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  1. Ihazdialup

    Taking Item Suggestions!!

    Box and I just want to hear what you guys come up with for new items. Keep the items pretty basic, and if we like the idea we might possibly add it!! If not then @#$! you!! kidding! ^.^
  2. Ihazdialup

    Cooldown Reset Talents

    Some might find that these talents are extremely overpowered, as they also reset potion cooldowns usually leading to an infinite mana source allowing the character to ignore wisdom, also, as it resets abilities such as Sweeping Blades, once every 30 seconds, for Assassin allowing Assassin to...
  3. Ihazdialup

    Crusader War Flags

    Well first off, when I was playing a game the other night, I noticed that me and someone else were both playing Crusaders, and the second one of us, really either of us, was completely useless, really low dps, and well didn't really help on bosses as you just need that 1 tank. You have 1...
  4. Ihazdialup

    Ornate Bronze Scalemail

    Is it possible to get ornate scalemail on a berserker?
  5. Ihazdialup

    Ban this guy

    This guy Yourpainismyjoy tried to pvp my entire team during the broodmother fight just for the sake of making us fail, I think that deserves a ban
  6. Ihazdialup

    Alchemist Resets himself

    Sometimes when alchemist boss does enrage we'll randomly run, and sometimes run outside of his fighting area or w/e and reset himself, maybe move him to more of the center of the mine that hes in?
  7. Ihazdialup

    Hill Giant

    My it appears that the hill giant dosnt drop anything, or dosnt drop anytihng 100% of the time, only the mc, is that intended?
  8. Ihazdialup

    Eternal Flower

    Has anyone found an eternal flwoer yet, and if so, what drops it?
  9. Ihazdialup

    Typo for evasion and crit chance equations

    The equations should go: 0.05+ then the rest of the equation for both crit chance and evasion, rather than as it stands right now as multiplying everything in the parenthesis by 5, which gives negative values.
  10. Ihazdialup

    6th Class or just new abilities for current 5?

    Well basically, would we rather see a new class with same amount of skills as other classes, or more skills to be added to the current 5 classes as zweib plans to do, it is his rpg, but isnt he really making it for us the players? Zweib also said he likes to break moulds or cliches, so why not...
  11. Ihazdialup

    Hackers in gaias already...

    Box and I were talking to this guy Afro_Samurai and he did admit to hacking, as you can see level 37 Crus with Max gear and polt, yet dosnt know how to play and Cmamms saw this guy load a level 38 Char and also says he'll upload vids of his "wipes" on bosses
  12. Ihazdialup

    Items Named aafter Famous or Infamous Players

    Well as the name suggests im just suggesting that some items should be named after some verteran or well-known players, I mean it wouldn't be hard to do, just as a little incentive to those who've been gaias fans for a long time. They don't have to necessarily be good or anything just named...
  13. Ihazdialup

    Spell Replacements for advanced classes.

    Well I was talking with Wolfe the other day and he came up with the idea of slightly tweaking some spells to work better for each Advanced class. We however did not go into detail so I'm going to attempt that now. Maybe... Druid: Flaming Arrow-> Searing Arrow: (attackpower) physical...
  14. Ihazdialup

    Firelord Minions

    I was doing Firelord with LanderZ and Vestra and I was on my Necromancer. At the very beginning it uses ATA and spawns minions, when all 3 of my Skeletons died all of Firelords Minions died. I think it has to do with too similiar of death triggers or has to do with summoning triggers, I don't...
  15. Ihazdialup

    Someone messed up the bot

    The bot wont start games because someone set it to like 300,000 players needed or something, and I didn't knw where else to post this. So I'm just wondering... Can someone with bot control change that?
  16. Ihazdialup

    Something about the D3 Waves

    With the upcoming d4, and I heard someone saying that going into D4 would be like going into D3 with full D2 gear. Well the Waves in the beginning make this hard because for some runs I do it is literally half the length of the dungeon and really slows down getting the gear. But still a great...