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  1. Cenaf


    Looks like a skinned villager :?
  2. Cenaf

    HJELP:How can i get camera to behind hero?

    You want that camera folow behind the hero? In that case, you must lock camera on unit, then use camera field ... i forget how things called there :oops:
  3. Cenaf

    moreee helppp

    hm...i am confused :? Mb just puting blockers? Or just learn more about object editor
  4. Cenaf

    Speed limit

    speed limit is 522... if yoi type more it will have no effect... But you can make unit faster by moving him by trigers, like "use x & y" :wink:
  5. Cenaf


    hm... there is any model of wow exept a gnoll :( P.S. good job ;)
  6. Cenaf


    nice model... WoW has nice models :D
  7. Cenaf

    Important site poll

    I vote for quality, bcause here woudnt be any "trash", there will more usfull models and modelers woudnt spam.... ofcourse there will less models and it will be harder to look for many models for project but it means all models woud work normal....
  8. Cenaf

    help with giving units items

    There is a trigger what gives to unit item
  9. Cenaf

    help needed :P

    well i forgot how its call... damn my english well you need create 4 triggers 1st trigger unit enters 1st region action: set c your number = your number + 1 2 trigger same 3trigger same 4trigger works as you want condition : chanjeble number is 3 action : create unit at...
  10. Cenaf

    i need help with 2 things :) thanks

    I am gonna kill myself first trigger bandit enter region action: turn onn trigger what creats units second trigger bandit leave region action: turn off trigger what creats units thats all Ramza, i know, but is the most easy one go on :)
  11. Cenaf

    i need help with 2 things :) thanks

    looks like nobody see my posts ... :x so it means no help from me :roll:
  12. Cenaf


    for me she is not barberian, she is somelike poor for me :roll:
  13. Cenaf

    Questions About Making A Campaign

    You must create this thing for each map... try by clicking :) try to find out what diferenses has this 2 maps... :wink:
  14. Cenaf

    i need help with 2 things :) thanks

    Ramza`s way didnt work or my way didnt work :?: Or both didnt work :?:
  15. Cenaf

    i need help with 2 things :) thanks

    You can create 2 triggers... one runs spawn trigger other turn off it... :D 1trigger works if unit enters the region (you made this already) 2trigger works if unit leave this region thats easy :)
  16. Cenaf

    My "green" scin

    Hm, so I must make my scin better, I will do it. 8) I think I sent scin in write place :? , when nobody was angry :x about my post I will make my scin better soon 8)
  17. Cenaf

    My "green" scin

    If I do something wrong tell me, I am a new one, I read all rules, but not understand all, I am a Russian So I think I shoud put scin at this place, I put URL of my scin it in JPG format, if something wrong tell :roll: [/url]
  18. Cenaf

    My new DBZ map!!! "DBZ RAMPAGE OMEGA"

    And were is a map, Just screen :evil:
  19. Cenaf

    Problem with import

    I try every thing, but it still dont work, there s two things what coud hapend : 1) I am too stooped 2) I am doing somesing wrong
  20. Cenaf

    Problem with import

    Yes, I have read this, but I still cant sell this problem, in there was written the paths : Goblins\BladeMaster\...... Yes I under stand that, but I dont understand what I must write first (human\...; undead\...), and when I must write "Texture" May be I must write so ...
  21. Cenaf

    Remove The Author Column

    It may be for you, as for me, I must wait till page opens
  22. Cenaf

    Problem with import

    Dont get mad of me if I had done something wrong, I am the new one, and I am russian :wink: , I think this is an English forum, so lets get to my problem : I cant writ corectly the path of the scin to my unit, I import the model and textures from the, and made an new unit, a call...