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  1. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    [JASS] [HELP] Possibly Messed-Up Item Stacking System

    Well, here we go: function Trig_Item_Charge_Actions takes nothing returns nothing local item i = GetManipulatedItem() local unit u = GetTriggerUnit() local integer a = 1 local integer it = GetItemTypeId(i) local integer ci = GetItemCharges(i) local integer cr...
  2. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    Footmen Custom Project

    I'm looking for members of the following: Testers 10+ Brainstormer - 10+ Modeler - 1 Trigger Leader - 1 Trigger Supporter - 1 Icon Maker - 1 I'm currently working alone on the map content itself, and would appreciate it if I could get a crew together to make this map even better...
  3. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    [Trigger] Please help me make a spell!

    Help on a new Jass Ability - Complex Alright, so I'm trying to make a new ability based on a suggestion from a friend: This is his description: ultimate: Drop your sac and run from the cops. Goes invisibile, leaving a mirror image of himself which is actually a ward that basically does...
  4. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    What's the current progress?

    Just wondering what the current progress of this has been.
  5. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    It's been 6 months...dead?

  6. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    Metamoprhing DH Causing Server Splits

    Alright, I made a map, and used a DH, and modified all his abilities to be more, modified the base stats of the demon hunter, and now he causes server splits when he dies. Anyone know this problem, and how to fix it?
  7. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    A Unique function of help desired.

    Alright, I'm looking for a way to create a help menu, so to say. This could be impossible, or extremely hard, but basically, i want a system that doesn't give you a text based view like the display message function. I want it to pop up with a window, that gives you 4 options, as you see in...
  8. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    Footmen Custom - Check it out!

    Desiring to play a new footmen map with innovating and awesome ideas? Desire to have a fun time? Try out this map: The work on the map is great, many of the things are done, but the map is in no way polished. Feel free to write your comments...
  9. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    Help needed on an Item Combination system

    Alright, I need help on a system. I've tried but failed, on my own, and I'm not good at JASS nor GUI, so comments would be appreciated. The plan is to create a system which does the following: Unit uses ability 'Combine': Checks if Unit has item 'A001' Checks if Unit has item 'A002'...
  10. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    [JASS] Blink Backwards a range of 200 upon taking damage

    Alright, this has been bugging me to some extent. I can't think of a way to do it, because of my lack of knowledge in the world editor in general. If anyone has some free time, I'd greatly appreciate a map example or something. Here's the plan: When X takes an attack from melee, X has a Y%...
  11. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    A simple Noobish Question about Skins

    I did some searching on this page, about 10 threads which seemed like good info, but couldn't find it, so here I go: Is it possible to have a skin and the original unit both on the same map, or do skins virtually replace the old one with no way to keep it? Thanks!
  12. PsYcoTiCluNaTiC

    [JASS] Forge System Help

    So, I'm rather new at JASS. I know how to look at a lot of the coding now, but I really have no idea how to make it from scratch. I tried my best on this, and clearly I cannot get it right, nor do I know how many memory leaks it has. I'd greatly appreciate if you could fix this up for me so...