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  1. warcraftmodding123

    [Trigger] Disable Omnilight During Day, Enable At Night

    My units have an omnilight ability. I tried disabling, for all units of player 1 (me), during the day and enabling during the night but it doesnt work i even tested specifically disabling just on the peasant when the game starts but its not working either
  2. warcraftmodding123

    [Solved] Defend Adds Armor

    I made a trigger for the Defend ability (used by footmen) to add armor when its activated, but its not working :(
  3. warcraftmodding123

    [Trigger] omnilight trigger

    I want my omnilight to trigger when night time occurs. Can someone make me a trigger for this please.
  4. warcraftmodding123

    [Solved] change light color of omnilight plz

    I downloaded this omnilight Glowing Light I need it to be the same lighting color as the torches in WC3. I'm a beginner at Blender and tried to change it (after converting it to obj) but I can't I also tried with Magos Model Editor but it shows nothing...
  5. warcraftmodding123

    [Solved] Omnilight Model Attachment please

    Hi I need a an omnilight model attachment for units and structures so they are visible at night. This my original post about it: [General] - Units As Torches (Light At Night)
  6. warcraftmodding123

    [General] Units As Torches (Light At Night)

    How do I make all units and structures have the torch function added, so when the light is reduced (night time) they are still visible?
  7. warcraftmodding123

    [Solved] Gold Mines and Creeps Not Loading

    I had made a mod a longtime and don't remember if this issue happened. Today I tried playing but was taken by surprise when I loaded the map and gold mines and creeps were missing. Anyone know why this is happening? Here's my map mod
  8. warcraftmodding123

    Can't Build Walls

    I haven't modded in a longtime. Came back to add 2 new walls to my advanced peon form but it doesn't work. When I click to build one of the 2 walls, the wall will show where it will be built as normal, the peon will walk towards to build it but then stop and do nothing.
  9. warcraftmodding123

    [Request] Vampire from Migh and Magic III

    I would like a model with animations of the vampire from Might and Magic III
  10. warcraftmodding123

    Reforged Will Custom Maps Work?

    Will custom maps made pre-Reforged work with this new patch?
  11. warcraftmodding123

    Reforged Replace Some Abilities

    I think this would be a good time to replace some boring abilities. For example Priestess of the Moon has two passive abilities and one scouting ability which makes her a simple move-and-attack hero. Another reason is to give the gameplay a fresh new feel just like the graphics is getting. Of...
  12. warcraftmodding123

    How To Rotate Buildable Structure With Trigger?

    How do I make a buildable structure be built in a certain angle using a trigger?
  13. warcraftmodding123

    Need Help Modifying Advanced Trigger

    Someone made me a trigger and I want to modify it. I messaged the person but have had no reply. The trigger looks complicated so if you think you can help then please reply :)
  14. warcraftmodding123

    My New Map Finally Here!!

    This is probably in late beta phase but I would like some feedback first. This map is a "how WC3 should have been" mod. So it still feels like the original game but with a few changes. It needs some polishing and I want to add a few more features to it but the mod is fully playable. In this...
  15. warcraftmodding123

    Request for a Night Time Trigger

    Hi, I would like a trigger made for me that transforms the night into a realistic night (much darker than it is seen in the game), without affecting the day time lighting. Thanks!
  16. warcraftmodding123

    Issue With Night Trigger

    Someone gave me a night trigger a long time ago, but it has some problems: 1. Buildings have a shade on them. 2. Once night time it doesn't turn day time again. Here's a screenshot with the night trigger, notice how some areas are darker, most noticeable on the roof of hunter's hall, the...
  17. warcraftmodding123

    A Better World Editor Alternative?

    Is there another World Editor I can use that is better than the one that comes with the game? (I'm stuck with a bug on current WE)
  18. warcraftmodding123

    Can't Lower Volume/Replace Sound Again

    Been trying lower the volume of a sound and then tried replacing it again but it no longer works! Replacing an internal sound just worked the first time. Is this a bug?
  19. warcraftmodding123

    Replace Attack and Ability Sound?

    I want to replace the sound of the Riflemen attack, how do I do this? I also want to add a sound to a custom ability when used. It was made with complicated triggers (not by me) so I assume it might be tricky do add a sound to it. plz help thanx
  20. warcraftmodding123

    Musket Attack Effects Request

    Hello can someone make me a musket attack effect for the Riflemen? y'know the blast and smoke that comes out of the muzzle. will be credited in my mod of course.
  21. warcraftmodding123

    Death Aura + Immunity

    How do I create a an aura of death that kills everything in a radius or a unit standing in front? And how do I then make a passive ability that makes a unit immune to this aura?
  22. warcraftmodding123

    Tinting Color doesn't work?

    I changed the Art - Tinting Colors of a custom unit with a custom model but in game it didn't change anything. Why no working?!!
  23. warcraftmodding123

    Storm Crow Form Crash

    I tried adding the storm crow form ability to a custom druid of the talon using a custom model but when i click on the ability the game crashes. i imported a custom blp for the storm crow which i think automatically replaces the texture (path UnitsNightElfDruidOfTheTalonRaven.blp). how do i fix...
  24. warcraftmodding123

    Attachment Weapon Now Showing

    So I downloaded a Frostmourne sword and converted it to mdx. I import it to World Editor and add it as attachment to my unit like I have done with other attachments. Problem is that the sword isn't visible in game. Here's a copy of the mdx
  25. warcraftmodding123

    Missile Effect and Sound

    I downloaded a missile but am not satisfied with some of the vfx and sound on it. How do I open the missile to modify the vfx and sound? p.s. I will ask the og before using it in my mod.
  26. warcraftmodding123

    War Stomp Delay

    I added the neutral War Stomp ability to the RPG Tauren unit I downloaded but there's a slight delay when casting the ability. I want the ability to be instantly cast when pressing the button, how do I do this?
  27. warcraftmodding123

    New Abilities Tips and Advice?

    Are there rules and methods in making new abilities to avoid crashes and make working new custom abilities?
  28. warcraftmodding123

    Combine BLP texture with MDX?

    Ok so I have converted an .mdx file out of an .obj, .mtl, and .tga. When I open it with ModelEditor I just get the sword all in black texture. I tried opening it with a .blp with the same name and same location but still no result. How do I associate the .mdx and .blp?
  29. warcraftmodding123

    Issue With Training Button

    Ok so I haven't hopped into modding for 2 weeks now, I will get return to it soon, but I forgot to ask about this problem. I made a new skeleton soldier that becomes available with the Skeletal Mastery upgrade. I used the original skeleton's same Button Position (X) and Button Position (Y)...
  30. warcraftmodding123

    The File is Not an MDX Model

    I exported an mdx model (downloaded) from 3DS Max. I got a message "opacity unknown". When I tried opening the mdx with Magos Model Editor I got a message "The File is Not an MDX Model!".
  31. warcraftmodding123

    Make the Night Darker?

    How do I use triggers to control the brightness of the night time?
  32. warcraftmodding123

    Randomizing Houses (Farms)?

    How do I make each time a farm is built for it to be randomly one out of three farm models?
  33. warcraftmodding123

    Textures Don't Show from Extracted

    Hi, I extracted the rifleman model with the blp texture from the game. I even extracted the gutz, smoke and flame. When I open it with Mago's editor, the textures don't show, the model is all black. What am I doing wrong? All the files are in the same folder btw. I'm trying to remove his rifle...
  34. warcraftmodding123

    Did A Mistake, CAn't Fix

    So I replaced the sounds of the Dranai with Lich King sounds, the sounds weren't perfect so I fixed them and tried to replace them again. But now I can't replaced them. Seems like the first sounds I replaced the original Dranai sounds are now stuck without it and can't be replaced. I tried...
  35. warcraftmodding123

    [Spell] Sleep Ability Uninterruptible

    I'm trying to make the Dreadlord's sleep ability be uninterruptible so the targeted unit can't be simply attacked to remove the spell. I tried adding an invulnerability buff and divine shield buff but it didn't work. I guess it maybe needs to be done through triggers?
  36. warcraftmodding123

    Add Sound to Unit Sound Set?

    I have a Lich King folder in the Sound Editor with sounds ready to be used. How do I add the Lich King folder to the "Sound - Unit Sound Set"?
  37. warcraftmodding123

    map with sound example

    Hi, could someone please upload here a map with an example trigger for adding a spawn sound for heroes/units?
  38. warcraftmodding123

    Knock Back Cavalry

    Hello, could someone be able to make knockback effect for mounted units so they push back about one meter all non-big units in it's path? The knocked back units will also receive some damage. Something that resembles Total War.
  39. warcraftmodding123

    Knockback Cavalry Idea

    I don't know if this is possible but does anyone know how to make a knockback effect when cavalry units run towards enemies? The knockback should push about a meter away and do some damage the surrounding units. It will look like something you see in Total War.
  40. warcraftmodding123

    Magic Attack Type or Replacement

    Hello, I want to edit the magic attack type so it isn't considered a magic attack which will allow it to attack magic immune units. Or would it be easier to make a completely new attack type? How do I do these edits? Thanks
  41. warcraftmodding123

    [Melee] Melee Map with New Units

    This is the normal Garden of War map with new units added. Models Credits: Knights By Direfury TrollBoarRiderVII By Uncle Fester Elven Ballista Model\Texture: Mr.Goblin, Deolrin Ogre Model\Texture: Mr.Goblin, Deolrin, Fan Great Tiki Warrior by Skipper and modification by ILH Dwarven...
  42. warcraftmodding123

    Removing Hero Glow Stuck

    Ok, so I tried to remove the hero glows of downloaded models by following this thread but there is no hero glow that appear on the models so I can't even click on any glow to check which geosets it uses...
  43. warcraftmodding123

    Attack Type, Armor Type Icons Art

    Hi, I want to change the art of the Attack Type and Armor Type icons by replacing them with an imported icon or using on icon from the game. Cheers
  44. warcraftmodding123

    Request for Troll Unit Modification

    Hi, I'm requesting for a modification of an existing troll pikeman unit, please. 1. Remove the flame on the torch (but keep the torch). 2. Modify the...
  45. warcraftmodding123

    Simple Barrage Arrows

    Hi, I want make a multi arrow shot for my Kodo Beast Watch Tower. I want it to shoot 4 arrows each time it fires and it hits a unit with each arrow if there is enough units in this area (if 2 units in area then the other 2 arrows will simply hit nothing); OR does splash damage in the area where...
  46. warcraftmodding123

    Death Knight Unit (Non-Hero) Request

    Hi I would like to request a WC2 Death Knight unit so I can add to my Frozen Throne mod that I use to play online. Thanks
  47. warcraftmodding123

    Night Elf Ballista Arrow?

    Where can I find the Night Elf ballista (scorpion) arrow in the Ar Projectiles? It doesn't seem to be there.
  48. warcraftmodding123

    Worker Secondary Build with Spellbook

    How do I make a worker have a secondary build option by using the spellbook?
  49. warcraftmodding123

    3DS Max Art Projectile

    Hi, I want to add a simple rotating axe I made in 3DS Max into the game and have it be an Art Projectile for the axe throwing troll. How do I add this animation to the game?
  50. warcraftmodding123

    Hero spawn sound

    How to I turn one of the custom hero's voice quote into a spawn sound for the custom hero when being trained at the altar?