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  1. itsTrixyB11TCH

    Terrain - Change terrain type using For each (Integer A)

    Must be in GUI, possibly with custom scripts. if impossible to do so, JASS can be used instead with a greater explanation, since I've never used JASS. I've been looking around the hws, and I'm a bit confused? I've been working on a TD, where you vote for the track to be used. The voted track...
  2. itsTrixyB11TCH

    Moving from region to region - help

    Hi, I've been trying to move spawned units from one region to the next region, through a for each loop. it doesn't seem to work since the unit stops at "T1 03 move2". I kinda figured out my looping is wrong, but I can't figure out how to do it properly. What I wanted was to get a "short"...