down to gank some lowbies questing at Stranglethorn Vale. As for those incomplete areas, they've been explored far before retail WoW was released.
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    Zealot and Archon?

    Just some notes on Mothership. -You can build more than one Mothership (still costs a lot) -Mothership no longers has Black Hole ability. -Mothership now has the cloaking field ability like the Arbiter. -Cannot attack air units
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    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

    In honesty, I'm damn sure Blizzard told themselves it was too much stress to add new races, especially the reception with blood elves and draenei. I won't start blaming anyone here, but I'll point out that options for new playable races were empty when TBC came out.
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    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

    Just to let you know. Blizzard confirmed they are NOT introducing any new races to focus more on Northrend content. Check the first video in the link above.
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    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

    For one, Arthas is not the worst voice over in my book. Ever heard the in-game voices of Archimonde and Magtheridon?
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    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

    I'm pondering to myself if I should play the expansion or not. It'll probably be like the previous expansion, boring when you can't find a community you like. Anyways I hope to get my first impressions when they announce it at BlizzCon. But they may not announce it at BlizzCon if they have an...
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    Wow is evil, what do you think?

    I'm curious if the quoter even realized I was being sarcastic there.
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    AWFUL WoW QUEST!!1!one!1

    There are far worse quests than that son.
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    Warcraft and Starcraft possibly intertwined?

    Just stop and save some space for something better than Azeroth.
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    What do you hope SCII will bring to you?

    What I want to see from SC2 is a fresh design. It's easy to make sequels on a popular game with a huge fanbase, but it's hard to pull off a sequel with a fresh design. Think how Blizzard made WC2 and then jumped to WC3. That's how I want the sequel to be like. I know people tend to disagree with...
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    New Blizzard Game?

    Since you seem to know a lot about Blizzard, do they offer free dental plans?
  27. SeaGull1723

    New Blizzard Game?

    We don't need another WC4. I'm sure everyone is tired of the Warcraft fandom, and Blizzard needs a break from it. Besides, their main team is working on SC2, the same ones that made WC3. Do you really think we need a bad quality sequel to the franchise from a new team? If it's World of...
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    The Legend of WOW

    This must've been the 313831908471224814th time I've seen this copypasta around this site (including
  29. SeaGull1723

    Horn's daily lesson.

    Posting in English isn't going to help the forums if their first language isn't English.
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    How to court a girl?

    Damnit. If I were the internet version of Hitch, I could be rich.
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    Dead Or Alive?

    Onyxia -Quest to turn in head to Stormwind/Orgrimmar Nefarian -Quest to turn in head to Stormwind/Orgrimmar Kel'thuzad -Quest to turn in phylacetary, yet does not die because of a corrupt Argent Dawn member Kargath Bladefist -Quest to kill him Magtheridon- -Still lives, quest to...
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    Arcturus + Nova ?

    SC: Ghost was supposedly delayed to be made for the PS3 and Xbox 360. So it does not say SC Ghost was canceled. Just being held back.
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    Zergling model! >:O

    I like it. The wings just makes the Zerg more insectoid than before.
  34. SeaGull1723

    Jack Thompson No Longer #1 On My Hate List. Racist propaganda or simple religious practice? I'll let you argue there. Read the full text though.
  35. SeaGull1723

    Jack Thompson No Longer #1 On My Hate List.

    Mormonism spread the most racist interpretation of the Bible as far as I know (considering the story behind how whites and blacks came to be.) Clearly Mormonism has no idea due to ignorance and devotion to religion.
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    I need help

    Wrong? How so? Making a satire on drag queens is wrong? The video was brilliant. I believe Tom Rubnitz did a great job on satiring 80's culture.
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    I need help

    I've been watching this over and over and can't get over it. There's just something about it I just like. Edit: To add in the misery.
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    Goblin Lovers Unite!

    This made me die a little inside myself.
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    WoW Comics!!!!11!!!1!!!one!!11! (I made them calm down)

    Are they supposed to be funny?
  40. SeaGull1723

    Canadian Exclusive: Most Powerful GFX Card Ever.

    As much as I'm impressed, that's a little overkill. Might as well wait for a while. Also, I never liked ATI. Already went through two screwed over cards.
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    Do you want to be a character?

    I'd be an archmage trying to rush in the beginning with water elementals.
  42. SeaGull1723

    Kind of like the modern 'Fight for jesus' ?

    You think it's over? I present you 140 minutes of the worst camp you can ever go to. There are just so many faults I can spot it's not even a joke.
  43. SeaGull1723

    Kind of like the modern 'Fight for jesus' ?

    You're surprised there are such sites like this? Then may I interest you in some more? If you don't know Fred Phelps, then you don't know fanatical churches. This guy just gives a completely bad image of American Protestant churches...
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    What realm do you play at?

    Zasz 70 Warlock on Jubei'thos Chaozen working Mage on Jubei'thos
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    The Rumor!

    To also explained how they joined, the Forsaken joined because of their common enemy the Scourge. The Alliance would never let them join, so they came to the Horde. Despite the distrust Thrall and Cairne had for the undead, the Horde needed forces in the Eastern Kingdoms. Blood elves joined...
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    Guys look!

    Time paradox. That was months behind.
  47. SeaGull1723

    Thank God for the internet

    The internet is proof how easy it is to piss people off. On an off-topic note, WoW related.
  48. SeaGull1723

    R.I.P. Illidan

    Clearly expected from a high end game guild. Feel free to make sluggish comments on how they have no life, but realize they're being sponsored with the gold and time to do this.
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    Epic music

    I suggest Immediate Music and X-Ray Dog. They make music for most movie trailers, but I like the feel they put in them. Unfortunately, they're not available for public sale, so you have to find other ways.
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    What Do You Think The Next Expansion Will Be?

    I was hoping for the Emerald Dream first since it's expendable and unknown like Outland was before it was fully designed. But Northrend seems to have a better chance since some of the lore setting was already layed out from the RPG books.