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  1. Flinn

    Defias pirate

    Scurvy cur! :piru: Great job!
  2. Flinn

    DragonMaw Sky Stalker

    Absolutely stellar work!
  3. Flinn

    Plague Cauldron Re-Reforged

    Beautiful! Spread that plague! 🤢🤮💀👍
  4. Flinn

    Anduin Llane Wrynn Reforged

    Nice job! The mounting animations are really cool!
  5. Flinn

    Old Villagers Re-Reforged

    A bunch of old geezers defending their parched lawn from marauding children. Great job!
  6. Flinn

    King Terenas Menethil II

    The head looks quite good. You might consider making him less armoured, like he appears in cinematics. A 3D model I found via Google:
  7. Flinn

    Genn Greymane

    One major issue that I can see is that he has regular human legs rather than worgen legs.
  8. Flinn

    Orc Champion

    Cool, good job. :peasant-thumbs-up-cheers: At first I was thinking he's way too tall for an orc...but then I thought about humans in real life, and adult humans can range in sizes from small as 54.6 cm (21.5 in), to as tall as 2.72m (8' 11"), so why can't there be orcs with gigantism (that...
  9. Flinn


    Fantastic job, as usual! Regarding the Stand-3's hard to doesn't look like something you'd do as you're just standing around normally, it's like she's stretching, but not really trying to stretch. I think that it could be a Spell-1 casting animation, if you sped it up a bit.
  10. Flinn

    Orc Champion

    Very long-legged. Is he based on the felguard, by chance?
  11. Flinn

    Elite Archers

    No need to imagine. It just so happens that there's historical artwork depicting heavily/fully armoured longbowmen.
  12. Flinn

    Elite Abomination Re-Reforged

    Wonderfully hideous! :peasant-cheers:
  13. Flinn

    Blood elf archer stand up

    Very good...another archer cured of scoliosis 👍
  14. Flinn

    Kodo variations

    Great job!
  15. Flinn

    Diablo, the Lord of Terror

    Hmmm, maybe something like this?
  16. Flinn

    Diablo, the Lord of Terror

    Very nice job. Team colour...could be that red bit in the middle of his chest.
  17. Flinn

    Tirion Fordring and Dagren Orcslayer v2.0

    Updated models look amazing! :peasant-thumbs-up-cheers:
  18. Flinn

    Dranai Labourer

    Sad... 😣 Great job! :peasant-cheers-back::peasant-cheers:
  19. Flinn

    Elven Knights (AoW)

    Very nice work :peasant-thumbs-up-cheers:
  20. Flinn

    Draenor boars (not corrupted)

    Nice work 🐗:peasant-thumbs-up-cheers:
  21. Flinn

    Gryphon Knight (AoW)

    Nice one! Reminds me of a game I used to play on the Atari, Joust. Joust game
  22. Flinn

    Zombie High Elf Archer

    Great work! I assume that the floating arrow in the 3D viewer doesn't show up in-game?
  23. Flinn

    Felorc Grunt - Derivatives

    Amazing work!
  24. Flinn

    Dire Orc

    Great work as usual! One small thing, the feet seem like they're floating over the fact, looking at the GIF of them attacking the footman, I can see a gap between the feet and the shadows they cast.
  25. Flinn

    Goblin Chef

    Chimaerok Chops, obviously... :goblin_yeah: Great work, Moonman!
  26. Flinn

    Frostcraft - Rebranding the terrain

    Extreme Makeover: Mr.Goblin Map Edition...the map looks absolutely stunning!
  27. Flinn

    Lord Marrowgar - Reforged

    That's goddamn amazing! BONESTORM! ☠️💀💀☠️
  28. Flinn

    Burning Archer

    Nice work! 🔥💀🏹🔥
  29. Flinn

    !טסדינגו, מון :peasant-waving:

    !טסדינגו, מון :peasant-waving:
  30. Flinn

    Rage Winterchill

    Looks good! Stay frosty 🥶👍
  31. Flinn

    Defenders of the people pack

    I like the different coloured gambesons and the heraldry on the shields and the gambesons. :peasant-thumbs-up:
  32. Flinn

    Dire troll (5 variations)

    Really cool!
  33. Flinn

    Ironforge Priest

    A mighty Blondebeard priest! :peasant-ok-hand:
  34. Flinn

    HD Modeling Contest #2: Theme Discussion!

    I was thinking Draenei... so Moonman's Outland/Draenor/Burning Legion theme idea fits nicely with that.
  35. Flinn

    Universal Footman Pack

  36. Flinn

    HD Modeling Contest #1 - Results

    Great job guys, congratulations!
  37. Flinn

    Hero "Eredar Grand Warlock"

    Change looks good! :peasant-thumbs-up:
  38. Flinn

    Silvermoon Town Hall/Keep/Castle

    Absolutely stunning! :peasant-thumbs-up:
  39. Flinn

    Hero "Eredar Grand Warlock"

    Reforged made the face tentacles too fat, that's the biggest issue...they have wide bases and thus the face looks fat, too...dunno why Lemonsky did that...had they never seen an Eredar before? lol Kil'jaeden admittedly has two fatter tentacles in this image, but they don't cause his face to look...
  40. Flinn

    Salramm the Fleshcrafter

    Great work!
  41. Flinn

    Nightelf Blademaster/Wardenguard Swordmaster (AoW)

    Nice work, looks great!
  42. Flinn

    Mathog (Slave Master) Re-Reforged

    He looks very savage.
  43. Flinn

    Cult of the Damned Bandits Re-Reforged

    Nice cultists is a great idea!
  44. Flinn

    Green Blackrock Blademaster Re-Reforged

    Looks great! :thumbs_up:
  45. Flinn

    High\Blood Elven Blacksmith

    Great work! Very reminiscent of the forge area in Silvermoon.
  46. Flinn

    Magistrate Henry Maleb Re-Reforged

    Well, there it is. WTii in all his greedy glory... :peasant-thumbs-up-cheers:
  47. Flinn

    Botanist Garden

    Looks great!
  48. Flinn

    Elven Hatchery

    I had been thinking that the elves needed a dragonhawk aviary/hatchery, and I'd looked around in WoW, but the most I could see was a flightmaster nest with eggs and a dragonhawk beside it, no real structure like the gryphons have. This is great..!
  49. Flinn

    Wood Elf - Botanist

    Amazing work, guys.
  50. Flinn

    Elven Knights

    Absolutely beautiful!