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  1. dragor89


    o noeesss the undead have guns now
  2. dragor89

    Bob's Armada

    great work
  3. dragor89

    Fel Rock Golem

    you shuld like add custom made golems like idk one whit armor or someting (fel) but realy a pack whit two ting is just useless
  4. dragor89


    can u like make a undead troll like the one in that troll place in Northrend ive looked everiwere for it ?
  5. dragor89

    The Lich King

    WOW *speech less* u did a great job even better that GF lich king i dont care abou the polies if u ask me it has realy few for its awsomesss! good job keep it up
  6. dragor89

    Ocr Warlord

    i like it
  7. dragor89


    wow nice work
  8. dragor89

    High elven Sorcerer

    Nice i just have to look for a nice staff and its perfect for my new map(if i get time to finish it)
  9. dragor89

    Death Knight on Frost Wyrm

    i like it alot nice idea
  10. dragor89

    High Elf Chronomancer

    u better bet im using him
  11. dragor89

    Slasher Demon

    wow nice model
  12. dragor89

    Knight Unmounted

  13. dragor89

    Knight Unmounted

    cooll me like
  14. dragor89

    Flood Spore

    holy crappppp hide me!!!
  15. dragor89

    Hammer of Naaru by Forgotten_Warlord

    nice job
  16. dragor89


  17. dragor89

    Elder Shadow Dragon

    me like it
  18. dragor89

    High Detail Naga Myrmidon

    Awsome nice for my naga collection
  19. dragor89

    Gemini Warrior

  20. dragor89


    ..........does he have a quiver or does he use himself as the arrows??? :)
  21. dragor89

    Bow of the avenging eagle

    cool bow makes me wanna bow to it
  22. dragor89

    Chrystal Sword by chilla_killa

    cool its like arthas new favorite sword :)
  23. dragor89

    Suited Worgen

    how are u sir worgen
  24. dragor89

    Dismounted Huntress

  25. dragor89

    Dead Dragon Helmet

  26. dragor89

    Kratos (God of War) with Blade of Olympus

    looks tooo orcish
  27. dragor89

    Long Sword

    i like it alot]
  28. dragor89

    Dragon Tail

    imk not a dragon these is just a another guys dragon tale
  29. dragor89


    cool and usefull
  30. dragor89

    Castle Crasher Knight(Team Colored)

    Mini knights cool
  31. dragor89

    Egg (Yoshi Egg)

    use full for thta mario tag game i hope he sees these model
  32. dragor89


    cool reminds me of wen i played killzone epic 5/5
  33. dragor89

    Pool Balls

    i like it i wuld like to see an orc and a human solve there problems in a pool game lol dont for get the pool table
  34. dragor89


    me like that gun
  35. dragor89

    Bandit Mage on Foot

    ........its awsome realy
  36. dragor89

    Sta-52 Assault Rifle

    WOW thats good for halo
  37. dragor89

    Hero Archmage on Foot

  38. dragor89

    Blood Elf Magestaff

    ereminds me of good old wow
  39. dragor89

    Defend The Village v. 2.0

    Arm ur selfs
  40. dragor89

    Hellreaver by Sunchips

    i have to say I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  41. dragor89

    Sacrificial Knife by Sunchips

    Footman: (slashes) u die , u live (slashes) u die , u live .......
  42. dragor89

    Animated Marine by jk2pach

    o noes i lost my gun ok lets do these ting the old facioned way (roky music starts)
  43. dragor89

    Banhammer Pedestal

    ohhhhh glows even moreee
  44. dragor89

    Lion Shield

    Footman: FOR THE HORDE.....err i mean the aliance
  45. dragor89

    Draenei Staff

  46. dragor89

    Fuel Rod

    whit everone doing halo weps i hope a good halo map comes out :)
  47. dragor89

    Mephestrial Necromis

    is it like a undead pally?
  48. dragor89


    looks use full if u wanna make paradice
  49. dragor89


    oo it works as an undead dwaven
  50. dragor89

    Naga Dragon

    It looks like after a long time flying hes finally going for a swim.