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  1. GhostKnife

    [Campaign] Draenor related Campaign idea

    Hello! I've been thinking about creating a campaign based off Warcraft lore for some time now. However, I've recently thought of one that may prove for a great story. I'm not too sure if this has been done or not lately, I've looked a bit on the site; however haven't found anything to match it...
  2. GhostKnife

    Beginner in Modeling

    Hi folks, I've been looking to model a few structures for a map/campaign I'm looking to make but I don't know where to start. I have minimal modeling experience, to my extent is Sketchup.. Not much help. Can someone point me to a user-friendly modeling program that works well to export into...
  3. GhostKnife

    How to make a Gamble Shop?

    Hi guys, it's been a while since I've been on the forums again, but I'm stuck yet one more time. I'm in the middle of making an Arena style map and I wish to add certain shops in each team's base. I wanted to create a shop where a player could spend a certain amount of money and receive a...
  4. GhostKnife

    First Person View?

    Any way to make this possible in the SC2 Editor? Thanks for your help!
  5. GhostKnife

    Waves of mobs

    Okay, so from what I can gather, the editor for SC2 is very similar to the WC3 World Editor? I'm going to work on my first map, and I require waves of mobs to produce.. Any quick guides that can help me out? Thanks!
  6. GhostKnife

    Elvamage's Sketches

    Hey there, I'm here to post all my sketches I've done and possibly more in the future, so until then, check them out: Death Knight Warrior/Knight Paladin Griffon Rider Blood Mage/Kael'Thas (Which is now my avatar) Master Chief with a bunch of random Sketches Also, if any of you guys have...
  7. GhostKnife

    Import Manager not working.

    First off, I use a mac, so this may be a mac related problem, not sure, so what I was doing was trying to import a skin I made, to test it out and I got this error when trying: Any idea what this means and what I can do to solve it? Thanks in advanced.
  8. GhostKnife

    Ashbringer Model?

    I always wanted to make a map having to do with the Ashbringer, but I don't seem to find any models of it here :sad: Since I have no clue on how to model edit or create 3D models, I was wondering maybe, one of you guys could create one? -Thanks, Elvamage
  9. GhostKnife

    Staredit = Warcraft III World Edit?

    I've had Starcraft for a while now, and for the longest time I was unable to use the Staredit program it came with, and just recently I got it to work. My question is, is Staredit similar to Warcraft III world edit? as in triggers and all that stuff.
  10. GhostKnife


    Hey, I'm Elvamage, and I'm addicted to magic.
  11. GhostKnife

    How to make players have a lumber bounty on them?

    I've working on this map of mine, which is sort of a RPG kind game. You can do dungeons and PvP (When killing a player, your suppose to gain 1 lumber, which is the PvP currency, so you can buy PvP items). The problem I have is, when I try to give the player's heros on the map a lumber bounty and...