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  1. SeaGull1723

    First Wave of WotLK leaks Reuses a video already released for the majority but rehashed to use the new title theme. Note that loading screens are leaked in the beginning. Models are leaked at very end (Arthas, Lich King, Magnataur, Frost giants, Female Broken...
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    Tales of the Past III

    Revised my review. Enjoy.
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    I need help

    I've been watching this over and over and can't get over it. There's just something about it I just like. Edit: To add in the misery.
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    Watching Chinese subbed movies

    Here's a sample if you like.
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    Burning Crusade Opening Cinematic Enjoy. That orc is having hardcore sashimi. Edit: Youtube link was removed by Blizzard (sheesh). Now with more google in this one.
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    New BE models (Beta) Angsty complaints can be found here.
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    I punched myself reading this blog

    You have to admit this is worth reading for laughs. Of course, not everything is what it looks like. Lesson learned. Don't talk to girls with broken Engrish or get your livers, kidneys, and money stolen.
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    So my friends decided to host a Dota tournament What's next? A manga based on Dota skill?
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    Oh noes! More RPers It was almost better than toilet paper.
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    Try and live through this Not amused? Open up 3 windows+ and you just might kill yourself.
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    The People's Mario VG's gonna burn me to hell for shedding some tears on this one.
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    The worst roommate ever (NSFW)

    I warn you before entering the site, swearing, disturbing images, and a very naustic story, is what comes this. Apparently this is way too disturbing especially for those not in college (thanks to the description of the roomate.) Let's hope you...
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    Grats to Kidz Bop...

    For bringing us the living excrement of the music industry and the evil twin brother of the originals. This is just a few bits of proof that the music industry is laughing at you as you bring yourself down to tears of sorrow...
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    Best shirt out there? (NSFW) I guess it was quite popular that it saved the world too many times. Anyways quote your favorite from the comments list.
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    Ebaums world eh?

    Surprisingly, I don't see a topic on Ebaums world. So I just thought I'd drop by even if I'm not supposed to be here (ssshhh...). By now everyone should know ebaumsworld is known for hosting humorous images, flash animations, and pranks for the internet...
  16. SeaGull1723

    Just to show off my character No point actually bothering to post her (I don't play with her anymore.) Just though I could get around and have you guys post yours as well. For those who don't have a profile to post, head for WoW Allakhazam, register an account, and...
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    I know this topic will fade...

    ...but check out some funky crap 50 cent came up with. I'm already laughing at his great attempt for a game with gangster crap, but read it closely. Good point. But seriously, does he intend to sell out his game to little kids? Let's compare 50 cent to WWII games: WWII is on real life...
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    Daily Internet Traveling

    It's always something that I do. Yep, I just pop on my computer, log on the internet and just find a bunch of stuff perhaps cool or just plain damn freaky. From now on, I'll put up this thread for the entertainment of curious viewers. The thread should be updated daily (that's 7 of the...
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    Current pure bull Pure bull$*!%. Thanks to this moron, we now have to deal with him going against every single game modable (read the update text for what I mean.) For all I care, they could shut down movies but targeting games, just what the hell is up...
  20. SeaGull1723

    WoW Modable

    I'm not lying here. You can mod WoW. The only thing about it though is whatever you modded, it only appears for you unless someone else has your files as well. Here's a program able to extract WoW files (that is if you have WoW installed.)
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    A friend lost to Runescape...

    I'm tired of that game. But what's worst? A friend of mines is officially POSSESSED by it. My post might seem like someone that doesn't and never plays MMORPGs, but I'll be honest. It's not. Here's a list of what happened when my friend got POSSESSED: -Claims it's the best RPG ever with the...
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    Post your fiction stories

    I'm a bit bored, so let's post our fictional stories. You may post them as long as: -You don't intentionally spam. -The story is actually interesting. -It is your own and original story. -They follow the normal forum rules. I'm ok if it's a fan fiction from Warcraft. Just make something...
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    Wanderers of Sorceria Project by Razorclaw X, not mines. Anyway, thought I'd like to hear your opinions about the campaign series. Yeah, it's a bit anime-ish, but if you play the campaign series long enough, the storyline will definetely turn over. But...
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    DeviantArt: Community? Tell me, is that kid being immature or what? Not that this is a really senseless topic, but I think this would explain what explict immaturity on the web is like. This goes for you criticizers who should be aware of how to act approriately.
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    I'm still amazed we're kind of partnered with War3Campaigns. Check it out: So let's ask. Why are we partnered with them? And why am I posting this?
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    Why Cartoon Network?

    For true anime lovers out: Believe it or not, Naruto will be broadcasted on Cartoon Network in quarter 3. Woohoo I'm guessing most of you are probably going, eh? Yah, I'm am TOTALLY AGAINST IT. Why? Cartoon Network rips every single American who watches TV Cable way too much from an actual...
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    R.O.S.E. Online A recent MMORPG I've just into. Anyway, opinions on it? :wink:
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    Dear Lord

    I'm tired of your stupidity and your foolishness. We moderators try to do everything around here but all the members just come and complain their sorry @$$. I think this site needs a redesign or something for the love of god. And yes I'm serious. I'm sick and tired of you people flaming and...
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    Beta Patch 404 (a.k.a. Beta 1.17)

    Yep, you heard it. There's a new beta patch now available for downloading. In the patch comes 2 neutral heroes, the goblin alchemist and the firelord.