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  1. Kazzo

    You finally are a mod Gratz dude

    You finally are a mod Gratz dude
  2. Kazzo

    Grendel's WIPs

    Lube it!
  3. Kazzo

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) DYEL GRENDEL?

    Reputation (+1): (Bundle) DYEL GRENDEL?
  4. Kazzo


    No dc Pwnd >3
  5. Kazzo

    What are we?

    Cocaine is a hell of drug.
  6. Kazzo

    first try to edit..Sand King dota Concept

    Look's like Sad king to me.
  7. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords - Poll

    Hehe,Dead contest and lazy mods >3
  8. Kazzo

    Oblivion Dread Lord

    What in tarnation is that?
  9. Kazzo

    Age discrimination

    Grow up,the more you know...
  10. Kazzo

    About Contests in Arena

    This is a good idea,+1
  11. Kazzo

    Concept Art Contest #6 - Tribal Princess

    My entry iz so awusem
  12. Kazzo

    User & Hosted Map of the Year

  13. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords - Poll

    All the contest here are really good,Hard to chose one. After some time i stick into Dios or Just_spec Dios Satyr has a really good concept very creative and the design is really creative,the texture quality isn't that good,but overall is a great design. (the flaming fists are totally...
  14. Kazzo

    Northern warrior (WIP)

    Wow,good job really nice,i suggest you to add him a little more shading to contrast the shoulderpad with the chest. You could turn the book into a Tablet of runes or something related to nordic mythology. Also try redone making the wolfs on his legs,they look good ot the unwrap but because of...
  15. Kazzo

    Stronghold Legends bandit fail

    look's like a christmas cookie.
  16. Kazzo

    to you, what is the best music genre

    Rock and guitar blues, including hardrock, billy, rock n' roll, southern rock... I really like this kind of music,and for me is one of my favorite choices.
  17. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords

    ¿What about the other users that showed wips? Racism Herpderp.
  18. Kazzo

    Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim ! {lulz?^^}

    I'm not going to put pony mods on skyrim. Just don't deserve it.
  19. Kazzo

    Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim ! {lulz?^^}

    I really don't care about the graphics,the game makes me feel like it is real,there is so much detail at little things. The mining,the crafting,so much things to do in Skyrim. Btw,¿anybody knows the Weakness of that Dwemer robots? they beat me easily.
  20. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords

    In skyrim.
  21. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords

    Yay! Its true.
  22. Kazzo

    Discuss Film & TV Series - Ratings & Recommendations

    Gremlins and full metal jacket. Great movies,just awesome.
  23. Kazzo

    Music Contest #4 - Comedy [DEAD]

    EDIT Wrong post lol,But yeah go ostrich go D:<
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  25. Argonian


  26. Atronach


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  28. Spriggan


  29. Skyrim


    Skyrim is pure awesome
  30. Kazzo


    Although apples are a delicious and nutritious treat for all ages, the seeds contain a compound called amygdalin, which turns into cyanide in your stomach.
  31. Kazzo

    What is your favourite song at the moment?

  32. Kazzo

    Xian's Fsjals

    Keep this up,its awesome.
  33. Kazzo

    Xbox 360 V PS3

    They got both the same "Hardware" or almost the same. Each one have his unique games,like gears of war 3 for xbox360 and etc.. I'm more on Pc gaming than consoles anyway.
  34. Kazzo

    Whats you Favorite Team Color in Warcraft III?

    Orange,look's good with any model.
  35. Kazzo

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    I'm not in to this kind of music but this is Fucking awesome.
  36. Kazzo

    what if Adam and Eve didn't ate the fruit?

    I'm not english,so i have problems with the grammar. "Thanks grammar-jerk"
  37. Kazzo

    what if Adam and Eve didn't ate the fruit?

    If they didn't ate the fruit *Punts sunglasses on* They never experience and appletastic experience. Yeah! On topic,if they never ate the apples they probably in a Common way "Slaves" from god. God will comand their wills like puppets.
  38. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords

  39. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords

    I keep working on this,Fucking unwraps How they work? Personally I'm not going in to the shoulderpads,so migth rework them and also the claws.
  40. Kazzo

    The Human Race - Becoming Physically Weaker?

    The Human evolution,No need strength wen we have Massive tanks,Guns,and Bombs. "Now, a lesser person might want that kind of overwhelming force on their side, but you know - where's the challenge in that?"
  41. Kazzo

    how can i get might and magic heroes 6 to work

    "it gets to the end of the installation before it say cant register into game explorer or something like that." I got that for the Game borderlands,its a SECUROM issue,the game have a Anti piraty Dl file which detects that there are some piratecy Software and Doesn't allow to Updgrade the...
  42. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords

    Fulborgz here. I will add him a metal jaw to :ogre_hurrhurr:
  43. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords

    I never head of Jaws being a metalhead.
  44. Kazzo

    Are YOU a game addict?

    1 - Are the majority of your friends those with whom you play games? No 2 - Do you try to find ways of playing your online game when you are not at home? No 3 - Are you unable to predict the amount of time you'll spend gaming? No 4 - Do you feel preoccupied with gaming (do you think about...
  45. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords

    Nice work goblin,nice to see you come back to texturing. That look's pretty awesome ampha. I think i go with the gnoll.
  46. Kazzo

    Modeling Contest #21 - Chess: Poll

    Mines goes on Dio's,nice concept and good execution. Morbyd works is really great too,just like Dio's idea more.
  47. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #20 - Results

    Congragulations to everyone,i'm pretty happy to get atleast 1 vote :ogre_hurrhurr:
  48. Kazzo

    Texturing Contest #21 - Creep Warlords

    Wow,that was fast. Have the ogre model a good wrap?
  49. Kazzo

    What is your favourite song at the moment?

    500 posts,yay!