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  1. Narg666

    [Crash] Changing ability level of dead units.

    Hello guys, its been a while since my last post. So, I was testing my map out with some friends, and I found many crashes, and all with abilities that give "dummy" abilities to units! The easiest example I can give you guys is this ability: Every attack given by an unit with the A0T6 ability...
  2. Narg666

    [Model] Orc Raider Projectile

    Hello guys, I'm not sure if there is already something like it, but I need the Orc Raider's sword as a projectile, his longsword spinning around itself. And if possible, I also need this same sword enchanted with blood particles, so I can use it for a "searing arrow" effect. Thanks guys, hope...
  3. Narg666

    Map not running anymore

    Hello everyone, I'm stuck into this problem... My map is not running anymore, I mean, it doesn't even show the player teams at warcraft 3, just blank... the map won't start, and I don't know why... I uploaded my unprotected map, so please, can anyone help me?
  4. Narg666

    [General] Problem with Multiplayer Floating Texts

    Hello everyone, I'm having some strange issues with floating texts in multiplayer. When I play my map alone, all floating text works just fine, but when in multiplayer, they sometimes don't show up!!! The whole script works, but the floating text doesn't !!! So, here is how I was...
  5. Narg666

    [JASS] Global Group Problem

    Hi there, I need some help understanding why is this causing lag when multiple enemy units are targeted... scope RainOfChaos initializer Init private function Cond1 takes nothing returns boolean return(GetUnitState(GetFilterUnit(), UNIT_STATE_LIFE) > 0 and...
  6. Narg666

    Magic Resistance Stacking

    Hi everyone... I need a help with Magic/Spell resistance stacking... I know that Elune's Grace and Spell Damage Reduction can stack, but my problem is, I have the following: 2 Items that gives magic resistance and must NOT stack with each other... Heroes that have a skill of magic...
  7. Narg666

    Hero Dummy

    Hello everyone, I'm having a problem with Dummy based on heroes (like "fake illusions"), the problem is that they reduce the experience gained by the original hero even if I use "SuspendHeroXP", I need to know if there is any way to allow the normal hero gain the whole experience, instead of...
  8. Narg666

    Need help with 2 spells.

    Hello everyone... I'm in need of help to make two spells of mine work properly First is a nova of lightning with dummies, everything works fine but when the dummy touches enemy units, nothing happens. Usually I use variables, but I tried to make with Hashtable, wich I'm not very familiar...
  9. Narg666

    [JASS] What's wrong with BJ ?

    I've been looking for some spells and I realized the most qualified makers never use BJ like SetUnitPositionLocFacingBJ, they usually do this: SetUnitPosition SetUnitPositionLoc So, it drives me to one question, whats wrong with BJ ? Is there any problem using it? Once it's much easier...
  10. Narg666


    Hello everyone, I want to know how to create spells like the Glaives of Wisdom from the Silencer (DotA) or the Burning Spear from Huskar (DotA). These spells are auto-casting spells that changes their attack. The Glaives of Wisdom add some pure damage based on your intelligence, and a floating...
  11. Narg666

    Forest Hero Defense

    I always use to create this map alone, all-by-myself, so, until now, I made every single thing alone, but the point is: You can't do everything alone. So I'm requesting some people to help me mainly on reducing lag, kickings and other things... The Map is already done, but I'll never stop...
  12. Narg666

    Little help with kicks

    What can be the problem of my map because it suddenly kicks players without any reason and without countdown. It is just from nowhere, you are there playing and then KICK, just from nowhere. Can somebody help me? Why it happens only ONLINE? I made a test in a lan, and we finished the match...
  13. Narg666

    Harlequin + Hellequin Models

    Hello everyone, I need two models for my map, the Male Harlequin, and the Female Hellequin, they are like Jesters of the middle-age! I really need two models, if possible, I want them to have two daggers and animations like: Attack 1 - Right Hand Dagger Attack 2 - Left Hand Dagger Attack Slam -...
  14. Narg666

    The Four Horsemen

    Hello everyone!! I'm here to ask for models... I need 4 models of "The Four Horsemen" The famous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Plague - Must be a White Horse with an old man ridding it, wielding a bow and wearing a crown. Maybe with some green particle emitters, like if it was...
  15. Narg666

    Fissure - Raigor Stonehoof

    Hi everybody, I'm here again, I need to know how to create EXACTLY the spell Fissure of the Earthshaker from DotA. Exactly the same spell, without any difference and including the crevasse. Thanks. Post a map please.
  16. Narg666

    Orb Effects/Buff Placers

    Is there anyway to remove the buff placers/orb effects from spells? I mean, that create a corruption spell that isn't a buff placer, so it can stack with any other spell that leaves a buff. Can someone tell me? Thanks.
  17. Narg666

    Slark Spell

    Hello everyone, I want to know if someone can tell me how to make the ultimate spell of Slark from dota, I mean, both effects, the passive that increases his regen and movespeed when he is out of the enemy's sight and the spell to attack invisible... Can someone help me? Thanks.
  18. Narg666

    Exchange Buffs Skill

    Hey, I want a system very hard to make... I considerate myself a good jass scripter, but I need a system very over my capacities, I don`t even know if it is possible to do, but I need this help. Can someone tell me if is possible to create a spell to exchange buffs? I mean, for example...
  19. Narg666

    Creeps like DotA 6x6

    Hey, hellow all, I wanna know how to create a map with 6x6 team BUT with creeps... Let me explain... In dota 5x5 we got 12 players 10 Heroes 2 Creeps How to create the creeps of DotA 6x6? Where we got 12 heroes Who is the creeps? Neutrals, it can be! Because each creep...
  20. Narg666

    Some questions about leaks/lags and control lost

    Well... I have some questions to do... Leaks: Integer, Real or Unit LOCAL variable leak? How to fix? Floating Text leaks even if you set lifetime? How to fix without destroying it instantly Moving a dummy unit every 0.03 seconds through local variables leaks? Even if I've destroyed it...
  21. Narg666

    [Advanced] I need a help with my map Forest Hero Defense.

    Hello everyone... I need a help with my map... Sometimes ONLY WHILE PLAYING ONLINE AND ONLY WITH SOME HEROES, my players get some lag, and a great trouble with locks on selection, I mean that they can't move their heroes, or cast spells, or up skills, or buy items... It really sucks... I need...
  22. Narg666

    Akuji Model

    Hello, can someone create a model for me? I need it in my map, I will give the right credits... The model is based on this guy: I really need it! Thanks.
  23. Narg666

    Akuji Model

    Hello, can someone create a model for me? I need it in my map, I will give the right credits... The model is based on this guy: I really need it! Thanks.
  24. Narg666

    Need Some Help with my Map

    I Have a great problem with my map It's a Dota-Like map but with some changes Well, sometimes when I play online, the items cannot be purchased, and some spells too I tried everything to stop it, but without success So, now I'm here, asking for some help... Here is my map, its...