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    [Miscellanous / Other] Forsaken Bastion's Fall

    Just in time for the next funmap evening, we've managed to get out a patch. We've fixed several embarrassing and some smaller mistakes that made it rather difficult to play the map properly, so it should be better now. One thing we noticed even in our own tests was the overwhelming number of...
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    [Miscellanous / Other] Forsaken Bastion's Fall

    Because hitting people with the lightsaber hilt is more damaging than hitting them with the glowing bit, and punching them in the face even more so.
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    FBF Hero Contest ~ Results

    I can count. The passive counts twice, because the active version needs to be imported, too, for learning the ability. There's some points of the Trigger judgement I personally would have rated different, but it was not my place to do so. Pred is the guy who actually has to implement the stuff...
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    [Role Playing Game] Your Rpg opinions

    Wait, three people play WoW, yet claim to like good lore and dislike grinding? You guys must suffer from a severe lack of perspective. My favourites:Dragon Age: Origins, Star Wars: The Old Republic among MMOS and Vampires Dawn II in the old 8-bit style. What makes it great: Easy to learn...
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    FBF Hero Contest ~ Results

    Unlikely, at least not for our map. We've got enough work cut out for us with the Beta and need to get our current balance right before we can add yet another hero. However, it might be a good idea for other map projects to host a contest like we did, but of course I can't give any predictions...
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    FBF Hero Contest ~ Results

    We were talking about the Words: More Words ability names, not the hero name. Although I have noticed that the name means something in German.
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    [Miscellanous / Other] Forsaken Bastion's Fall

    Forsaken: Bastion's Fall First Beta starts today! After a small hiccup of the hostbots the last days, we are still on schedule and proud to announce that our map is now being hosted for the beta. Currently, there is one bot available, but we will bring four more online soon, for a total of three...
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    FBF Hero Contest ~ Results

    That sort of depends what you want to talk about. I think it's simplest to just post it here and the right judge will answer.
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    FBF Hero Contest ~ Results

    Contest Judgement We'd like to thank everyone who participated in our FBF hero contest for their creativity and their patience and will now present the results of our judgements you've certainly been looking forward to. We received 24 entries overall, 2 of which had to be disqualified (The...
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    So you just merged the succubus model with demon hunter pants and reskinned her chest to use the blood mage texture? It might be a good idea to give her more armor, but this is done badly. First, you have the same problem as every succubus geomerge: The middle-most wing bones don't get their own...
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    [Strategy / Risk] Idea for a strategy map! tell me what you think.

    If you add food, you should spend some time thinking about logistics as well. Otherwise, the besieging faction gets an advantage. In reality, a considerable amount of sieges was lost because of lack of food - on the attacking side. An army camping in front of a castle needs a lot of food, and...
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    Missile model

    Here is one, simple edit of the Rexxar missile. Based on the Tinker wrench.
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    Shadow Image Blink v1.4

    You have the small problem of the missile not going correctly from the starting point to the point where the caster appears. One solution would be to adjust the speed of the missile to make it go at the right speed. The other, which I think is computationally much less costly, is to go from the...
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    Circle Buffs

    You could've checked the model details. 10 Polygons aren't one particle system. I'm not sure which version would be better in terms of size and processing power, but it was easier to make for me this way.
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    Circle Buffs (Model)

    This is a simple effect model. The Screenshot cannot show the animation, check the model in a previewer before commenting. I had an idea few days ago, while playing Torchlight II, to create a series of very simple and generic Buff effects for all those situations where one needs an buff...
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    Circle Buffs (Warcraft 3 Model)

  17. A

    Circle Buffs (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    Hopefully. So far, what judgement I received met my expectations, if it is to your liking, we'll most likely see next week.
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    Looks nice, but this could have been done with a skin. Make your own animations instead of simply using the pulsing effect of the Vampric Aura and I'd call it approvable.
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    We have reached the deadline. Here it is: 100% Entries submitted after the post will not be accepted. Anyone editing their entry after this post will be disqualified. The list of all qualified entries can be found here. Judgement time starts now. I don't know how long it'll take us to complete...
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    Well, that's not what I meant when I said that, or at least when i said what Chaosy misremembered like that. The original question in question had indeed been about whether to judge heroes as-is or judge them based on how far we'd need to change them to fit. I argued against it, on the basis...
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    I don't know what I expected in the Explanations. What I hoped for was that they'd be used for everything not fitting into the other parts of the template, like: Little details about the spells that don't really fit in the tooltip and would blow up the effects tab. Your reasoning behind the hero...
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    The stat bonuses are the same as in melee, and for the items, how about checking our website?
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    chusrubi2, rework your ultimate. As I said earlier, blatant copying will get you disqualified.
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    Happy new year, everyone. I'd like to remind you that our contest is now in the final week. Time to put the final polish to all abilities. Some points to consider: Proper Affiliation and Race. For all too lazy to check our main thread, the undead faction is named Forsaken, and the opposing...
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    Custom spell level up?

    Here's the relevant quote from the Warcraft Ability Guide:
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    Looks nice, if somewhat simple. The stone texture is stretched in places, which destroys the appearance a bit. Try to find a texture with more bricks for the main house walls, and use less of the texture space for the smaller parts, like the belfry.
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    I'd like to remind everyone to read at least the pieces of lore in the Main Thread and look through the Hero Database on the website. Having good concepts fail in the Lore and Uniqueness categories would be sad for all of us. Concerning re-use of Icons: We will not judge similarities between...
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    Billboarding is possible with Magos or Notepad, if there is a separate bone for the glow. If they're attached to Bone_Root or something similar, then you'd billboard the entire model.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the gifs

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Thanks for the gifs
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    That's be great, thanks. It's rather difficult to get a proper screenshot of an effect.
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    EMP (Warcraft 3 Model)

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    Emp (Model)

    A simple effect representing an electromagnetic pulse (or at least how an EMP is usually portrayed in games). It consists of a short impact flash, followed by an expanding blue spherical shockwave, with lightning arcing from the origin to the surface. The Sphere dissipates over half a second...
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    Start reading here. When your brain starts leaking out of your ears, you'll have grasped how large that number is.
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    (REQ) abomination with hero glow (+ rep & credits))

    The raw code is ACnr, to be found under Neutral Hostile/Units. It uses team color for the attachment, unlike for example Sphere or Spiked Barricades.
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    (REQ) abomination with hero glow (+ rep & credits))

    Use this Attach it with the Healing Fountain ability (with effect set to 0) to the unit. Done.
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    g64 We recommend you do. It contains all information we need to judge your hero. You're free to use another template if it also contains all information, which the DotA template as far as I know doesn't.
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    [Miscellanous / Other] Forsaken Bastion's Fall

    The contest is over in the Idea Factory
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    Planet Venus

    Nice model, but I've got to nitpick: You're using Venus' surface as texture, but from space, all one can see is the opaque clouds.
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    We're using blp. There is a limit of 8 Mb for a map to be downloadable via Battlenet. Anything larger than that would have to be downloaded externally before it can be played. We've been skirting dangerously close to that limit once with FBF, before I applied the pruning shears to everything...
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    Obviously, the points are counted downwards. So, less than 20% of the maximum is 5/5 points, less than 40% would be 4/5, and so on. We're not endorsing high file sizes.
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    Shorthand for "I'm going to add up all File sizes and compare to a set upper limit, giving points based on the ratio." That upper limit will be around 200 kb, but it might vary depending on how large the 'average' submission for the contest is. As there is no subjective component involved in...
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    You're meant to submit a complete concept, which includes icons, abilities, story cliffnotes and, I can't stress that point enough, the gameplay idea you aim to achieve with that hero. Basically, everything one needs when you want to sit down in front of the editor and implement the hero...
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    FBF doesn't use Warcraft lore, so that question isn't applicable. Check our thread in Map Development for a short version of the story and what defines our Undead.
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    If you're sure it's their own work, which from the look of the icons would guess it isn't, seems more like WoW rips to me (which you are allowed to use). Try to track down their original source.
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    FBF Hero Idea Contest

    Nice to see the suggestions coming in. I think I'll explicitly state a rule I thought implicit: Please don't use ressources you can't accurately give credit for. We won't disqualify if you don't, but it's more work to search for icons that we can use. If anyone has any concerns about the rules...
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    I just took the one from the contest thread, and must've accidentially grabbed the thumbnail. Fixed now.
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    Chakram (Model)

    My submission for the "Less is More" Mini-modeling contest. It's a chakram inspired by Kingdoms of Amalur, with a lightning effect. Looks like this ingame: If you want the attachment versions too, use this download-link: Download That includes all three models. The attachments have...
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    Chakram (Warcraft 3 Model)

  50. AlienAtSystem

    Demon Hunter model/skin request

    I'm not sure how WoW defines a Demon Hunter (Blizzard is surprisingly creative in screwing up the lore), but a quick trawl through the model database returned several hero models that would fit "lightly armored warrior using two weapons": Draenei MaleDraenei Female (two-handed weapon)Human...