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  1. Hordeon

    About leaks and map planning.

    Is it fine to fix all leaks in your map only in pre-release version or is it better to do it while making triggers? Because I personally find it annoying and fix leaks only in soon to be released maps. What about you? Share ;) :goblin_good_job:
  2. Hordeon

    [Crash] Players always gets crash when picking a hero, except Player 1 slot

    Test it out yourself. Host map, pick hero (keep in mind, this is WIP project). (Test it with 2+ players). What happens is: You are the only guy left in the game, other players crash instantly after picking their hero. I dont know where is the problem. Customscripts look fine, everything...
  3. Hordeon

    [Trigger] How to prevent AI Heroes from auto-picking any item on the ground?

    Hi, I'm making a survival type map with a lot of AI scripts in it, with neutral human/night elves towns, etc. How to make their heroes to not auto-pick up the randomly generated items like these: Logs, Stone, etc...? Any ideas? :vw_wtf:
  4. Hordeon

    How to make whisps cast a spell on sight?

    How to make all whisps to use the Detonate spell on sight automatically (AI powered)? I'm creating Survival/RPG. so I'll need that. It would be really cool and something new :) Like wandering whisps around, and then trying to detonate.
  5. Hordeon

    Altitude: fun, addictive multiplayer action

    Altitude is a fun, original multiplayer game with a bunch of cool unlocks and game modes. It's easy to learn and perfect for quick 10 minute sessions when you're busy, or way longer if you're bored. Very fun multiplayer action. Make sure to try ball mode once you've learned the basics...
  6. Hordeon

    Reduce the Duffuty

    Some of hunters are new and dont understand how to play! So we need the balancing system.
  7. Hordeon

    GUI Teleport System

    Hi all, im making a Teleport system for my map, that should send your unit to the other players lane. Here's my triggers. It's something wrong! SOLVED! No more helping... Red Events Unit - A unit enters RED END <gen> Conditions ((Unit-type of (Entering unit)) is A...
  8. Hordeon

    [Trigger] Damage Detection System (GUI)

    I want to make damage detection system. When you hit someone there should be a floating text with the damage count, and a command -dmg, that shows how much damage you absorbed,damage taken,the biggest taken damage. +REP who will help, and i will add you to the credits in my map.
  9. Hordeon

    Combining Runes

    I need a runes system. When you combine it, actualy game needs to create a dummy. Like: Wind Elemental (Wind, Earth, Earth) When you got required items it'll create a dummy (Wind Elemental dummy) for combined (triggering) player. I tried everything. GUI Only please.
  10. Hordeon

    Elements System (Combine)

    I need a help with my Elements System. I tried to create it by my self, but it's too hard. I got a mess with it. I'm trying to create it thousand times. What I Need: 1) When 3elements bought (Monster Recipe too), it'll TurnOn MonsterSpawn Trigger for Buying unit. 2) It must check conditions. So...
  11. Hordeon

    Commander's Cup

    MAIN IDEA Each player will have 1commander (Hero). Monster-Recipe: There will be much items, you need to combine them to spawn monsters. You can't have more than one same type creature, because your base spawn them. (Ex. You create Abomination. It will spawn every 120s.) Monsters will go to your...
  12. Hordeon

    Importance "Working"

    First Mistake There are so much people in hiveworkshop. I know, all of them want to do their own. We all are here, to create maps. When I was new in this community my first mistake was: "Tutorials Copying". I copied Jass codes and other users GUI's, and systems (From Tutorials). I thinked I'm...
  13. Hordeon

    Creating TD

    Hello, i want to do the trigger that spawns var_unit_count for 4computers (if 4players are playing). I picked them, but nothing happens. Can you help me? If 1player playing spawn for Brown (12). If 2players playing spawn for Player (Comp) (12) and (11). I hope you agreed STATUS: SOLVED
  14. Hordeon

    TD System (Help)

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  15. Hordeon

    Need Pro Help

    So listen up, and please help. When i tested it in with players. Everybody get Disconnect from the map. I tested with my best friend, he said. I don't know but i got dc from your map. It cannot be. Triggers are leakless. Please help somebody. Multiplayer: Disconnects all...
  16. Hordeon

    Really Big Problem (Disconnect Crush)

    Hi there, i got really big problem. When i start to play it with players: Starting 5... Starting 4... Starting 3... Starting 2... Starting 1... Map Initializes. I pick a hero, and then everybody get Disconnect! Why? I attach a map.
  17. Hordeon

    Ice system (Slide)

    Hi im need help with Ice: i like to slide. I tried anything in the triggers. I learned death trigger, but i can't learn slide trigger. Please help! +REP FOR HELPER! [Solved]
  18. Hordeon

    Tutorial: Easy income system

    Hello today this tutorial (THIS IS MINI-TUTORIAL!) will show you how to do basicly correct income (Without Leaks). My own income sysyem (I use this in my maps): Non-Leaking Income Events Time - Every X seconds of the game time Conditions Actions Set tempGroup = (Units of type X...
  19. Hordeon

    [Trigger] -save -load Code

    Hi all, im need a professional, but easy usuable -save -load Code (For RPG) Can anyone help? I like helpers... IF YOU HELP ME WITH -SAVE -LOAD I GIVE YOU +REP :fp: :fp: :fp: :thumbs_up:
  20. Hordeon

    Boomer Model

    Do you know boomer from the left4dead? It's so... so id like to request boomer model for my boomer td... Your reward: Credits
  21. Hordeon

    Looking for terrainer?

    So if you are unpopular in hive, you won't need to learn terraing! Hire me! My terraining level: Normal with - (Minus)
  22. Hordeon

    How to: Test map correctly

    Testing the map is very important. First you must fix all leaks (No leaks , good game). The second rule is: The Path... The pach must be placed correctly. The third testing rule is: The Coding of Colors. The collor code is very important.You can't write color code like this: OR And...