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  1. Axarion

    Reputation (+2): (Post) made my day with that namechange ♥

    Reputation (+2): (Post) made my day with that namechange ♥
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  3. Axarion


    Best icon ever made.
  4. Axarion

    Picture/Photo Thread

    Looks cute :D Atleast they are not even shorter. *hugz*
  5. Clipboard02


  6. Axarion

    Timed_Destructibles 0.05

    Post the triggers in tags in the description.
  7. Axarion

    [System] MissileRecycler

    Thanks. Well this looks really nice and was really needed to be done. Keep the good work up!
  8. Axarion

    fine and you?^^

    fine and you?^^
  9. Axarion

    MasterHaosis, ♥

    MasterHaosis, ♥
  10. Axarion

    Reputation (+1): (Post) happychoco!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) happychoco!
  11. Axarion

    Custom models are invisible

    Check the textures path. If you import to an incorrect path it will not show the model
  12. Axarion

    Ohai Justin, hows your manly voice doin? Still on Holiday in Alcatraz?

    Ohai Justin, hows your manly voice doin? Still on Holiday in Alcatraz?
  13. Axarion

    If Hive were to have a President...

    MasterHaosis. Failing off chairs since the beginning of time.
  14. Axarion

    How do I add a "Unit Type" condition to a Jass function?

    GetUnitTypeId(unit) == 'hfoo'
  15. Axarion

    [Snippet] [Needs work] OnUnitEvent

    I think the name is a bit misleading since it only deals with attack & damage events. OnUnitCombatEvent would describe it a bit better in my opinion.
  16. Axarion

    [Solved] Small formula to set unit life after revival

    So do you want to have fixed or random values for the hp? Fixed would be like: MaxHP/100*Level*10 Random would be: MaxHP/100*(level*10 - RandomInt(0,9))
  17. Axarion

    vJass library problem

    You can't combine UnitIndexer and AIDS. But probably its easy to just change the spells to all work with one indexing system. Would also help to see the system you want to install.
  18. Axarion

    [Systems] - Custom Stats

    I would do this totally different as said before on skype ;) Base Attributes: Strength -> Damage Agility -> Armor Intelligence -> Spellpower All other stuff should basically have its own attribute for it. This makes it way easier to modify damage and armor without having that ugly...
  19. Axarion

    - Project Member Recruitment -

    Position: Coder Other Project Membership: None atm Skill Level: Good enough I think Languages you use: Jass, vJass and a bit of Zinc/cJass Free time: Enough free time on weekends some on weekdays Why you want to join: -Kobas- forces me to do so >:D Some of your work or useful links...
  20. Axarion

    Energy Shield [GUI - MUI]

    You could link to the ressource then and say it fits to this spell Releasing stuff in a rush is rarely a good idea.
  21. Axarion

    Trouble with converting to .blp

    I think he wants to make one of his textures a .blp and not a blizz one. I would recommend to use one of this tools to convert your stuff to .blp:
  22. Axarion

    [Solved] Help with vJass >_<

    I think your JNGP isn't up to date since I do not get any errors. Follow the steps in this tutorial and it should work:
  23. Axarion

    [Solved] Help with vJass >_<

    We can't really help you if you do not post the triggers that are giving you the errors. Use tags for it!
  24. A

    BTNNatureMagic (Warcraft 3 Icon)

  25. Axarion

    BTNNatureMagic (Icon)

    Recolor of this icon to fit a natural ability. Added a second wing to that bird, replaced the stars with somewhat like leaves and added (crappy) flowers. Keywords: Nature, Growing, Dizzy
  26. Axarion


    This is madness!
  27. Axarion


    Now we need a model fitting to this D:
  28. Axarion

    Vampire Tracker

    Awesome archer model :) Would be nice to see a version of this unmasked an with long full hair
  29. Axarion

    Third Person Camera System

    WASD is not really possible without RtC which does not work very well... You can forget about anything that has to do with keyboard and mouseclicks anyway, except for mouseclicks on static points.
  30. Axarion

    Find and eliminate the target

    Did we get attacked yesterday or why did chat screw up?
  31. Axarion

    Impale 1.0

    As expected this spell causes a horrible fps drop when cast....
  32. Axarion

    I used a objectmerger script to trick we ;)...

    I used a objectmerger script to trick we ;)
  33. Axarion

    Gratz for becoming a mod :)

    Gratz for becoming a mod :)
  34. Axarion

    How to use trackables like in Anachron's custom inventory?

    Look at the map there are some imports just use them. Also if you are trying to do it in gui you won't find any functions for trackables anyway, since there are none. Be aware that you can't detect which player clicked/hovered the trackable, without creating a trackable for each player.
  35. Axarion


    Say NO to CnP!
  36. Axarion

    Should cJass be an accepted language on TheHiveWorkshop?

    v1.4.2.35 is out: (bump) Still unable to parse UnitIndexer :(
  37. Axarion

    Do you like waffles?

    I like waffles and imma eat ya!
  38. Axarion

    Identify - System 1.1 [GUI]

    This is not really much work you have done there, even if the idea is nice. Also remove the wait.
  39. Axarion

    How do you make water like this pic.

    #1 Use one of the water cliff brushes in an area #2 Use the same level cliff brush and reraise the terrain #3 Use the lower brush on the area filled with water #4 Finished
  40. Axarion

    Should cJass be an accepted language on TheHiveWorkshop? is out hope it works, did not test yet.
  41. Axarion

    Should cJass be an accepted language on TheHiveWorkshop?

    These new version still have errors. I get an '"endlibrary" missing' error now... Also trying to change update settings crashes the editor
  42. Axarion

    Should cJass be an accepted language on TheHiveWorkshop?

    Does it also break with the //! nocjass tag?
  43. Axarion

    Should cJass be an accepted language on TheHiveWorkshop?

    //! textmacro a //! endtextmacro Will cause an error, while //! textmacro a //! endtextmacro // basically just any other line, even if its empty seems to work...
  44. Axarion

    Should cJass be an accepted language on TheHiveWorkshop?

    Same for me here. It bugs with UnitEvent for example. And using //! nocjass and //! endnocjass makes it crash everytime.
  45. Axarion

    Should cJass be an accepted language on TheHiveWorkshop?

    I would be for approving as soon as it has "//! cjass" or "//! nocjass" implemented, because parsing over all vJass stuff can break things.
  46. Axarion

    Epic Animation Viewer v1.5

    Well I am too lazy to start Wc3. Searching for an animation there takes me 10 minutes. Converting and looking way less
  47. Axarion

    Epic Animation Viewer v1.5

    Hmm how is decided which animation has which index? Is it actually the order in the .mdl/.mdx? Because you could just convert the Model with Magos and search for your anim when opening it with a texteditor, where it looks like this: Version { FormatVersion 800, } Model "HeroDemonHunter" {...
  48. Axarion

    [Snippet] Debug Log

    Looks pretty neat, but what I was always wondering is: Does that preload stuff actually work once/only on map init since it could be used to store the codes for rpg maps so you dont have to look up screenshots and can easily copypasta EDIT: Nevermind the code looks like it works just perfectly...
  49. Axarion

    Terraining Contest #13 - Fictional World Wonder

    Well here is my first WIP. Would like to get some feedback how you guys think about it. Normally I am not much of a terrainer anyway. All Models used are from the UTM.
  50. Axarion

    Reputation (+1): (Post) thx for trying to help ^^

    Reputation (+1): (Post) thx for trying to help ^^