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  1. Sgt.Pierce

    Reputation (+4): (Post) keep it up!

    Reputation (+4): (Post) keep it up!
  2. Sgt.Pierce

    Survivors [v1.63d]

    Nice, a new update, looks promising, will try it anytime soon. Regarding my review, sorry about the hunger/thirst, thought it was malfunctioning because it says you will take damage if drop below 1 (when really a text shows "eat or die"), expecting that it will drain the hero's hp, not...
  3. Sgt.Pierce

    Survivors [v1.63d]

    I played this map with my team for hours in the past days and here's my review. (current level is 56) what I didn't like: -Hunger and thirst says when dropped to 0, hero will take damage overtime = what really happens is that it insta-kill the hero (way annoying) -Beastmaster's unit bear...
  4. Sgt.Pierce

    Survivors [v1.63d]

    definitely would try this one!
  5. Sgt.Pierce

    StarCraft Remastered

    WHOOOOOO Better than SC2, but man, they didn't improve the 12unit selection tho, hoped they improved the ability casting on a unit group.
  6. Sgt.Pierce

    War. War never changes.

    War. War never changes.
  7. Sgt.Pierce

    Operation Char

    I love the camera works, impressive angles! :D 5/5 will do! Great work!
  8. Sgt.Pierce

    Gaias Retaliation ORPG goes 1.2C

    Wow! I am amazed with the trailer, but sadly, i lost my old characters in earlier versions. Gonna play this again with my bros. :D
  9. Sgt.Pierce

    The Struggle v1.0

    This cinematic is way great, from the terrain, cameras to the sounds and dialogue, how you made it creepy! But some part for me seemed slow. Yet overall 5/5!! Fantastic job! I'll look forward for more cinematics made by APproject. 6/5! Anyways, comments here sure talks 'bout that nude part its...
  10. Sgt.Pierce

    Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather results

    Stole peoples money like a thug. Gah, its clear manny should have won.
  11. Sgt.Pierce

    What is your favorite childhood memory?

    My favorite childhood memory is when your go out you home, start to call thy playmates, prepares guns, set up bases, and start a war like soldiers in the battlefield. Guns we used are toy guns , that improved to pellet guns(which sure hurt a lot) ahahhaha just sharing :)
  12. Sgt.Pierce

    Hunter's Hall 1.6.0

    I recently tested the update and here's my review. Hunter's new ability, sprint. Quite interesting as it increases the mobility and micro of hunters. Good thing about it, duration is low, i liked that. Because if you made it long, its op with the net skill. Plus the considerable cooldown. The...
  13. Sgt.Pierce

    Pudge Hook Wars v2.7d + AI

    Oooo.. a new interface to pudge wars, I like it. The gore, the terrain, its all awesome! 5/5!!! looking forward for updates! :D AI is also awesome! :D
  14. Sgt.Pierce

    Oh, yeah sure I'd test it out! yay! :D hahahahaha!

    Oh, yeah sure I'd test it out! yay! :D hahahahaha!
  15. Sgt.Pierce

    No More Room In Hell 1.7

    Makes sense, I remembered ZAF in item searching system. Hahhahahah anyways that's a great idea. I hope this map improves 'coz there are only few zombie themed maps nowadays. For me, I suggest only on zombies. -Day/Night system so players could scavenge in area. -Make a common zombie on all...
  16. Sgt.Pierce

    Dead Lab 416 [1.00b]

    Pretty cool map, I must say. I liked how it goes running out of ammo, and the radiation outside so you can't just run around. However, I didn't like the end part. After evac then just victory, how about a cinematic of their escape. And how about random events? :DD 4/5!
  17. Sgt.Pierce

    Human Error v1.0

    So awesome cinematic! 10/5! ahahahaha fascinating environment and those models! :D
  18. Sgt.Pierce

    Conqueror 9.0

    The system of units seems new to me, I liked it. ahahahaha keep up on improving this! 4/5! :D
  19. Sgt.Pierce

    Minas Tirith Anniversary 2014 (8.99)

    I think you should have a unit that has mass command because having a large army is a mess when issuing an attack-move command. Anyways 3/5! :)
  20. Sgt.Pierce

    Lizard Gaiden v1.1

    This map is awesome, black and white color, the hp/energy system, loved it. My mouse is almost destroyed due to continuous clicking! hahaha 5/5! :D
  21. Sgt.Pierce

    Devoured Freedom v1.5d

    I played this and what I noticed, when you captured some huts, you can train indefinite heroes. I think you need to fix that one cause an army of that is a thorn in players. Also, boats and islands pretty seem hard especially in invading enemies. Anyways, 4/5! :)
  22. Sgt.Pierce

    Hunter's Hall 1.6.0

    This map is great, I must say. Very entertaining especially when it comes on full house. 5/5! :D
  23. Sgt.Pierce

    The Chosen Ones 1.0

    Seems interesting, campaign, sounds cool! I'll try this one.
  24. Sgt.Pierce

    Cruiser Command v0.93g

    Whoa! This really improves more in time! I still love this map hehehe
  25. Sgt.Pierce

    Love Runner

    That's weird.. anyways i'll try this map :)
  26. Sgt.Pierce

    No More Room In Hell 1.7

    hahahahaha yep, agree you with that. Maybe they just want to die. xD
  27. Sgt.Pierce

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Flappy bird!! :D

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Flappy bird!! :D
  28. Sgt.Pierce

    Flappy Bird v1.0.6

    Lol Flappy bird on War3. It's just so cool! xD but still I don't get a very highscore, even on cp.. T.T My Highest Score in History: 14...... Anyways, 5/5! :D
  29. Sgt.Pierce

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Here's a rep+

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Here's a rep+
  30. Sgt.Pierce

    No More Room In Hell 1.7

    For now I'll rate this 3/5. It needs more improvement like balancing, language, and skills, you should add more, and the zombies. The terrain should be improved but I know you used a template. You should also change the projectile of hero, and its animation. It will make the map more...
  31. Sgt.Pierce

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) I like the Tank Wars :D

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) I like the Tank Wars :D
  32. Sgt.Pierce

    RDZ Industries: Project Y4

    VERY AWESOME MAP! I must say! 5/5! I like the choice, computer, hacking, etc stuffs! :D
  33. Sgt.Pierce

    Your favorite dwarf?

    Thordal! Good support. He tanks, heals, and sweeps enemies away! He just need mana potion though.. xD
  34. Sgt.Pierce

    Dwarven Monster Slayers

    This game is AWESOME!! 5/5 I played it on single player using three, yeah three heroes! (Thordal,Gortek,Borgo=perfectcombo). I beaten the game in normal difficulty. But after I killed the boss, it said that "it's a good time to save your hero", but it's so fast. While i'm fixing the items, a...
  35. Sgt.Pierce

    SH v1.4 The Hunters

    WTH man! Everytime I play this I get this "All of your buildings have been destroyed, you lost" I can't enjoy this map with that T.T Anyways nice units :))
  36. Sgt.Pierce

    Chronicles of Darkness 1.5

    Terrain is almost perfect! I want to learn that kind of terraining! lol xD I'll look forward for further updates! This will be my rating: 4/5 :goblin_yeah:
  37. Sgt.Pierce

    Chronicles of Darkness 1.5

    I like the Stat system, and it isn't confusing. I'll try this for sure! >:)
  38. Sgt.Pierce

    Tom & Jerry 2014 [v1.05]

    5/5! Still AWESOME! :))
  39. Sgt.Pierce

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Seriously, this is FUN!! :))

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Seriously, this is FUN!! :))
  40. Sgt.Pierce

    Slender v1.4

    Lol, sorry 'bout that.. cuz for me, it's funny in bird's view xD No problem :)) That's better :D
  41. Sgt.Pierce

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Slender!! :)

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) Slender!! :)
  42. Sgt.Pierce

    Slender v1.4

    Here's what I noticed- -Slender AI or maybe a player too is sliding, lol! -When on Bird's view, as i used the pick up skill while moving, i saw my character not playing its moving animation (Moonwalk when i move backwards xD) -the skill flare, while on first person, is hard to use.. maybe a new...
  43. Sgt.Pierce

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Requiem!! :)

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Requiem!! :)
  44. Sgt.Pierce


    Ooowww!! Can't wait!! D:< +rep :))
  45. Sgt.Pierce

    Reputation (+1): (Post) The Last Bastion looks cool! here's a rep :))

    Reputation (+1): (Post) The Last Bastion looks cool! here's a rep :))
  46. Sgt.Pierce

    [Role Playing Game] Memento Mori

    "Memento Mori" means "Remember you will die", right? :)) -->encountered it on the book "Series of Unfortunate Events" xD
  47. Sgt.Pierce

    Reputation (+1): (Post) "Memento Mori" looks promising :)) looking forward to it!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) "Memento Mori" looks promising :)) looking forward to it!
  48. Sgt.Pierce


    Looks too promising!! Can't wait!! D:<
  49. Sgt.Pierce

    Star Wars Dogfight v. 9.4

    Great map, I like playing this, even alone cuz with AIs. 5/5 :)
  50. Sgt.Pierce

    Jurassic Park Philippines v3.00b

    This looks cool! Imma play it! I think you should have a Scheduled Play at Garena (Philippines RPG Room). #PinoyPlayer :D