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  1. lJonathan

    Exiled Paladin

    Is perfect!
  2. lJonathan

    Kael'thas With Felo'melorn, Sun king Version (AoW)

  3. lJonathan

    Nightelf Blademaster/Wardenguard Swordmaster (AoW)

    Nice work!!!!!! 🥰
  4. lJonathan

    Elven Knights

    For Silvermoon! And Quel’thalas!
  5. lJonathan

    Ballador the Bright

    For the light!!!!
  6. lJonathan

    Dark Iron Captain

  7. lJonathan

    Ironforge Ram Rider

  8. lJonathan

    Orc - Gladiator

    For the horde!
  9. lJonathan

    Arthas Paladin Mounted Re-Reforged

    Invencible 😍
  10. lJonathan

    Hosted Project: Quenching Mod

    I'm crazy about lore and my head has exploded ... I'm crazy to see this piece of REMASTERIZATION
  11. lJonathan

    Warcraft 3 Re-Reforged: Exodus of the Horde

    I can only say that I have no words, this is what I expected wc3 with the wow story updates and with a lot of love. You have just shown that a person from home can come to love this game even more than managers and creators. I hope with all my heart that you can continue working on this great...
  12. lJonathan

    Chronicles of the Second War - Updated Demo

    It's an awesome Demo First of all I would like to thank you with all my heart, you are bringing back a game that was a before and after for me. In chapter 1: Everything is quite correct although the main cinematic should be closer, this chapter is an introductory chapter and the close-up camera...
  13. lJonathan

    Comment by 'lJonathan' in media 'The Stromgardians of Arathi'

  14. lJonathan

    Comment by 'lJonathan' in media 'Regional Defender (Updated)'

    The model is perfect, but I think the cross of the armor is left over.
  15. lJonathan

    Mok'Nathal Pack

    This is very good, especially if you could do a personalized campaign.