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  1. Ekoi

    Seeking advise SC2 modeling.

    Hey there Hivers, long time no see! I recently got the gall to open up SC2's world editor and nearly pooed myself when I saw how much more complex and powerful it was to WC3's, and as I was going to model one of my miniatures anyway I got around to considering doing it with SC2 in mind...
  2. Ekoi

    Roman Pilim (throwing weapon)

    So, would you say that it's ready to be submitted or whatnot?
  3. Ekoi

    Roman Pilim (throwing weapon)

    Dionesiist: No one could compleatly forget the Ekoi no matter how hard they tried. :3 Pyritie: I posted it here because it's a WIP, and I'm looking for critique. There's a difference between what I said and something like "fix plz."
  4. Ekoi

    Roman Pilim (throwing weapon)

    I made this kinda-long time ago as a request, but I could never get it attached to a model without it's Death animation being weird. (the model not dissapearing when Death plays.) If anyone would want to fix it for me, do tell. Use in-game texture. 34 Vertices 76 Faces Cookie to...
  5. Ekoi

    Reputation: (Post) good tut

    Reputation: (Post) good tut
  6. Ekoi

    Things to come

    It's about time, I've been waiting to upload a few models. Ones that DON'T suck.
  7. Ekoi

    stick man model needed

    It should be done soon. Sometime within the week. I'll also make a Team Color one.
  8. Ekoi


    I always thought that it was just the time of the month for you. :lol: Well, I DO only visit the site about one week each 2 months, maybe I just have bad timing. XD
  9. Ekoi

    stick man model needed

    As silly as it sounds, I'm going to have to ask you to post a picture of it. After all, there are many style of stick people.
  10. Ekoi

    I need a few -=[ SIMPLE ]=- icons.

    *reads request* I subjust that you go download GIMP, eather from our tools section or google the offical site. It's like Photoshop, but free. It has a few glitches, but you get what you pay for. I'd do it for you, but I never upload outside of this site, so you'd have to wait for the...
  11. Ekoi


    Hey Mecheon, 'Sup? I see you're working on your sprites again. We both should change our avatars here to match our updated sprites. :D Anyway, Bag of Chips, I'll look at your topic for you, and see if I can GIMP it real quick. I'll be the one to deside if your Icon request ie easier or not...
  12. Ekoi

    What is the best modding program.

    I nomonate Oinkerwinkle Tools.
  13. Ekoi

    Middle Age models?

    I'm working on some, so fret not.
  14. Ekoi


    Here's what I have. I havn't given it the animations, but it uses all ingame textures.
  15. Ekoi


    I applogise if I got a bit carried away, I'm just secencitive when it comes to polearm weapons. OwO I'll do both an attachment and projectile, since it should be simple. The tools I use for modeling are Oinkerwinkle Tools. Alot of people use these, as they are free and easy to use, though...
  16. Ekoi


    WRONG! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! First of all, there's no rod on a poleweapon, it's called a shaft or handle, though handle is still an improper way of decribing it. Second, a pilum is NOT a spear, but a type of throwing-javelon. EWhen compaired to a spear, the shaft is not longer; it is usaly...
  17. Ekoi

    ModelS - Pandaren Race

    Oddly enough, I may help you with some models and ideas. [I will not make these models for your map, but for public, as I'm not very fond of Kings and Knights.] An idea for the seige unit could be a bamboo rocket launcher. Back in the day fireworks were used as rockets and were made of...
  18. Ekoi


    In before lock? Anyway, I'm working on Sonic the Hedgehog character models. Only a few though.
  19. Ekoi

    Vampire King

    Wow, a posibly good model comming from pokemon/digimon/yugiman. I may have a crack at this.
  20. Ekoi

    Subjustions wanted for a skin.

    Hi there everyone, it's me, Ekoi, the person who rarely posts here anymore. Anyway, I reasontly made this model, but I havn't done much with the skin besides touch it up a bit. I'm asking for subjustions on what I should do to this melee seige mechine's skin. Also note that it's ment to be...
  21. Ekoi


    I'm glad I got some fair feedback as compaired to my other models I've submited here. Also, I want to change the skin, but don't know what to do. Please subjust something. @Riku: There are MANY maps with mechanical heros. Heck, there's one or two in DOTA All-Stars. And yes, I am the...
  22. Ekoi


    I was playing a custem map the other day, and there was a hero that used the Meatwagen as a melee hero, but that didn't look good. So, I desided to make a Melee version myeslf. I couldn't come up with much for the skin, so feel free to subjust something.
  23. Ekoi

    Life_Crusher (Model)

  24. E

    Life_Crusher (Warcraft 3 Model)

  25. Ekoi

    Soul Edge

    Very ugly model. The animations aren't needed. It'd be easier to have seperate models for item and attachment. The Texture is just a C%P job from a screenshot or something. You could have atleast made your own texture. Also, the eye would look good animated.
  26. Ekoi

    Multiple mythical attatchments?

    Post some pictures and such of what you want. I don't like to go from no refrence.
  27. Ekoi

    extract WoW sunken ruins doodads?

    Here you go.
  28. Ekoi

    unprotect a map pls :)

    Hope you like banning, because requesting anyting about protection in illegal here.
  29. Ekoi

    Solid Lightning Infernal

  30. Ekoi


    What breed of troll?
  31. Ekoi

    This proves Werewulf is 1337

    >> Look at the post count in the picture...
  32. Ekoi

    Model Editing

    There are nearly 24 hours between each of his posts. He first waited one day. Then he waited another day. Now finaly people have posted in his topic.
  33. Ekoi

    This proves Werewulf is 1337

    *facepalm* D'OH! :x I appoliges for my miss-spelling. Edit: There, I fixed it. ^^;;;
  34. Ekoi

    Model Editing

    Wait more than one day at a time for replys.
  35. Ekoi

    This proves Werewulf is 1337

  36. Ekoi

    Model missing

    Alright Dionesiist, I'm going to explain this to you as simple and polite as I can. FIRST, brfore you even think about submiting the resource, for any and every peice of your submition you didn't make on your own, you MUST PM(Privet Message) the creater for approval. If even one of the...
  37. Ekoi

    Anyone Got the DotA Phantom Lancer Model?

    It's a Final Fantasy X character. More of a skin though, as it lacks in certen details. Example: horn.
  38. Ekoi

    Raptor Jesus WIP

    I can't seem to get the model to work in Warcraft... It works in ALL the viewers, but it just won't work in the editor. I've done all the path work correctly, but it's as though Blizzard put a block on anything imported with the word Jesus in it. And yes, I saved, closed, and reopened WE.
  39. Ekoi

    Raptor Jesus WIP

    Image shacked =D :
  40. Ekoi

    Raptor Jesus WIP

    At least some people are amussed. ^^ But nah, I'm going to submit a bunch of World of Warcraft models now. Later. *shot*
  41. Ekoi

    Raptor Jesus WIP

    I didn't realy plan to, EXPESALY this time of year. xD
  42. Ekoi

    Raptor Jesus WIP

    I did this based on humor. It is based on this picture. Yes, it is mostly a geomerge with a medeocer skin, but this is a Work in Progress. Credit to olofmoleman and his brother snorky for the based models and skins.
  43. Ekoi

    Virtual sweatshops. This is WoW.

    I had a theory about this a few years ago, but I never thought it could be true!
  44. Ekoi


    You can use my nightelf vampire. xD
  45. Ekoi

    DotA or Defence of the Ancients?

    Wrong! Dota is for TFT, while Defence of the Anciants is a RoC map. Defence of the Anciants and DotA are VERY different maps.
  46. Ekoi

    Need help with spell!

    You do not need triggers for this. Base your spell on Permenate Inmorlation, change all the text and graphics to suit your aura, change the range to about 800, or whatever the aura range defalt is, and change the targets to what they are by defalt+undead. Simple, no?
  47. Ekoi

    looking for a skinner

    Shrink the head and I'll make a fair skin for it.
  48. Ekoi

    FF7 Models Request

    The animations on the cloud model are fine, and if you can find me a suitable animation base for Tifa, you may be in luck.
  49. Ekoi

    DotA or Defence of the Ancients?

    Which do you prefer, the new or the old?
  50. Ekoi

    The Origin Of Cheese - Model Request II - red sock model

    XD That made my day. To those who don't know, I started the quoteage in that topic.