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  1. Freakazoid

    What? Where? Who? How?

    I watch Naruto.
  2. Freakazoid

    What do you hope SCII will bring to you?

    I hope it doesn't bring me another dota.
  3. Freakazoid

    What? Where? Who? How?

    I have some. I droll too. I heard the ruler of the universe likes naked men. I am the dark.
  4. Freakazoid

    What? Where? Who? How?

    We all know that. I love Hellsing.
  5. Freakazoid

    What? Where? Who? How?

    I got sick of these "about you" threads (the Irony i posted in them), so heres a one for you. I just don't understand why people can't click someone's profile too see how old is someone and where is he from, and stuff like that. Tell something very personal about you. Let's see now.
  6. Freakazoid

    The weirdest dream u ever had

    I had a weird dream last night, but it was with some of my real-life friends.
  7. Freakazoid

    The weirdest dream u ever had

    I'm having sex(wet)dreams in the past few months. I hope I have a wet dream tonight :P Hmm, a weird dream. I once dreamed I was on a lost island with Bill Clinton, and was throwing eggs at him. It was in 1999. Maybe my weirdest dream, dunno, I'll try to remember. Also, I always dream...
  8. Freakazoid

    What's your height and weight?

    What's so weird ?
  9. Freakazoid

    Language Translation

    I copied this from SimonKurciski. You can compare Serbian and Macedonian :p Serbian. Hello - Zrdavo Goodbye - Chao How are you? - Kako si? Please - Molim te Thank you - Hvala Help! - Pomoc! Life - Zivot Love (this one is tricky) - LJubav Friends - Drugar OR PrijateLJ Would (as in...
  10. Freakazoid

    What's your height and weight?

    180 or 181. 58KG. I really need to gain weight. But it's impossible for me. I eat for 3 persons. I tried to go to the gym, but nothing. I tried not to drink to much liquid, nothing, I tried drinking much liquid, nothing. I tried not to be phisicly active nothing (and the it really sucks...
  11. Freakazoid

    Your home country

    3/4 Serbian. 1/4 Croatian. I speak. Serbian. Croatian. Bosnian. Montenegrian. English. German. (not much, but I think I would find my way out if I was lost somewhere in Germany) And I am willing to learn Japanese. And probably will in a few years. The bold languages are almost the same, I just...
  12. Freakazoid

    How to court a girl?

    When was that?
  13. Freakazoid

    What Do You Think The Next Expansion Will Be?

    Actully this isn't the whole world. This is only about 40% of the world.
  14. Freakazoid

    Wtf is going on with Wc3c?

    1 thing, starcraft 2.
  15. Freakazoid

    Hip-Hop > All

    Heavy Metal =/= Dead Metal =/= Black Metal Heavy Metal isn't senseless. But those 2 can be, but I can listen to it, I like Fear Factory.
  16. Freakazoid


    Yea, we will visit Rome, Venice, Florence. I'm staying 10 days.
  17. Freakazoid

    Real Kryptonite Found.

    That's why. Also, it was found near Jadar in Serbia.
  18. Freakazoid

    Hip-Hop > All

    Real Rap songs have the best meaning.
  19. Freakazoid


    I'm going to Italy tommorow, and I'm staying there, wish me a fun trip with my friends!:emote_grin: :emote_grin: I know these threads suck, but zomgfgs me wants rep count (no I don't, judgeing people from their postcount is stupid)
  20. Freakazoid

    Hip-Hop > All

    I'll try it :) But I need to listen to Synth a lil more. I can't remember when I heard it last time. I agree. But this is a big ture. Any music > Balkan (serbian) Turbo Folk.
  21. Freakazoid

    Hip-Hop > All

    I also disagree. it's becouse you listen to stupid rappers like 50 Cent. I hate 99% of MTV/VH1 rappers. Also I look my Profile/Occupation. I always try to fuse hip-hop with someother type of music.
  22. Freakazoid

    Kerrigan vs Arthas vs Illidan

    Illidan, he's just too sexy for them both.
  23. Freakazoid

    10 Random Facts about you?

    1.I have split personality. 2.I love comedy. 3.I can't live without music. 4.I live in Serbia. 5.I like to watch good anime 6.I hate emo. 7.I hate irrogant people. 8.I like art. 9.I don't read a lot, but I enjoy soties. 10. I can be lazy when I have to do something for me.
  24. Freakazoid

    Famaliar with Dobrp or Cotm?

    Edit it and write something random
  25. Freakazoid

    Warcraft III Spam Bots

    The max number of people in a channel is 40. How can there be over 50 bots?
  26. Freakazoid

    Weird IP Thing...

    Atleast they can't ban your IP:emote_smile:
  27. Freakazoid

    Best Friend

    I don't have friends on the hive. But the people I like are. RSP Chriz. and camel (from wc3c) and we all <3 Jacek
  28. Freakazoid

    Diablo II - Classic

    It's much more fun to create your own world/heroes/story/classes rathen than remake something that can't be remaked (atleast in wc3)
  29. Freakazoid

    What if you were colour blind?

    Learn programing language, or color code. You would get this. XD
  30. Freakazoid

    [Request] Dragon models for my developing project

    Lot's of imported models is a big NO for an aos, I mean for the units. Try searching some @ wc3c.
  31. Freakazoid

    My (Old) Terrains

    Note that every one of those maps playable.
  32. Freakazoid

    My terrain

    Please convert to JPG or GIF.
  33. Freakazoid


    Sup. Have a "nice" stay, and ignore idiots.
  34. Freakazoid

    The Thaenor Chronicles - Chapter One

    That Undead chick is hot becouse of the voice. It's great, but the main character's voice can use some work. How long did it take you make this?
  35. Freakazoid

    Something to aspire to

    256k, but it's still 50 MB.
  36. Freakazoid

    Something to aspire to

    That file has 50 MB !!!!!
  37. Freakazoid

    What are you currently listening to?

    DMX - Ready to meet him
  38. Freakazoid

    My (Old) Terrains

    Ok, It got fixed
  39. Freakazoid

    Bones Brigade Members

    Well don't forget about me, I just sometimes don't have time to visit here.
  40. Freakazoid

    I got a cool nick!

    I envy you.
  41. Freakazoid

    I quit...

    Ok. Kids let's learn how to spell. Can you spell the word close? Let's try. C-L-O-S-E-D Good job kiddies, now behave nicely.
  42. Freakazoid

    Everbody Sing Along!
  43. Freakazoid

    Neg rep.

    No no. You sounded fair, I just posted a fact :P
  44. Freakazoid

    Bones Brigade Members

    What's happening here?
  45. Freakazoid

    Neg rep.

    True true. But you won't go to jail if you allready did your time for a crime :emote_razz:
  46. Freakazoid

    I quit...

    Most of you people are assholes. If Criz. (or any other popular member) said he would leave you would all kiss his ass 100%. Personaly, I don't care, and I'm only going to say this once, becouse mostly If I don't give a fuck about the topic I don't post in it. I got to make one of these if...
  47. Freakazoid

    Neg rep.

    I agree that idiots should be neg repped, but 80% of them are neg repped for the same post atleast 2 times ,just by another modrator, wich can be a lil extreme.
  48. Freakazoid

    A Sad Notice About Other Project...

    I'll post it if I find it.
  49. Freakazoid

    Teach Me Please - How Does WoW Work?

    And if the player is a warrioir/rogue?