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  1. SeReGGa

    Reputation (+1): (Post) You are awesome!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) You are awesome!
  2. SeReGGa

    Escape Builder R 0.92u

    I love it!
  3. SeReGGa

    The Bloodline V

    :mwahaha:When it continued? It is fantasic!:mwahaha:
  4. SeReGGa

    The Night Wish

    WoW! it's awesome!
  5. SeReGGa

    Village War 0.8 AI [Beta]

    Picture is AWESOME
  6. SeReGGa

    (1) Arcadia - RaF v1.00c

    I put that pure things into red crystall and what do I do next? I Do not Know what to do next. P.S. Sorry for the mistakes, I'm not speak English
  7. SeReGGa