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    You created a new thread just to that? the project it's still in development check the progress thread
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    Orc Campaign Development

    When i was playing the fourth chapter the sub-quest that gives the shredders(the one to kill the furbolgs) when we killed them nothing happened.
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    BattleStadium DON 2.0

    Madara it's kinda imba, with timing he protects against physical+magical and then if he carelessy dies he revives with uber dmg before it's really messed up. Vegeta it's powerless late game cause it's all with casting time.
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    I haven't seen you around. So how you doing?

    I haven't seen you around. So how you doing?
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    2P Campaign: Sentinel 01

    huh TFT campaign?
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    BattleStadium DON 2.0

    -Jirayia's ultimate tooltip it's from vegeta's ultimate tooltip -You don't tell how luffy's haki activates(found later it's through low hp) I will send more feedback if i find something out of place
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    The Impossible Map

    And that is...
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    What's different?
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    Even if you do download that model you realize it's a wow model which it's against hiveworkshop rules.
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    2P Campaign: Orc 04

    Been wondering, how will next map affect nazgrel, you know that fountain. Also he will leave grom alone and go to thrall? Im curious.
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    You are not a map moderator anymore?

    You are not a map moderator anymore?
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    Perhads the trigger it's spammed or something making it to spam. Edit: Just a question, can't you make it to only be used after teleported?
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    Pyritie's Adventure 2.3

    Chapter two doesnt exist on download for some reason
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    You should report that on bug report thread.
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    2P Campaign: Orc 02

    Orc bonus campaign of TFT for 2 players? that reminds me, it would be so cool im expecting it.
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    MKT v0.15 Prot

    I think its because of the map path being so big but yeah change name to smaller and everybody can see.
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    I mean the ones from increase permanently the stats
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    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    On choosing abilities, Galeoth Frost Fang and Master of something skill(next to Frost fang) had some same description dunno what that skill does because the description belong to Frost Fang. The recipes doesn't work when i use them, it is needed to do something else? On chapter two when i used...
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    Ruins of Memoryes

    This isn't a melee, in my opinion its a altered melee.
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    Goldshire - Last Stand (2P Edition)

    This isn't a melee, in my opinion its defense/survival.
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    Goldshire - Last Stand

    This isn't a melee, in my opinion its defense/survival.
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    Lost Temple

    Minutes spent at creating terrain? really? also this and your future maps will be rejected if you don't make terrains yourself or get a terrainer.
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    [Quests] - Ideas For Side Quests

    Impact in what sense?
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    Co-Op RPG V2

    Some hotkeys are wrong... also earth armor status says frost armor on it's name(i only noticed that hotkey out of place, my friend said it said E but it was F) Also watcher can attack...
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    Sorry but you gotta tell us how to play here not only ingame... Map uncompletes can be posted on Map Development
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    I know it's a demo but: -The circles need to be replaced, in my opinion -Buildings needs another camera, because of walls it's hard to see some stuff, in case of circle of powers, it's hard to leave -The bear almost killed the guy who gave me the quest(don't remember his name) and also i think...
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    [Quests] - Ideas For Side Quests

    I'm bad at names and the idea it's the scientest be a necromancer indeed i just dont like the part of the staff cause he doesn't cast spells he only created the abomination. Werewolf would only affect the class, in my opinion, i mean his equipments(werewolf just uses armor, he uses claws to...
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    - Bug Report -

    [Quests] - "The shadow wolf when i kill it the quest doesn't update(i kill it nothing happens just drops rejuvenation and nothing happens when i pick it, i also killed it again when respawned nothing happened too" 1000Comment: Yeah trigger was bad! Trigger - Turn on Q Anaxes 02 a <gen>Replaced...
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    Battle of Armies v1.05b

    For a battle, that terrain it's so bad and such a description you should start from point 0, in future try have those in mind on description: -Features(whats unique on map from the others(counts for origininality)) -Screenshots(Gives us a idea of the map and adds some attention) -How to...
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    [Quests] - Ideas For Side Quests

    Here's another that i remember from the old times being a vampire because of a attack of a vampire on oblivion ^^ "The curse of the black wolf" Event: "A strange black wolf bitten you and ran off" Description: "As time pass from the event you start feeling some effects of animal instict like...
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    [Quests] - Ideas For Side Quests

    "[Insert a name], the thief" Description: "Various villagers found stuff missing after night."(It's random) How to start: After the event occured, you may speak with any villager located on a place where all gathered(the ones who were stolen), and he/she will tell you about a thief who it is...
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    If you need something you may ask i can help you. You in that contest btw? if you are gl =).

    If you need something you may ask i can help you. You in that contest btw? if you are gl =).
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    [General] - Let's communicate

    While on quests for hints: -"What's going on?" -"Do you know where i can find ***?" -"Do you know anything about ***?" I'm not feeling inspired today maybe i try another day Edit: Guards: -"Halt!" -"Who's there?" -"May i help you?" -"Yes?" -"Do you wish something?" -"I don't have time for...
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    Legend Of Heroes v3.0 [AI]

    The confusion i meant it's that if you host this map somewhere you must tell everyone to download the patch, that's what it is messy.
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    Legend Of Heroes v3.0 [AI]

    So everyone who wanna play the map need to download patch? thats kinda messy
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    Legend Of Heroes v3.0 [AI]

    It's on brazillian? that needs to be fixed sorry, on hive maps are on english. I happily to test it when on english(i understand but my friends don't).
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    Awesomeball Cup 1.19 (July 2021)

    Because a moderator still didnt passed by. The map looks great will see how it is later.
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    If you finish night elf and orc before planned will you continue your others maps or end undead...

    If you finish night elf and orc before planned will you continue your others maps or end undead custom?
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    World of Warcraft

    Improve description by telling: -Gameplay(Like we need to pick a hero and fight some creeps and do some quests) -Unique features(What makes this game different from others) -Some screenshots(Calls some attencion) -Items(if theres some) -Changelog(for further updates)
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    Heroes of Genesia

    Yeah no strategy just fight, fight, fight maybe something more original and some story between missions suddenly you allying those primal then you with some kinda of samurais that you dunno yet. I like the skins and spells they're pretty good. You could maybe put spells name and a small...
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    HauntedVillage II RedMoon

    Well you could ask someone to help you fix the grammar and also dont double post please
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    Lavalanche! 2.5d

    If you dunno what to add to description you could: -Tell us the spells of each panda and their stats(like hp since this a map which hp matters) -Add screenshots(you need a bb code called img) -For updates add a changelog(if you didnt updated then ignore this point) -Credits(if you used someone...
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    What about the custom undead chapter? its close to be done? You plan to start orc campaign soon?

    What about the custom undead chapter? its close to be done? You plan to start orc campaign soon?
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    LOTR movie

    So the shadow its Sauron? Should have guessed
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    LOTR movie

    The only common sense of this cinematic with LoTR its humans vs orcs nothing else
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    LOTR movie

    - Bad description: you dont give us enough information about the cinematic - Minimap preview doesnt seems good: terrain seems plain but will check and tell what i think Edit: Too short, no story and some pointless actions like why did footman surrond that shadow if it already smashed a bit of...
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    Welcome to the THW

    Welcome to the THW
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    Unknown shaddow

    People here are trying to help improving the map by pointing the bad aspects so you can improve and you still insult everyone who talks bad about you, seriously...
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    Unknown shaddow

    "Nameles" - Nameless "Threw" - Maybe through because of sentence "on the map are different areas" - on the map, there are different areas If this is so badly like the map some stuff may get confusing also use BB Codes to improve description further and also tell us more about the map like: The...
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    GTFO of the Maze v3.21

    Incomplete description: tell us how to win (like defeat a boss in the end or just get to a point) and what we need to do to travesse the maze (like solving puzzles or fighting the way out)