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  1. somedood

    Hero Sight Radius Gets Smaller

    I have an RPG style map that revolves around a hero. I cannot figure out why, but every time the hero dies and respawns, his sight radius becomes 1/4 of what it used to be. His sight radius is set to max (1800) for day and night in the object editor. Anyone got any ideas on what is causing this?
  2. somedood

    Interface Data

    so... was trying to get rid of the error message "You cannot equip this item" with just a blank message. The problem is, I cannot find where the error message comes from. It cannot be found in the Advanced > Gameplay Interface menu and I'm having a hard time searching for it within war3.mpq...
  3. somedood

    Range Increase Abilities--Again

    So I was wondering if anyone has ever solved the issue of trying to add range to a unit and be able to revert to the unit's old range. i.e. a melee hero pick up a bow and suddenly takes on a ranged attack with arrow projectiles. So far I have tried the following: Doing it with upgrades, but...
  4. somedood

    Add ability Jass code

    Another ignorant worldedit user here looking for a little jass help. The custom script: call SelectHeroSkill( GetLastCreatedUnit(), udg_SaveLoad_Abilities[ udg_Save[ udg_SaveCount ] ] ) seems to learn an ability for a hero. I am looking for a way to transform this script as a means to...
  5. somedood

    Save/Load Code

    Was working on implementing a save/load code (CodeGen 1.0.1) into a map. The custom scripts (posted below) seem to corrupt the map when the map is saved in the world editor (JassHelper finds errors and the map is not playable in game). I am not very knowledgeable with custom scripts or jass...
  6. somedood

    [Trigger] Loading Multiple Maps

    Was wondering if anyone had some information on changing maps instantly while in game. A good example of this is the FT orc campaign, where a different map loads when Rexxar enters a cave. I know my triggers well, but struggle with hashtables and saving/loading codes. I want to be able to enter...
  7. somedood

    Ability which grants a ranged attack

    In my map, i have melee heroes, but i want an ability which makes them become ranged at will, sort of like an autocast. I tried adding searing arrows or frost arrows, but it doesnt work with melee units. Then i tried making the units have a missile attack instead of melee, but at a very short...
  8. somedood

    Not allowing two of same item in inventory

    For example, I want to make it so that once my hero picks up a weapon, he cannot have another one in his inventory. If he picks up a sword, then tries to pick up another weapon, i need triggers that wont let him do this. Same for shields, so that only one shield and one weapon can be equipped at...