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  1. Chuckle Brother

    Need to stop rounding to integers in skill descriptions

    <RAWCODE,DATA,.> should do the trick. Using ',.' will allow it to display float style, not integer format.
  2. Chuckle Brother

    No Unit Takes Damage = No Unit !?

    WEU doesn't have a working Any Unit Takes Damage event. I made one, I'll post it after this lecture is done.
  3. Chuckle Brother

    NEW MAP Hands of Sorrow Knight -AOS,Recipes,Modes,Upgrades..

    Just a quick rundown of things I noticed: - A lot of uncredited skins in this map, though not mandatory it is often a nice gesture to give credit to resource makers. - Some really terrible grammar. I realize that you may not be english, but you can get someone to proof-read the stuff for...
  4. Chuckle Brother

    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Balance shouldn't be an issue. Getting proc items won't be anymore powerful than castable or non-combat or pure damage items. In fact I think the majority of proc items will be more in the defensive end of things.
  5. Chuckle Brother

    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Well I am spending a bit of time on terrain, because how a map looks is the first thing they see, if it turns them off they will never get into the gameplay. Now just something I am tossing out there, as a possibility. I reworked the generic damage trigger I made, so I can now detect with...
  6. Chuckle Brother

    Trigger Question

    I think removing items only works on trigger added items. might be wrong though
  7. Chuckle Brother

    You need help in anything? I WILL HELP YOU

    You might attract more people if you post some examples of your work.
  8. Chuckle Brother

    What do you want out of an AoS?

    I have two shots of some quick forest area I was working on, I dunno if its gonna stay, but this is what I envision some of the previously mentioned "nodes" looking like:
  9. Chuckle Brother

    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Lag eh? I dunno, I sort of like lag.
  10. Chuckle Brother

    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Yes, I would appreciate that. And improveable creeps are definately high on the list for things to add(thats one of the benefits of the nodes I mentioned before). @Raszul, well I am trying to stick a bit of a story, so unfortunately the good vs evil thing will have to stay for the moment...
  11. Chuckle Brother

    What do you want out of an AoS?

    Terrain is going to be a big thing. My friends are both working on it, one will do something then the other improves, and Whitehorn had offered to pop over it a little, so eye candy shouldn't be a problem. What sort of ability choosing system did you have in mind? Because however much I...
  12. Chuckle Brother

    What do you want out of an AoS?

    I am remaking my old map, and I decided that instead of thinking of ideas I would go to the best source. The people who I hope to have playing it. Throw out any ideas(features, not heroes) you have for what would make the perfect AoS for you.
  13. Chuckle Brother

    Just a question...

    Gonna need to replace the unit with another unit. Its the only way that I know of.
  14. Chuckle Brother

    Dawn of Darkness

    They do automatically increase in power and number as the game goes on, those WERE intended as a bonus, but since they are so cheap....well I guess they need an increased cost.
  15. Chuckle Brother

    Spell request. Doppelganger

    Well you can always just use the targeted mirror image effect and make it target enemy heroes. But that leaves them without their casted abilities. But if you trigger it you will have problems with adding the abilities and it may mess with some hero death systems you got.
  16. Chuckle Brother

    aura question

    Unless you are willing to use JASS for now you will have to be content with an aura only working for a single unit, of course you could make it work for multiple players, and if you do want that I can easily set it up. As to not using preset units just use a unit group pick that will get the...
  17. Chuckle Brother

    Searing Arrows and Trigger-enhanced spells

    Use Cold or some other friggin arrows. Or even better use a generic damage detection system made in JASS so you can leaklessly detect the damage and check for the buff to do the effect.
  18. Chuckle Brother

    aura question

    Well its done, but the problem is that if I want to make it work for multiple units it will cause MORE lag(I suspect) than if only for one unit. Also there is an issue I ran into with the new method, that effectively makes it impossible. When you add ir remove(not sure yet which) an...
  19. Chuckle Brother

    aura question

    The position is only there to get around the stupid way that wc3 auras tend to stick on unit's even out of range for a certain amount of time. As for a unit you can use presets, or you can use a global variable defined earlier. Or if you want to you can do Pick Every Unit matching - **Unit...
  20. Chuckle Brother

    Fire Teleport

    Doesn't matter, if you use "SetUnitX/Y" then it won't affect their cooldown the way "SetUnitPosition" will. And dummies with random life times can act as fire.
  21. Chuckle Brother

    aura question

    Try it out, make a spellbook with a spell in it(multi-level) and increase its level through triggers. You will see that it increases, now hide it and try the same, using a trigger to output the level of the spell. You will find that even in a disabled spellbook they maintain their levels, and...
  22. Chuckle Brother

    aura question

    Use this: Aura Template Events Time - Every 2.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Set tempu = *YOUR UNIT* Set i = (Level of *AURA SPELL* for tempu) Set tempp = (Position of tempu) Set tempg[1] = (Units within 500.00 of...
  23. Chuckle Brother

    aura question

    Use Vexorian's aura template, its smooth and leakless.
  24. Chuckle Brother

    Dawn of Darkness (Map)

  25. C

    Dawn of Darkness (Warcraft 3 Map)

  26. Chuckle Brother

    change attack type

    Only way I can think is an ability that chooses which attack index is currently active, so you are limited to two options I guess.
  27. Chuckle Brother

    Different way to make a jump spell

    Just swap in a dummy unit for the actual flying.
  28. Chuckle Brother


    it was for some campaign, it can be used since you can configure it's attributes, such as if its instant cast, single target, or area, etc
  29. Chuckle Brother

    Important site poll

    Quality should always win out over quantity. Although as has been mentioned before people who are new do need a way to get feedback. To this end I suggest a section, below director's choice, where all the highest downloaded resources can be viewed. Generally if lots of people download it...
  30. Chuckle Brother

    The origins of your alias/screen name

    Fav worm from Worms Armegeddon/Worms 2.
  31. Chuckle Brother

    Merging Images

    I have been goofing off with Photoshop, trying to create a decent display image for my map(Can't find a real artist, so I gotta fake it). I wanted to merge some of the images I found, mainly Victory screens from RoC, for now they are merged by using them each as a layer, with them as Lighten...
  32. Chuckle Brother

    Regular preset Icon wont show up in certain spells

    Nope, its a unit ability. They can be leveled up. And its not my method or Daelin's, its the method anyone who rocks uses.
  33. Chuckle Brother

    Regular preset Icon wont show up in certain spells

    If (Level of (Learned Ability) equal to 1) THEN Unit - Add (Faked) to (Learning Hero) Else Unit - Increase level of (Faked) for (Learning hero) Simple and smarter, just keep increasing the level of the faked one to add an icon.
  34. Chuckle Brother

    Regular preset Icon wont show up in certain spells

    Stupid method...very very stupid method. Chaosarmy please ignore Ramza's post, its a bunch of needless work. Refer to the Maps section(I think, it might be in spells) and read the similar post that someone made in which Daelin outlined the intelligent way to fix this.
  35. Chuckle Brother

    PLEASE HELP: What do these "Actions" do?

    These are Loop actions. What it basically does is sets a value to the maximum and minimum value, starts at the minimum and counts up until it reaches the max. Integer A/B/Variable are all the same, its just so you can put them inside each other, because a Loop A Inside a Loop A will replace...
  36. Chuckle Brother

    Help about a spell

    Check for a buff from a spell like Black Arrow or something.
  37. Chuckle Brother

    I require a spell for my map:

    you'll get more responces if you specifically ask for a spell instead of just a broad "i need a spell"
  38. Chuckle Brother

    Problems Hypogryphs

    Instead of trying to make them mount a hippo why not just use a metamorphosis skill?
  39. Chuckle Brother


    Indeed useful, and it saves me the time of actually doing it myself.
  40. Chuckle Brother

    Can't get this spell to work.

    This way is stupid if- (Level of (Light Aura) for (learning Hero) equal to 1 Then - add (Light Aura) to (learning hero) else - increase level of (light aura) for (learning hero) any other way is just needless work.
  41. Chuckle Brother

    Update/Problems since the wc3campaigns stopping

    well if you are looking for people with nothing better to do but filter maps coming in I could help, I usually download most of the maps that come in anyway and check them out. Dunno how qualified I am to pass judgement, but I can rule out blatant ripoffs/cheesily done crap.
  42. Chuckle Brother

    Update/Problems since the wc3campaigns stopping

    Maps are for sure the biggest hog. Ony just the first 3 pages of maps there are at least 4 DotA ripoffs of some sort, and there is a Skibi too(Wtf). This is the sort of shit that should be removed, its just trash that gets in the way of real resources that people worked hard on. Not to...
  43. Chuckle Brother

    Unit Animations

    Are there any other unit references that work after waits?
  44. Chuckle Brother

    Does anyone know how to...

    If you use the conditions then you would have loads of triggers, for the condition though I would say use a condition to filter out a certain item-class. I dunno but it seems to me that its best not to have it go through loads of checks each time you gain any item.
  45. Chuckle Brother

    Leaderboard - AoS/Dota

    I put up a tutorial for this on another forum, just follow the Link and check out the code for it. This multiboard has -------------------------------------------- PlayerName ReviveTime Kills Deaths Spree PLAYER1 PLAYER1 PLAYER1 ETC...
  46. Chuckle Brother

    Channeling Spell

    It is currently based on Drain Life, but its the fact that it is hardcoded to not hit allies, no matter if you change the damned targets. Hmm channel you say? I'll give that a try.
  47. Chuckle Brother

    Channeling Spell

    Alright I have been trying to make a Mental Domination skill for my map and I hit a bit of an impasse. It is supposed to have a permanent effect on creeps and channel against heroes. But the problem is that once I change their ownership the spell craps out because it can't target allies. Now...
  48. Chuckle Brother

    Charge of Darkness DOTA

    All it does is adds a speedup to the hero(Doesn't matter how you do it). Personally I would use Purge since you can make it increase a negative slow(resulting in a speedup). Nextly you must make a dummy belonging to the caster to cast faerie fire on the target unit. This will be important for...
  49. Chuckle Brother

    Need help with spell!

    Seriously? Goddamn those worthless people at Blizzard. This means I gotta redo a good 10 skills somehow.
  50. Chuckle Brother

    Unit Animations

    Well on a spell the animation field would be I know this is with an attack two, but the principle is the same whether its triggered or done normally, for you it would be Attack then Slam on the list. For triggers I think you can use concanate strings or whatever they are called(Too lazy...