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  1. Black Knight

    Back to glory

    Hi, here speaks an old comrade... The time has changed... Warcraft has become foreign to me... But I want to get familiar with it again, but I need help! In order to achieve this, I want to play with my good old friends! For contact use xfire, nickname: blackxknight You get...
  2. Black Knight

    Road to Rome

    Hey guys! I just want to let you know: I go to Rome for a week! It will be great there! Seems to be good weather. I wish you a good time here and we'll see us in a week again! :D
  3. Black Knight

    Growing Community

    Wow, during my absence we got new members and interested persons :) very nice. But I don't know them all... very confusing for me ;) Hope I will see all in the Battle-Net. Now I'm back
  4. Black Knight

    Who plays CS 1.6 ...

    lol... do you really play CS 1.6... very very old and bad The only good one was the version before: CS 1.5 ;) Now the time of Source has come !!! CounterStrike: Source powered by STEAM. That's daylife :D Does somebody play CS:S?
  5. Black Knight

    Xfire - Instant Messenger for Gamers

    If you play Online, you will need this programm... It is a must :) It is like ICQ, MSN, etc. You see what your friends at the moment are playing and on which server. & You can answer a friend in the game, no ALT-TAB needed ;)
  6. Black Knight

    3.32 Buglist

    I played this Version only one time, but I saw a big Bug (for me) Tech Priest of the Imperial Guards actually gots an aura, that the towers do more damage and attack faster... but it doesn't work :( too bad for Imperial-Players ;)