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  1. Ihazdialup

    A question about the armor and the parry

    All damage and armor types are treated as the same, i.e magic damage doesn't do bonus damage to mail armor types Also if I remember correctly you cannot reduce a monster's armor below zero and armor penetration only allows you to ignore armor at a 1 to 1 ratio, so if you do 100 damage and have...
  2. Ihazdialup

    Need a suggestion!

    oof, thats a tough one, I know a well geared and a skilled group can trio seer with bard/druid/necromancer, zharo is very improbable with 3 people due to one having to only focus on an add. Yeti, thats duoable with a healer an OKAY tank, and a dps
  3. Ihazdialup

    Need a suggestion!

    Just run around the whitepine area and kill the rarespawns, unfortunately I don't think you three have enough dps with that group setup anyways to actually beat the bosses
  4. Ihazdialup

    Valkyrie class preview and 1.2D features

    Emphasize: (S Pairing) Instant Cast No Cooldown MP Cost = 2 The caster puts emphasis on their target allowing for additional affects to come from their other abilities. Switiching your lance ends the buff. Disabled Lance: When the user gains additional MP from their other abilities. Divine...
  5. Ihazdialup

    Cosmetic Depository?

    So just fuck those people that really like how their older items look and have a distaste for how the new items look?
  6. Ihazdialup

    Cosmetic Depository?

    TBH I like that second part, ecspecially if you put a gold sink that'd be like 10*(sell value of item) creates a gold sink for every use, however it'd be hard to tell what you'd look like with new gear.... Unless, you could have it save just 2 armor skins that you can change at the press of a...
  7. Ihazdialup

    Cosmetic Depository?

    I did read, and it just seems like your whining that you don't want people to have more options in style, for the sake of "people who are elite should look elite," in which case, if someone wanted to show off their "eliteness" ,if they could change the how their gear looked, they just simply...
  8. Ihazdialup

    Cosmetic Depository?

    Box just wants people to have the option to destroy a piece of gear to have it become a cosmetic, while Jumbo wants people to just look the same as the other person playing the same character.... hrmmmm
  9. Ihazdialup

    Suggestions on Weapons, Classes, Skills and much more.

    A Hunter bow with some int, that has a grappling hook like affect to quickly move you to a target location, i.e Swamp Pilgrim's Way Weapon - Dungeon 4 Type: Bow Hp: +50 Mp: +40 Aspd: +20% AP: +30 Agi: +18 Int: +18 Poison Damage: Max(Ap,SP) 5% Active: Grappling Shot. (Quickly moves the user to...
  10. Ihazdialup

    This might or might not be the next character class...

    I think I'm gonna keep this line for later
  11. Ihazdialup

    Servant of the Skies

    As what Strikest was saying, you can have Servant of the Skies along with Nymph, or Efreet, or at level 50 theres a talent that lets you have all 3. However with Servant of Nature you can only have that, or Nymph, or Efreet. So it was added more or less for Druids to have a useful skill at their...
  12. Ihazdialup

    Question about Lightning Charge

    it is set at 200% damage modifier when it crits, unless Zwieb can confirm otherwise
  13. Ihazdialup

    Spell Haste on Druid.

    Spellhaste also affects Recovery which is quite nice, less time not healing hp, and yeah if Druids get a spammable channel dps spell in the future the spellhaste will be real nice. Also even though they pretty much only use Remedy its the core skill for the class so the better you can make your...
  14. Ihazdialup

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Clarification on bytes

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Clarification on bytes
  15. Ihazdialup

    Would it be better if..?

    The benefits are not quite large enough I think because the cost to respec is so cheap nowadays that its not really even a problem, and with unlimited loads in one game, its not worth changing the whole system to just save like 2k gold on your characters
  16. Ihazdialup

    A preview of upcoming new abilities (and changes to existing abilities)

    Hawajska, I think Psionic staff will create a offhand like Psionic Blade, probably with different stat distributions (maybe the same), but I could be wrong *shrugs*
  17. Ihazdialup

    1.2C(5) Bugs

    It appears that Belts and potions count as different cooldowns, according to Kuv
  18. Ihazdialup

    How to hire more mercenary?

    Only one mercenary per person still I think, we can just now get up to 3 mercs up until 5 people are in the game
  19. Ihazdialup

    Drop List - Whitepine Mountains

    Whitepine Dust cannot be dropped it is only obtainable through doing the Brother Bear repeatable quest, and the Counter Attack repeatable quest which can be started after you protect the mountain king guy in Dan Huldran
  20. Ihazdialup

    Drop List - Whitepine Mountains

    Varthuvash can drop Fleetful Robes
  21. Ihazdialup

    Drop List - Whitepine Mountains

    Varthuvash spawns with the magnatuars, and Tarovh The Red spawns with the skeletons in the ruined castle area, hope this helps.
  22. Ihazdialup

    Token of Dun Haldran

    I think it will be fine for the current version, but I will keep that in mind for when D4 gear needs created.
  23. Ihazdialup

    Token of Dun Haldran

    Many items were created to not have ALL the useful stats on the same item, so you have to mix and match gear to get the best possible outcome, which is to promote more varied item builds between each character, rather than looking like exact clones of eachother
  24. Ihazdialup

    Load save game

    you create a character, type -save, then find your wc3 folder, find gaias retaliation, and click on the file thats "hero-lvl" and then copy the -load xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx into the chat box when you're in game
  25. Ihazdialup

    Token of Dun Haldran

    You use it in your inventory when you have a potion belt in your inventory at the same time to upgrade the potion belt, the potion belt maxes out at Potion Belt V
  26. Ihazdialup

    1.2C drop list

    Bearpaw I hope will get a buff to the defensive side to surpass that of Paragon, but Paragon is meant to be a good hybrid choice for Monk/Crusader (maybe Hex?) and just all around decent item
  27. Ihazdialup

    1.2C drop list

    I think buffing the pure tanking cloth/mail acc would be a better option (at least on the defensive side) because the dps acc are obviously better than Ring of the Paragon
  28. Ihazdialup

    1h + shield zerker: Where did the idea go?

    Except for Knight's Breastplate
  29. Ihazdialup

    1.2C bugs

    The Pure Essence recipe creates Executioner's Axe and not Pure Essence. Also I think Pure Essence's proc and maybe health should be buffed, the proc should average out to do more damage than Fist of Zartos, otherwise its overall worse than Fist of Zartos. Right now Fist of Zarto's proc...
  30. Ihazdialup

    The road to 1.2C

    o.0 Wow that's a lot more than I was expecting
  31. Ihazdialup

    [Suggestion]: put penalties on powerlevelling and boosting

    I like how all these people are coming out and calling Kamina as a toxic player when he's never started a fight on the forums, may have been a bit brash, but dumb ideas are just dumb ideas in all honesty, and has always helped people who can be helped from my experience with him. he's actually a...
  32. Ihazdialup

    Suggestions for cleric ability pairings

    Like I stated in my edit on my pairing suggestion post, I think that the best solution for combating the ArP talent is to simply buff the other talents on that tier to be more comparable.
  33. Ihazdialup

    Suggestions for cleric ability pairings

    The problem with balancing Cleric is that when you are a Cleric you practically need Heal/Soul Strike/Crippling Curse. Both advance classes again basically need Soul Strike and Crippling Curse, Heal becomes moot for Monk and useless for Bishop once they get Flash Heal. But seeing as Monk is kind...
  34. Ihazdialup

    Gaias Newbie

    Put your light settings on high to get rid of the really dark thing. And you should just sell items to a shop for gold. Gold can be used to buy recipes, potions, and even mounts at a certain point. If you can't pick up items in your own hero's inventory, then pick them up using your backpack...
  35. Ihazdialup

    1.2B(14) just went live!

    Doesn't Crucify have the same multiplier or is the multiplier just X2? Actually what'd probably be best would be taking the Parry over Heroic Pressence (because heroic only works on auto attacks, no?) and then the Parry talents, and Revenge, then you get the reset talent on revenge potentially...
  36. Ihazdialup

    Seer down :]

    I would say it was quite challenging, though if the mechanics were done PERFECTLY it wasn't toooo bad (i was just dps so I probably have some bias) however I feel like it could gain a health buff anyways, like 30-50k so that it would take either a perfect group (probably what we had + a druid...
  37. Ihazdialup

    Seer down :]

  38. Ihazdialup

    1.2B(14) just went live!

    Unfortunately Zwieb many of the choices (sadly large rant time), at least to me, seem to have a much easier choice, for now, reworking some numbers could change that. Like the Cleric choices.... Sunfire/Crippling Curse, For Monk giving up crippling curse (and the ability to ignore armor with...
  39. Ihazdialup

    1.2B(14) just went live!

    try -comp in place of -load if that doesn't work make sure you save into 1.2b(13) and then -comp instead of -load Also make sure your code was created while you were online, not in single player mode, you can create lan games or battlenet games yourself and be alone however to still save...
  40. Ihazdialup

    1.2B(14) just went live!

    ^that, I personally think those are better choice, also if you decide to keep Jolting Strikes as is... I think it needs buffed otherwise it is literally less dps and no aoe than Bursting Touch. Also Warcry doesn't work, the visual affect works, but nothing gains the bonus AP. Ignore what I...
  41. Ihazdialup

    Bug Reports

    Incinerate as well going off of what Saikodemon said
  42. Ihazdialup

    On a possible gem/shard system - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    That's a fair point, would any of the "Ancients" work, like Ancient of War and such
  43. Ihazdialup

    On a possible gem/shard system - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    So its gotta be super-cereal all the time?
  44. Ihazdialup

    On a possible gem/shard system - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    But seriously why can't the chicken be a mount? Like have us do a quest where we have to go find stuff to help this guy feed his chickens, he gives us a list, and one thing was scribbled down and misread by us and makes one of the chickens huge and he has to give the chicken to us because...
  45. Ihazdialup

    On a possible gem/shard system - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    SO does that mean that the mount system is finished, and we're just waiting on a couple of skills at this point to test out the mount system and new ability system?
  46. Ihazdialup

    Talents Guide

    Uhh to put it simply there are two types of stuns, actual Stuns, that affect things that can be stunned and will prevent spellcasting. While things that cannot be stunned, like Andrazzar, your then able to interrupt his shadowbolt with interrupts
  47. Ihazdialup

    looking for 2 players to play with in gaias!

    As someone just south of B.C sounds interesting :D, sadly my laptops a little fucked up atm
  48. Ihazdialup

    Problems with gaiasostbot in bnet.....

    I get that issue occasionally, I just spam it until it works
  49. Ihazdialup


    There are bots that you can occasionally find groups in if you're willing to wait Gaiashostbot is one of them
  50. Ihazdialup


    Yeah, what Gimli said, you need to find a group to help you kill Gargoyle and Brood matriarch, it is a slow process, but its fun because you're in a group doing the 2 hardest bosses