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  1. Reconcile

    Complete D3 Droplist

    The other post was a little cluttered, so I figured I'd just put it in a new post and never need to be edited or added to again! This is a compilation of any and all Dungeon 3 drops (And their related stats), compiled by myself, Reconcile, and Rabbitscott. Legend: A = Attack Agi = Agility AP =...
  2. Reconcile

    Request to Fix Major Issue

    This is mainly for you Zwieb: Being a Mac user, I can understand the frustrations that this issue has caused and how frustrating it is, so I am requesting (And pleading!) to you Zwieb to "fix" it. The icon that you chose for many of the "Runes" in the game currently cause ANY and ALL Mac...
  3. Reconcile


    This is a short bug to report, so I'm not going to follow the format - sorry Zwieb! In the Mytargas Central District, there is a thief model merchant with the magic laboratory beside her in the bottom left hand corner of the "square", every time I click on her, my game freezes. I don't...