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  1. WhiteNerd

    Example on how much WoW is addicting

    LOL, I used to be addicted to WoW too, spent literally a whole month in this schedule Started out on my couch, with my comp on a table, so i can access it while on the couch. I slept on the couch and only moved to get food like once a day. Went to bed at 3-4 AM, then repeated, waking up at about...
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    actually the robe was all freehand, cross was also done, but badly, so i apologize for that, I am changing the skin. So you will see this guy back, but better. Hopefully you guys will find it acceptable.
  3. WhiteNerd

    Need Help With this Skin

    ok, thanks, really appreciate it
  4. WhiteNerd

    Need Help With this Skin

    i mean that little thing sticking out, not part of the robe but that little stick-type thing.
  5. WhiteNerd

    Need Help With this Skin

    Hey, I'm working on a sorcerer/wizard/spell caster skin, and it happens to be using the acolyte model. Well I am just about done with the skin, and I need some help finding the area to remove, because when I use my skin, there is some kind of stick or something popping out of his leg. Here is my...
  6. WhiteNerd


    actually, most of it was freehand, but ill work on it more.
  7. WhiteNerd

    BTNSummoner (Icon)

    This is an Icon I made to go along with my Acolyte Skin.
  8. W

    BTNSummoner (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  9. W

    The Summoner (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  10. WhiteNerd

    Summoner.BLP (Texture)

    Alright, here is my second skin. It may just look like a recolor but if you look closely, most of it is freehand. Anyways, hope you enjoy. Keywords: Wizard, Summoner, Human, Mage, Spellcaster, Dark, Priest, Follower
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    There we go, I think this is much better than the original.
  12. WhiteNerd

    Reputation: (Post) Very Nice Pitlord skin

    Reputation: (Post) Very Nice Pitlord skin
  13. WhiteNerd

    StoneScaleNaga2.BLP (Texture)

    This skin was entirely made by me. I actually started about a year ago with this, but was rejected, and just thought that I'd give it another go, with some touch ups and modifications that I have learned over the year. Hope you enjoy :) Updated August 27, 2008. Here is another try. Redid all...
  14. W

    Stonescale Naga (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  15. WhiteNerd

    Undead Myrmidon

    I'm sorry lol, I found out. I was playing around some more and found out how to make things transparent, etc. Thanks though.
  16. WhiteNerd


    alright thanks for the tips + ideas
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    Hey, I am starting an AoS map, kind of like DotA, and I was wondering if anyone had any hero ideas, I already have some heroes, but I need a lot more, i have about 8 right now, and need about 20. Thanks.
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    Corrupted Naga (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  19. WhiteNerd

    Corrupted Naga (Texture)

    This is my first skin. Had some trouble with the alpha stuff, but seems to have turned out well, for first time at least. If you do decide to use this, credit me please. Please give thoughts and comments on this so I can hopefully do better later.
  20. WhiteNerd

    Undead Myrmidon

    Hey, I've been working on this skin and when I try it out in Warcraft Viewer, it has some parts that appear out of where it is transparent on the normal myrmidon skin. I know it has some things to do with the alpha channel, but it is all confusing to me. I use GIMP if that helps. Thanks.
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    BTNSpireFire (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  22. WhiteNerd

    BTNSpireFire (Icon)

    This is an icon that I just made and plan on using in my newest map. The face on the image is another person's icon of the Elf Warlock I got on here a while ago.