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  1. lom109

    Bug in Demo

    Tauren Druid's Heal doesnt work. Bag doesnt work. Need Help on how to level up/get new abilities Need Help order on what to do with herbs/rocks More doodads needed in the (ravine/fields) maps. No item class system... You can take these ideas from say... Final Fantasy Forever or...
  2. lom109


    Will the models (referring to the ugly NE priest) have an update? sorry to the creator of the NE priest in the screenies, but damn shes ugly. lol thats not the point why im here. Will there be a sort of 'mercenary' type of idea that can help players along their way? Well, judging that...
  3. lom109

    [JASS] Creating a 16th player slot

    12 player slots, 1 Neutral Creep, 1 Hostile Creep, 1 Passive Creep slot Is there a way through JASS to create an additional theoretical 16th slot?
  4. lom109

    Adding Swords/Shields to Hands - the Dummy's Guide.

    Welcome to the help thread which will help you add Swords to Hands First import the model into the editor, and ensure it is listed as a model file (by swapping any normal unit file, into that custom model) = Which is located within Object Editor > Units > Anyunit(ex:footman) > Art - Model...
  5. lom109

    Bug concerning The addition of the dragon toyour forces

    After i chose my baby dragon in the cave, the campaign went back to the starting screen and the next map option did not show up. I tried this twice, then i gave up. Then i used the special code given by the map which enables you to jump the end. And then i tried picking a dragon, same...
  6. lom109

    Everquest 2 Distant Shores

    Welcome to Everquest II DISTANT SHORES ver5.3 MANY bugs are fixed now 1) Added 4 new heroes 2) fixed save/load feature (totally differnt, older ver codes will NOT work) if you want ur char back, send me a screenshot of ur character and i will get you the new code to...
  7. lom109

    Everquest 2, Uncharted Lands

    Sharing a great map!! well.. Cuz it says in the introdcution phrase for this forum.. so dunt burn me by not trying my map out or nething please =S (i spent 6 months in creating it, endless nights of working until 3am to present this to you.) sigh.. Neways.. i daresay, im challenging...
  8. lom109

    Model Extracting Help <I KNOW ALOT of ppl have this probl

    okay i know that almost everyone that is a noob, including me which knows enough about modeling, skins, and icons have a problem with these weird empty zip files when finished downloading and i would like someone to explain it once and for all how to figure out a way to undo this astrocity...
  9. lom109

    Help pleasee, its reallyreally urgent.

    okay this is like.. urgent =S sorry for being like.. so annoying but my schedule included wrapping up my map to be presented this friday, but then something came up and i realized i was missing alot of Heromounts... =S.. and i really dont have time to make them. so i was wondering if anyone was...
  10. lom109

    Sorry.. but what are skins used for?

    im pretty sure this hasnt been covered yet... what are they used for??.. just changing the colour of a model doesnt do anything....
  11. lom109

    Wishing list

    SANTAA =] altho.. it really aint christmas.. >.<" lol neways.. (please delte older post about the loading screen)<< 2 moderators.. Sorry.. its just, cuz.. i figured out all these new needs i have for my map =S thanks 1) Moving loading screen concerning Everquest2, uncharted lands 2)...
  12. lom109

    its not really urgent.. but i REALLY dont know how 2 make it

    a loading screen concerning Everquest 2 uncharted lands. one that moves?.. i know im kinda asking alot.. =S sorry.. but i really want to learn how to make one.. but i dont have time to learn .. but im 85% dun the map.. and no loading screen