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  1. Malufa

    Picture game

    So the rules of the game is that I will post up a picture of some chick and it is your job to state who you think is right. Ok, here goes the first one:
  2. Malufa

    Cute Niece and Nefew

    So this is my niece , she is about 30 months old and is absolutely adorable. Her little brother is only 18 months in this picture, but he is already becoming as good looking as his uncles :P Anyways I know it is off-topic and all but seeing how this was Dan's and my idea to make the off-topic...
  3. Malufa

    What if you were colour blind?

    How do we know what we percieve is anywhere near the "correct" colour? What if the established colour of brown were in truth black? Could it ever be known? Would it ever matter? Is perhaps Julliet correct and "A rose of any other name would smell just as sweet."?
  4. Malufa

    Can there be peace without war?

    As many of you older members will know I love philosophy and metaphysics, it is the place where a great many of our discussions came from. For you newer people feel free to search my name and you will find that many times did Dan and I have very long threads with each other and occassionally a...
  5. Malufa

    Hey guys

    Wow been over two years or so since I was last here, just wanted to check in on my old friends and say hello to all of you new guys. This place certainly has grown a lot since it was free website and we had like 7 members total :)
  6. Malufa

    Einstein the Bird

    Here is something really cool for those of you who bother to read this. My favourites are the two spaceships and when he asks for beer when he is thirsty.
  7. Malufa

    Weird philosophies

    What happened to our abstract forum? Why was it deleted?
  8. Malufa


    Here are two pieces of advice I was given when I was a very young boy that have profoundly affected my life. I can safely say that the success of my life has pretty much come from understanding this, so I give it to you all in the hopes that maybe one of you will listen as well and learn from...
  9. Malufa

    Problems with DnL

    Wow, where to start. No GM help No help from forums No communication through e-mail Refund only for those who pre-ordered it Bugged monsters Bugged Transport Bugged Combat Bugged Teleportation When the "fix" a bug they cause another three Bugged crafting Cannot raid Random times...
  10. Malufa

    Decepticon movie

    In case people did not know there is a new movie about Transformers coming out in exactly one year from today. is the official website, here is the new poster I just bought.
  11. Malufa

    Twisting Nether

    My little brother Blake, my twin Emil, good friend Ryann, lady friend Alaina, and I are all going to begin playing WoW starting tomarrow. We will be on the server named Twisting Nether and will be Horde, if anyone cares to join us feel free. As I will be an undead priest my name will most...
  12. Malufa

    Going away

    I am going to be gone until most likely the 21st of June when my new house will get upgraded internt. Sorry about the almost 2 week haitus but I have been gone longer before.
  13. Malufa


    Are they done yet?
  14. Malufa

    Dark and Light out

    Well it is out for those of us who pre-ordered it, when you get in type /inheritance for all of your money and the griffon. My guild is called Clan Akkaba, so for those of you I told could join please sumbit a request and I will invite you, all others my handle is Falushani. Feel free to add...
  15. Malufa

    Dark and Light ready

    You can now download Dark and Light, the game will be able to be played in three days from now.
  16. Malufa


    I am back from holiday 8)
  17. Malufa

    2 week holiday

    I am leaving right now for a two week holiday, so I will not be around. See you guys afterwards.
  18. Malufa

    Preorder Dark and Light

    If you preorder not only do you get a griphon mount after and before launch, but there is something else cool that is happening. When you preorder you get to play Settlers of Ganareth, and for every five levels that character gets your first character on DnL will have like 10,000 gold.
  19. Malufa

    Good Artwork

    Here is a good friend of mine's website, have fun and please be mature about it.
  20. Malufa

    Alphabet game

    Here is a new game I am starting: We will go down the ancient greek alphabet and post pictures (if they can be found) of the letters. Here is the first, alpha. (edit) It seems to me that not all of you know the alphabet in order, so to alleviate any misunderstandings here it is:
  21. Malufa

    Ideas for heros

    Alright, I will open this up to the general public for ideas. Basically one of the maps Ras and I are working on is a hero wars game and we have a lot of units turned heros. The bad news for us is that we lost the word file which contained all of our ideas for a "new" Race of heros from...
  22. Malufa


    I will try to keep this relevant to where I am at with what I can do, but soon I will need some help. If we get just four or five of us and get five heros each then we can test out their abilities and look for bugs. So far I have almost completely fixed the problems I found with the new Orc...
  23. Malufa

    Back up

    Yay finally got everything back up and running, so I am now on the internet with my real computer instead of someone elses. I plan on finishing off the hero wars project Ras and I started almost a year ago, still taking suggestions if well thought out.
  24. Malufa

    Another DnL photo, kinda

    Here is one from E3:
  25. Malufa

    Lost Gospel of Judas

    Lost Gospel of Judas is playing on the national geographic channel tonight, I recomend watching it even if you have no interests in christianity.
  26. Malufa

    Crafting in DnL

    CRAFTING Crafting in DnL will be a vital facet and has a complex system to keep players active as they create items for their fellow players. In all there are 42 different tradeskills available from weapons crafter, to armorer, to alchemist. For each tradeskill line there are five stages of...
  27. Malufa

    Dark and Light + guild

    Well for those of you who do not know\remember I am going to be playing a MMORPG unlike any other like it in a couple of weeks. The game is called Dark and Light and it is the largest MMORPG ever. It sports about 15 different Races, 18 or so classes, and 72 crafts. There are 2 different types...
  28. Malufa

    New Christian Texts Thoughts? Comments? Speak your mind.
  29. Malufa

    Dark and Light!

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: 8) I cannot wait until 27th of this month!
  30. Malufa

    Evolution Pretty cool find I think.
  31. Malufa

    Vlad Tepes

    Some of you may or may not realize it, but I have an intense curiousity for Vlad Tepes, whom many consider the basis of Bram Stoker's Dracula. This is the largest amount of information I have seen on the internet and I like how it shows both main...
  32. Malufa


    Haha, once I restarted the spam posts Bob lost like 400 something posts :shock: That is pretty funny I think. :lol:
  33. Malufa

    Word Association Game restart

    The Word Association game is pretty simple. When you enter this topic there will be a poster above you or the lost post in the topic. That post will have a word in it. Once you see this word you must then reply with ONE word that relates to it in anyway at all! Also please do not repeat just...
  34. Malufa

    Old pics

    Here are some old pictures, this first one is me from when I was 16. 7 years old, but I still like it. My ex girlfriend is the one playing as Tifa:
  35. Malufa

    Hero wars out already?

    Why is there a version of hero wars out when I still have not finished it? Anyone ever find my word files on it?
  36. Malufa

    New and exciting... news

    Gasoline and vanilla can come from cow dung? Yep, here it is Can you imagine a monkey that fights by having sex? Well, they are almost extinct, here is the headline...
  37. Malufa


    Hey, do you have any of the word files I sent you for the map?
  38. Malufa


    Hey, can you e-mail me the latest version you have to [email protected] so I can try to do some stuff on it if I get the chance?
  39. Malufa

    New computer

    I finally got my new computer: I should be able to get back semi-more reliably in april or mai, then we can finish those maps we were working on Rasmus.
  40. Malufa

    Interesting news Rather interesting articles I think
  41. Malufa


    Well I am going to get a new computer in a few months, probably by this summer (northern hemisphere) I will be ordering it. I would do it sooner but I am too busy to enjoy it as of right now. It will be an iMAC cuz they are freaking sweet, if you need to know why I think that (and I am sure...
  42. Malufa


    What is the definition of evil? Can it be an universal condition or is it a matter of individual perspective?
  43. Malufa

    Dark and Light

    For those of you interested in playing a fun MMORPG the game Dark and Light is coming out soon, you can play advanced beta now. I, unfortuantely, cannot play yet, but that might change sometime around januarie. Also I was unable to choose my original name, possibly from my original beta...
  44. Malufa

    Plug it in

    Anyone seen the music video Plug it In? It is rather... interesting... DD would really like it and I am sure most of the rest of you would as well. Word of advice, do not watch it around girlfriends or parents.
  45. Malufa


    Tis been a long time since we have had any kind of meaningful discussion here, or at least a chance to explain a little bit more about ourselves. I was curious about what all of you dreamt about and considered a "normal" dream and what your "weird" dreams are. Remember, this is only as it...
  46. Malufa

    Unread posts

    Hey, where is the unread posts button at nowadays? I see it nowhere.
  47. Malufa

    What I have been up to

    For those of you interested, here is a general idea of what I have been doing. For the first three weeks I studied in a classroom all of the theoretical means of how to survive in the wilderness, how to escape from enemy capture through various means, how to evade detection, how to resist...
  48. Malufa


    Damn there are a ton of new faces and posts! So you finally surpassed my post count Rasmus, good job, I knew you had it in you buddy :wink: Well I finally completed the training that keeps me away from all forms of electrical equipment, but I am not in a good place to get online frequently...
  49. Malufa

    Which hand?

    So I was curious about which hand is dominant for you guys. To clarify so no one can claim one thing and then say another, I will state the conditions for chosing. You must pick the option that you write with, not the side you do things with, not the side you wish to be, but the hand that you...
  50. Malufa

    Diabolical Riddle 5

    To see me one knows of me To know me is to not see me Smaller than you know Larger than you think What am I?