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  1. High_Inquisitor

    Model - Request of Geomerges

    GASP.... I hear the forsakened name of Archaon the Annointed... but these....crusaders? Cavaliers? Blasphamey to the Chosen of the Gods..... (WarHammer junk) anywho I'd love to help but I don't know how to Geomerge.... sorry.... Cool ideas though...
  2. High_Inquisitor

    Weaponless models needen please!!!

    Hell I'd be happy to make models weaponless...seeing as it's a skinning solution.... just pm me with what you want (if you want it) or you can just im me on AIM, TwistedEssence12 I'm usually on.... (also I may have problems skinning any TFT skins so I'd appreciate it if you sent me any TFT...
  3. High_Inquisitor

    Crazy model request: Giant Floating Hand.

    At first I thought you could just alpha out everything but a hand on a skin then resize it but then mid typing I realsed A)It would make two hands, and B)most hands on WC3 models are just fists..... oh well can't help ya man
  4. High_Inquisitor

    Keeper of Skulls

    Holy crap people downloaded my skin? I claim Moral Victory!
  5. High_Inquisitor

    Inquisitor's First Skin?? WHA???

    lol I admit the skin isn;t marvelous.... I would have changed more but this one has to stick to a theme (it's for the Hero contest). He's supposed to be a troll witch doctor banished from his tribe for his practises utilising skulls. So there wasn't much I COULD change. The hero himself is what...
  6. High_Inquisitor

    Keeper of Skulls

    Lol yes the skulls were covered with light straps to keep them held onto his back. The reason I chose that skull was because it looked much better than normal had that voodoo charm to it. And no wormskull the skull is from some Area 51 conspiracy site. I picked it for the sole...
  7. High_Inquisitor

    Keeper of Skulls

    I was on purpose trust me.... I could have chosen a NORMAL skull... but that one is better for a skull filled with....stuff....
  8. High_Inquisitor

    Simple Spell... Help!

    Okay I need to know how I would add a tigger that "Upon death caused by this skull, create *unit*" The spell is a modified Arial Shackles with the theme of "The wizard attempt to rip the skull out of the being, if succesful, a floating skull is created to serve the master". I already have...
  9. High_Inquisitor

    Inquisitor's First Skin?? WHA???

    Yeah my first skin has finnaly hit the shelves. Hopefully it won't get deleted TOO fast lol. I dunno I'm only posting because I'm excited about this, I promise never to post about my skin again.... pic below and link to skin page: Skin Page...
  10. High_Inquisitor

    Keeper of Skulls

    My first skin, had lots of fun with Photoshop CS. Admitingly I did some CnP (not as good as Hueter but oh well), I used Filters for a few things, and I just tinted the skin, the rest though is freehand (which isn't much I guess lol). So thanks for veiwing... can't wait for Wormskull to "approve"
  11. High_Inquisitor

    Keeper of Skulls (Texture)

    A Keeper of Skulls character. For the Character Contest. A troll outcast by his tribe due to his "strange" habits. Made in Photoshop CS. First skin yay! Keywords: Keeper, of, skulls, bone, skull, skeleton, shaman, witch, doctor
  12. H

    Keeper of Skulls (Warcraft 3 Texture)

  13. High_Inquisitor


    lol great Idea! 5/5
  14. High_Inquisitor


    lol great Idea! 5/5
  15. High_Inquisitor


    I'ma gonna guess this guy doesn't speak english as a primary language. Anywho, the skin looks good for starters, as everyone stated, not so much blood. Perhaps you should gray up the skin to make him look more....undead...
  16. High_Inquisitor

    need aid on skin.

    You should probabbly have thought if it was possible first. For one there isn't a good model that fits what you need.... MAYBE a big ol Duneworm but that's it.
  17. High_Inquisitor

    Satyr Demon Hunter

    Gah I can't skin it... something's up and I can't veiw the DH skin (half-deamon one, with horns and wings). gah and that skin is perfect.... oh well.. Heuter is sure to give ya a great skin.... and hey if I find the bastard I'll try tosend it in too
  18. High_Inquisitor

    Satyr Demon Hunter

    I'll try to make one.... some good practice.... I'm currently working on a full freehand DH based of a hero of mine, "The Crow" I don't think a Satyr DH would be that bad... if CnP is allowed.
  19. High_Inquisitor


    Very nice idea, you are once again an inspiration to me.
  20. High_Inquisitor

    I need ideas for a skin... so a request is you....

    Yeah man I'm actually attempting to skin. I'll post a pic of it first before actually submitting it. To make sure it won't turn out like one of Konblade's "Masterpeices".... heh.... Masterpeice of shit if you ask me...
  21. High_Inquisitor

    Hi-Def Models needed

    Yeah you need a High definition model so you can open up paint and edit the skin and then submit it here... simply downloading the model will take you more time and effort then you actually skinning it. Unless you make good stuff no one is making you crap
  22. High_Inquisitor

    Pikmin Models Please!

    Eh a game made by a man who has his own "special garden" is not a game for kids.... I mean this game teaches kids to gang up on larger oppoents with mass forces and it is best to strike while they sleep. and in 60 hours you will choke to death.
  23. High_Inquisitor

    Konblade's Skining Workshop

    Make a skin of yourself with several bullet holes in your chest, skull, and crotch (or lack of...). May the admin have mercy on your soul for wasting their valuable bandwidth
  24. High_Inquisitor

    I need ideas for a skin... so a request is you....

    lol now you see why I posted this thread... I am currently working on a Crow skin for the Demonhunter...the blade looks awsome in my opinion and the face isn't bad for someone starting out... not done yet though
  25. High_Inquisitor

    Wanna Learn The Basics For Making Skins, Icons And Models can't use need a HIGH quality program...I use Photoshop CS
  26. High_Inquisitor

    I need ideas for a skin... so a request is you....

    Kerri...that doesn't help..... Soon as I dl the Alchemist model I'm making me a Master/Blaster skin....
  27. High_Inquisitor

    Konblade's Skining Workshop

    "I spend one hour to make 154 skins" Yeah buddy.... nice try.... I saw your lame ass skins. God take SOME kind of pride but that's just distasteful. One day....I hope God guides a greyhound bus to run over your ass
  28. High_Inquisitor

    I need ideas for a skin... so a request is you....

    I finally got a hang of the tools of skinning. I'm still rather n00bish when it comes to actual artwork.... but perhaps someone can give me a good idea for a skin? I reserve the right to deny a request if I think it's too hard or impossible for me to do. I mean I don't want to post TOTAL crap on...
  29. High_Inquisitor

    Editing the alpha with PS CS

    Okay makes sense.... so all I need to do is acess the alpha channel and delete parts.... and if I want to add parts I just paint it with black...
  30. High_Inquisitor

    Editing the alpha with PS CS

    I'm curious how to mess around with the alpha channel in Photoshop CS. I can easily edit the skin, but I cannot edit the skin's alpha channel, like deleting peices. Normally I wouldn't care but things like the feather's on Medivh's cloak.... I can only edit the color, but say I want skulls? I...
  31. High_Inquisitor

    Wonder Woman

    Hey Dash... when someone who is a king of Skinning like Sopho..... don't curse him when he uses constructive critisim.... I mean at least he didn't bash the hell out of it like Wormskull always does...
  32. High_Inquisitor


    Could be used for a special UD building...nice...5/5
  33. High_Inquisitor

    Skin Glitch

    When I alter a skin in PSP 8, the result on the model is totally messed up. Not just one peice but the entire skin is fitted wrong. I'm finding faces plastered onto legs, weapons stretched across heads, something is definatly wrong..... any advice?
  34. High_Inquisitor

    Skinning help needed..... Converting Files

    Fireworks mainly convert the matter WHAT it is... to .png ..... as I stated before
  35. High_Inquisitor

    Recommend a skin editor?

    I need an editor that I can use much like I use Fireworks. (I've abandoned Fireworks because I can't find a image converter that transforms .png to 32 bit .tga... only 24 bit.) so I wanna know what you guys use. I want a program that uses a brush that BLENDS colors instead of just coloring...
  36. High_Inquisitor

    .PNG Converter?

    I need to find a program that can convert .png files to .tga files with 32 bit writing. Programs like Infranveiw only write 24 bit and I end up losing the alpha channel which sucks big time. Any suggestions? BTW for those who need to know I use Macromedia Fireworks to edit (cause I love it...
  37. High_Inquisitor

    Skinning help needed..... Converting Files

    Hmmm is there a program someone can think of that can translate to tga properly?
  38. High_Inquisitor

    Skinning help needed..... Converting Files

    You sure? Wouldn't that make it black in areas that should be clear?
  39. High_Inquisitor

    Skinning help needed..... Converting Files

    The problem is when I convert .tga to .blp.... it says the tga is not 32 bit so the blp ends up with an black alpha channel
  40. High_Inquisitor

    Skinning help needed..... Converting Files

    I use Fireworks to make skins, I'm confident with it. Then I use Infranveiw to convert it to .tga format. When I go to import the skin in WC3Veiwer to test and see if it looks good it says the .tga is not 32 bit and I end up getting a black alpha channel. How do I fix this? Should I perhaps...
  41. High_Inquisitor

    Missing Skins? WTF?

    I'm attempting to make a skin of the Acolyte but when using WC3 Veiwer to find the skin.... it doesn't show up. There is no directory for it, at least in the Undead folder. Several units are missing and only a few are avalible for veiwing.... any suggestions?
  42. High_Inquisitor

    Simple Skin Questions

    You just made my life a whole lot easier with Infranveiw...... God because I'm good with Fireworks.... but since it only saves .png half the time I was forced to use programs I have not the slightest clue to work with like GIMP and Ultimate Paint.... so now I get my brush and my warm fuzzy...
  43. High_Inquisitor

    Need Help for THE GIMP

    A very simple problem..... how do I freaking DRAW? I'm taking a break because I'm so fustrated with it. Whenever I choose my color and go to actually draw it only draws like a blue transparent line. I'd like to know is this some "is this okay?" thing or am I missing something. How do I get the...
  44. High_Inquisitor

    demon hunter weapon

    lol Batleth..... In reality the Demon Hunter is a Trekie. I'd simply call it an cresent blade...
  45. High_Inquisitor

    What is CnP

    Cut and Paste is easy but not exactly skilled. Plus sometimes when you cut and paste things into a skin it may appear warped because of the stretching involved. I don't recommend it.
  46. High_Inquisitor

    Simple Skin Questions

    Okay bad move using Fireworks. Although it's great for the editing part.... Fireworks is anal retentive about how it saves. It can only save as .png if you open it as a .tga... and I don't know of any .png>.tga converter.
  47. High_Inquisitor

    Simple Skin Questions

    Okay so follow up questions... With WC3Veiwer (I already had it to find models that would suit different tasks more up close)and I go look around the TechTree, do I simply find the skin and open? My question is do I need a .mpq convertor (also found on this site) in order to edit the skin...
  48. High_Inquisitor

    Simple Skin Questions

    Just a few questions I have, I want to try skinning for myself rather than mooching off of artists. 1. Can I use Macromedia Fireworks to edit the skins? I hear people using Photoshop but I perfer Fireworks. 2. How do I extract a skin to work on? Where do I find them? 3. I assume normal...
  49. High_Inquisitor

    PEASE LOOK AT THIS I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you sure you are a member of the forum? Remember that and this are different things and require you to register for both....
  50. High_Inquisitor

    Master Blaster Skin

    With the release of the goblin Alchemist, I want to see if anyone can make a good Master Blaster skin. Master Blaster from Mad Max that is. It was a large oofish man in a iron mask, carrying around a migedt with the big brains..... So let's see if it can be done.